Kenix Kwok Denies Being a Tiger Mom

Since Hong Kong is known for its competitive educational system, parents attempt to get their children into the best schools. Celebrity parents, Kenix Kwok (郭可盈) and Frankie Lam (林文龍), may be putting too much pressure on their 4-year-old daughter, Tania Lam, who barely gets breaks between her kindergarten classes and extra-curricular activities.

Back-To-Back Kindergarten Classes

To maximize Tania’s learning potential, Kenix enrolled Tania in two kindergarten classes at different schools. In the morning, Tania attends the Christ Church Kindergarten while in the afternoon, she takes classes at the prestigious St. Catherine’s International Kindergarten.

Aside from eight hours of schooling a day, Kenix spends approximately $100,000 HKD a year on extra-curricular activities alone. Since Kenix believes that participating in more enrichment classes will allow her daughter to figure out what her interests are, Tania currently takes lessons in figure skating, English, singing, drawing, dance, and piano. The talented Tania already passed her Piano Grade 1 exams.

An insider spilled, “Kenix has a very strong personality; many of the household decisions are made by her. The decision for two different kindergarten classes was also hers. She thinks that Tania just watches TV and plays when she is not at school anyway. Nowadays, when Tania goes home from school, she does her homework immediately. After half an hour of rest, she has to practice piano and drawing. It definitely looks tiring.”

However, Kenix does not believe that she is overwhelming Tania. On her Sina Weibo blog, Kenix posted, “Don’t worry. I won’t force Tania to do something she doesn’t like. Attending two kindergarten classes is not to pave her path for the future, but to see which one is more suitable for her. It was unexpected that she liked both schools. Watching her happily go to school every day, the principals and teachers can see that Tania loves going to school. I’ll let her enjoy it!”

Kenix defended her parenting style, “Don’t just look at the surface and claim [that I’m] a Tiger mom. We emphasize democracy, joy in learning, and most importantly the healthy and happy development of a child.”

Parenting with a Relaxed Attitude

Like Kenix and Frankie, many artistes have given their children rigorous schedules to follow in hopes of paving a good road for them in the future. Eason Chan (陳奕迅) and Kelly Chan (陳慧琳) send their respective children to the same renowned schools as Kenix. However, there are some parents that are more flexible with their children and allow them to enjoy a little more of their childhood.

Claire Yiu (姚嘉妮) expressed that she does not want to give her children too much pressure. “I have friends who enroll their kids in two schools, but I grew up overseas and don’t want my two children in a stressful environment. I won’t force them to join too many extra-curricular activities, but rather, they should focus on playtime instead,” Claire said.

Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) also believes it is important for children to enjoy going to school, and will not give her daughter an overly hectic schedule. However, Shirley remarked that if some children can handle taking two kindergarten classes, then it is not a problem.


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  1. Miss both of them! These couple can act! Tania is so pretty!! They have good genes and it shows! ;))

    1. Don’t care if she’s tiger mom or not, but sure hope she is a cougar……..grrrrrr….

  2. Off topic: HKTV will air their TV-series next month (possibly the same day of TVB anniversary (November 19th) over the top.

    This means audience can watch their TV series and shows on their computers, set top box, tablets, mobile phones using an app. I don’t know if users around the world have access to that app and can use that app, but there are solutions for that if they restrict it to only users in HK. Of course, you can also download the TV-series very soon after the broadcast.

    I am quite excited about this, I hope it will be a success and as a result we will be getting more TV-series in the future.

    People can vote later this month which TV-series they want to watch first.

    1. really? they got their license? I hope I can stream online.

      1. No, they didn’t get their TV license. This does not prevent them from airing the TV series or shows on the Internet.

        I guess what they are trying to do is release the TV-series online, hoping to get good response from the audience of their TV-series and indirectly putting pressure on the government to grant them their license (the lawsuit about the government not giving HKTV their license is still in the court.)

        In the current state, I don’t think they will receive much advertisements income by broadcasting their TV-series on the Internet (using app). I doubt they will earn the money back of the TV-series production, but still they have decided to air the TV-series on the Internet.

      2. they released an episode of their drama on youtube last year and it was awesome. I been dying to see the second ep.

      3. “In the current state, I don’t think they will receive much advertisements income by broadcasting their TV-series on the Internet (using app).”

        If HKTV is taking the online approach, they need to get creative in attacting advertisers to increase revenue.

    2. finally,its time that tvb needs some competition,its good for the quality of the drama’s overall.i think i will vote for brain opening detective with felix,i really want to see him again on tv drama’s. second place is police boundaries.

