Kenneth Ma Admits Thinking About Sex Everyday

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Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Raymond Wong (黃浩然), and Kenny Wong (黃德斌) filmed a sales promotion clip for the new TVB series, Cold Mountain Hidden Dragon <寒山潛龍>. The costumes and images of the three assassins are different and unique. Reporters teased the long haired Kenneth by saying he looks like a pervert. Kenny and Raymond both laughed and replied that they were too afraid to look directly at Kenneth’s face.

Kenneth explained that he is portraying an assassin named Ximen. His character will form love relationships with Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) and Priscilla Wong (黃翠如). He chuckled and revealed that he is actually portraying Ximen Qing [womanizer character in the novel, Golden Lotus], allowing him to forge a new acting path. When asked whether Kenneth got this perverted image due to thinking about the ‘mating season,’ Kenneth did not deny that he thought about sex. “I think about mating everyday…don’t all men think about it?”

Kenny, Kenneth and Raymond were laughing and joking throughout the filming of the promotional clip. Teased by his perverted image, Kenneth responded, “I will not have any problems playing this role because I am just playing myself!” Standing next to him was Kenny Wong, who immediately defended Kenneth. He said, “Kenneth becomes very serious once the camera starts rolling.”

Raymond Wong, one of the other assassins in the series, has a very revealing costume with a plunging neckline, showing his bare chest.

Kenny will portray an assassin named “Cold Blood”. He joked, “I wear more clothes than the other two, since I am cold-blooded.”

Cold Mountain Hidden Dragon is a wuxia series developed by TVB. The three characters will film fighting scenes in this series. Kenny already did many stretching exercises to prepare for it.

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4 comments to Kenneth Ma Admits Thinking About Sex Everyday

  1. dd says:

    Just so you ladies know, us men not only think about sex everyday, but with the advent of internet pornography, we also jack it everyday.

    Or at least 3 times a week.

    Depends how busy we are.

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    • dd replied:

      And for the benefit of the public, I will answer any questions you ladies might want to know in this thread for the sake of mutual understanding, and to bring the community closer together.

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      • jayne replied:

        Haha a generous offer to reveal the male perspective.

        I think I came across some media reporting where studies show that sex crosses men’s minds every 5 minutes. Can you personally attest to that based on your own perspective and your male friends?

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      • dd replied:

        It’s true Jayne.
        This claim is very credible due to mass media utilizing stimulating images such as….AKB48 with members in their nightgowns in their music videos for example.

        Of course there are outliers like priests who won’t think about sex, but for the majority of single young men, yes, when we meet a new female, we immediately profile them into “totally would” and “maybe not”.

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