Kenneth Ma Celebrates 39th Birthday

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Above: Kenneth Ma celebrated his birthday with Sharon Chan earlier.

Kenneth Ma (馬國明) celebrated his 39th birthday amongst cheering crowds at the mall on February 13. Fans clamored to give him birthday gifts and snap photos of the Diamond Bachelor.

Last month, Kenneth had celebrated his birthday with Sharon Chan (陳敏之), who turned 34 years old on January 17 with fans. Since the good friends were only born one month apart, they have been celebrating their birthdays together with fans for years. On her Weibo blog, Sharon did not forget to send greetings to Kenneth, “Today is Kenneth Ma’s birthday! I hope you earn big money in the Year of the Snake! Win the TV King award! Get a wife! Buy a big house! All done!”

After completing his promotional obligations today, Kenneth will go home to celebrate his birthday with his family. Although he is nearing 40 years old, Kenneth laughed and said that his family has not pressured him to get married. However, his mother will still chat with her friends to see if there are any good women to introduce to Kenneth.

Kenneth’s birthday wish is to have good health and family unity. This year, Kenneth hopes to film in mainland China, allowing him to earn more money and elevate his acting skills. He hopes to fulfill his desire to purchase a large home of at least 1,000 square feet to live together with his family.

Kenneth will be free for the next several days, as the filming for The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36 小時2> may be delayed due to Bobby Au Yeung’s (歐陽震華) hospitalization for acute pneumonia. The crew of The Hippocratic Crush 2 was originally scheduled to film in the same studio following the completion of Love Reverses Three Lifetimes of Fate <情逆三世緣>. “We don’t know what to do now. I hope Bobby recovers quickly. The most important thing is health!”

Although Kenneth did not collaborate with Bobby in the past, Bobby offered him advice when they bumped into each other in the makeup studio. Asked about the rumor the Bobby had collapse due to work exhaustion, Kenneth replied, “I heard it’s an accident. We typically film dramas in this manner; it is not especially exhausting. Although I did not go for a medical body check every year, I often exercise. I will sleep and rest when there is no work, so I am not worried about my health.”

Source:; Ming Pao

Note: This article was modified on February 13, 2013 at 5:30 PM to reflect additional information that has emerged in the evening news.

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Kenneth Ma Celebrates 39th Birthday

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  • 17 comments to Kenneth Ma Celebrates 39th Birthday

    1. Funn Lim says:

      With his constant talk of money he is perhaps the other Tavia. But I always feel he and Tavia must be encouraged to venture out, to learn new tricks, to see new environment, as well as earning more money so that they continue to be in TVB so that they won’t be “lost” to audiences (see Bowie for what I mean).

      Anyway 39 and he looks good in pictures with his youthful looks.

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      • jayne replied:

        Kenneth is domesticated and just wishes to buy a house. He’s mentioned it in many interviews last year as well.

        Mainland China is the gold mine. The unspoken rule for TVB artists is to work hard, put in a decade of rough labor, elevate their popularity and earn some real money through ad endorsements, singing careers, and China.

        Going to China is considered the big promotion. Many people want a promotion in their jobs, otherwise they would feel stagnant especially if peers are earning more money.

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        • HeTieShou replied:

          I just find it a bit strange that many mainlanders want to escape to HK, while many HK artists are aiming to go to mainland… the irony…

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        • Clementine replied:

          That’s two different things though- orindary Mainland Chinese people want to go to HK for a living, their children etc. It is Hong Kong ARTISTS who want to venture to China, not really HK citizens in general.

          Login or Register before you can reply to Clementine
        • FingersInNose replied:

          @ HeTieShou

          Its different, a lot of mainlanders want to escape to Hong Kong for golden screen opportunities. HK movies now seek so many mainland girls because they have a more “traditional beauty”. Like Crystal Liu, Zhang Zi Yi, etc are ancient beauties. The only HK-er with remote chance is Cecilia Cheung but she is old compared to the milky white skinned and long black haired beauties like: Crystal Liu, Fan Bing Bing, Li Bing Bing, Kitty Zhang, Zhou Xun, etc. While modern HK movies seek Shu Qi, Yang Mi, Gao Yuan Yuan, Barbie Hsu, etc.
          The HK girls lack that quality and since their golden screen opportunities are limited, they go to mainland to act in tv dramas. Its movies that brings in the money and possible international stardom (Cannes, etc).

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    2. Tom says:

      Sharon looks prettier than ever! She and Ken looks like a perfect match !

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      • Gar replied:

        They do look good together.

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    3. lkv says:

      WOW he is 39 and Sharon 34!!!

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    4. P. Tan says:

      Didn’t know they were such good friends, anyway, both are unattached, so, why not? Kenneth is cute and still quite naive in the ways of the world. He better learn quick and be more proactive!

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      • olivia replied:

        Actually Sharon already has a steady boyfriend outside of the entertainment circle. It’s just too bad. They do look good together. I read that Kenneth had a crush on Sharon before but was too scared to do anything about it. Is that true?

        Login or Register before you can reply to olivia
        • Lily replied:

          Yea that is true. Sharon’s been with her bf for a long time though, I think it’s 7 or 8 years. Something like that.

          Login or Register before you can reply to Lily
    5. ehh says:

      damn he must feel old, why hasn’t he gotten himself a pretty young thing just like his Chok colleague? here’s a decent guy with some morals and character, yet he’s still single.

      Login or Register before you can reply to ehh
    6. Rachel says:

      whaaaaaa? he’s 39?!?! so hard to believe! and also quite sad that all my favorite actors/actresses are getting older….like Kevin…he’s like 43 already…..

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      • Terminator replied:

        Yup! It seems the average age of the TVB “Siu Sangs” is “deceased”.


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    7. natalie says:

      Btw, Selena’s birthday is one day apart too!

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    8. ebbie says:

      They both look great here.

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    9. sure-lee says:

      Why does Kenneth celebrate his birthday a month earlier? I was so confused when I saw this, cuz I was thinking he already had his birthday LOL

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