    3. Great…I don’t know if I can see it in USA…but I think soon HkTV (Mr. Wong) will think about the oversea market too! He is a smart guy! I am not against TVB…but want more choose of different drama!

  3. Frankie lucky his still filming series after series for hk tv even though they haven’t got a licence

  4. a mediocre actor married to a mediocre actress. seems about right.

    1. Not true about Kenix. She was one of the greatest actresses in the same period with Flora Chan, Melissa Ng, Ada Choi, etc.

      1. In terms of acting, I would rank Ada Choi, Maggie Cheung Ho Yee, Kenix Kwok, Flora Chan, and then Jessica Husan. Melissa Ng was not even the top 5 fadans in TVB at that time.

      2. I have seen Ada in The Link and she was so good. I dont know why I cant see the same Ada in her recent works.

      3. @SandyCherry

        I like your ranking but I’ll probably pull Maggie Cheung Ho Yee out and stick Esther Kwan in. For me, the top 5 ranking

        1. Esther Kwan
        2. Flora Chan
        3. Jessica Hsuan
        4. Kenix Kwok
        5. Ada Choi

        If we are talking about their prime period, Ada is at the bottom because I felt she was a late bloomer. She got her big break-through after the other 4 Fa Dan had their break through. As for Maggie Cheung, she’s a great actress but she was never slotted in grand productions hence I moved her out of the top 5.

        Regardless – back to the original poster QQ, Kenix is not mediocre by any means. She’s a very capable actress 🙂

      4. Ada Choi is not late bloomer. She is the 2nd actress get best actress award after Esther Kwan.

      5. Yeah. I forgot about Esther Kwan, but I was not too fond of her in her days though I agree she acted well.

      6. @Michael –

        Hmm – I guess you have a point there too about the award Ada Choi got. Perhaps the other 4 actresses were more memorable and it skewed my memory.

        Good Point!

    2. @sandcherry,
      You were right. TVB only promoted Melissa after Kenix and others left. I like Kenix the most.
      Melissa was not as good as the others but I loves her classy and elegance style the most.

      1. Unfortunately Melissa Ng left after filming 1 or 2 drama series as 1st lead actress, and her acting was not amazing yet.

      2. Melissa isn’t pretty at all, no leading actress look, CMI.

  5. why is tania flashing the satanic horn sign on both hands?

  6. Tania is so cute! Think she look like Frankie. Miss Frankie and Kenix on TV! They were both great actors!

    As for her parenting style.. gotta say.. HK school system is too competitive.. if you don’t keep up, you get behind.. sigh.. Need to loosen up for sure!

  7. Some bloggers definitely get off topic so easily. Article talks about Tiger Mom and parenting decisions and not who is best actress, etc. etc.

    Unfortunately, the article did not state how many hours of actual sleep does the child gets but from the article, I can guesstimate no more than 6-7 hours. Going to two schools which I surmise is at least 4 hours in duration not to include travel time from home to school, school to school, etc. and to her daily extracurricular lessons. Even a busy executive will have some “down” time.
    Hope the little one doesn’t stress out and get mentally and physically burnt out.

    1. .. since when did we create forum regulations stating we have to stay on topic?

      people are so used to structure that a slight deviation is a sore to the eye.

  8. I think it is not a matter if how much the kids are doing…some kids can and able to do more than other…The matter is if the kids like to do it…if their girl is doing happy…I want it is okay

  9. Tania looks like Frankie 🙂
    Really miss Kenix. Wonder what is she doing these days besides parenting.

  10. 8 hours in kiddy for a 4 years old is a bit too much.

    For a 4 years old to finish piano grade 1, that’s quite a feat.

  11. A lot of chinese parents these days especially like to stuff a lot of studies and endless activities for their children. I understand that there are some children who can take up a lot of activities despite their studies, I congratulate them and if the child doesnt feel suffocation and happy. But there are some children that are not able to handle so many things. A lot of times it’s the parents themselves that want their children to learn a lot of things. Yes, to equip their children to ensure a good future.. In my personal opinion it’s always the chinese society that is like that.

    I really wish that I can read what are the norms of the japanese and korean do with their children.

    1. I think they are worse. I heard that Korean children (elementary school) stay in school until 10 p.m. studying.

  12. Haven’t seen Kennix for a while on TV and she’s look a lot better than before! There is a saying that when a woman becomes a mother and if she maintains herself well, she’ll evolve. But anyways… she looks like a tiger alright, so aside from being a tiger mom she probably is a tiger wife who fiercely watch over Frankie’s money too! XD

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