Kenneth Ma Gives Wedding Updates 

As Kenneth Ma (馬國明), and Roxanne Tong’s (湯洛雯) wedding approaches, Kenneth has been busy filming for Flight Diary <飛常日誌>. When speaking to the media, Kenneth addresses Roxanne as his “wife” and shares details of their wedding preparations.

When asked how did Kenneth help with wedding planning in between his busy filming schedule, Kenneth responded, “Roxanne has planned a lot of things so I will help her with the trivial things like the bridesmaids and groomsmen’s outfit.”

Kenneth added, “I can only talk about the wedding photos and we don’t want to publicly disclose who the bridesmaids and groomsmen are at this time. We haven’t received the wedding photos yet since the photographer is still working on post-production. After that I will select them for my wife and she will send them to the media.”

The reporter noted that Kenneth had been letting Roxanne decide on the wedding specifics and Kenneth agreed, “I believe most wedding ceremonies are based on what the wife wants. Among my friends, most of the men rarely think about what the wedding ceremony is like or what it feels like. Normally the bride cares about it more.  I chose my outfit for the wedding and the photos. I planned those. I try to help wherever I can, I don’t want to bother her too much.”

In regards to their wedding ceremony, Kenneth shares, “There are really a lot to plan in a wedding. We are holding a small wedding in a foreign country with just the families from the two sides and a small number of friends.  There are many things to deal with like decoration design which she is still working on.” Kenneth also revealed that he will ask his wife whether they will have a wedding in Hong Kong later.

Kenneth was teased for improving his photography skills after helping Roxanne take pictures for her social media page. Kenneth responded, “She still has complaints and will teach me how to shoot. Since my photography skills are not that good, she has been giving a lot of opinions every time and then I will try my best to take her pictures again. Even if she takes 100 pictures, she would only choose three of them to use.”

Kenneth also reveals that Roxanne has been working hard to lose weight by following a strict diet, dancing and going to the gym. While Roxanne wants to look her best for the wedding, Kenneth is pained by Roxanne’s actions, “I often say that if we have children in the future then she shouldn’t push herself; but, she wants to be in top shape before the wedding.”

When asked if Kenneth is planning to have children, he added, “We have a plan but there is no pressure. Let fate decide. It was painful to see her go on a diet because she is a girl who likes dessert very much. She will be happy just from eating dessert. Sometimes she will complain and I have to indulge her.”

Source: HKET


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  1. Lack of occasional sugar can make one grumpy … I guess this may be his roundabout manner explaining why there were a photo of Roxanne looking unhappy in France. That is so normal for us all… Stress of wedding on girl’s side can take a toll sometimes. Very normal couple. He clearly loves her very much. I am so envious of this couple!! (in a good way).

  2. He is a frugal guy yet based on her instagram, I noticed that she wants exactly what her rich friends(janice man, denise hy lau, etc…) have. This will be a problem in the long run and especially if she will be living with his mom after wedding.

    1. He’s such a sweet guy, yet the girl sounds terrible, at least the impression from this article is just bad. I hope the best for him since Tavia has found her good match! But this girl, sigh >__<

  3. Seems like she is the domineering type…..complaining all the time. This is Kenneth speaking even before marriage. I wish him good luck. She seems to be really spoiled.

    1. Oh dear, I hope not. I hope he finds happiness. but dating Roxanne is his choice, I am sure he will be responsible for her since he has committed to this relationship.
      He seem to have a type when it comes to women he dates..

    2. Yup, good luck to him. She does sound like her way or high way so far. We will all have to wait for 2-3years to see how this pan out lol

  4. Maybe it’s the translation … it gives me the impression she wears the pants in this relationship and he’s a pushover. I can’t help but wonder if Ken is truly happy having such a controlling person in his life. I wish him much luck

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