Kenneth Ma Wants to Get Married Before Having a Baby

With parenting drama Plan “B” <寶寶大過天> currently airing and Kenneth Ma (馬國明) portraying a father onscreen, many wondered whether he has plans to become a father in real life soon. While many celebrity couples are tying the knot after pregnancy, Kenneth personally hopes to get married first before having a baby.

Having dated Roxanne Tong (汤洛雯) for more than one year, many are curious as to when the two will tie the date and have children. The 47-year-old actor shared that they are both occupied with work right now, and do not even have time to sleep. “She has drama after drama, and I am busy with my new drama Invisible Team <隱形戰隊>.”

Kenneth Ma (馬國明),

Regardless of how busy he is, Kenneth still attends every promotional event and participates in every game to promote Plan “B”. While trying the labor simulation machine, Kenneth and Hugo Ng (吳岱融) tried the labor simulation machine and their tolerance were definitely put to the test. Although the sensation did not exactly resemble pain, Kenneth said he felt the intense muscle contractions. 

Admiring the strength of a mother’s love, Kenneth mused, “A mother’s love is so grand because they have to carry a baby for 10 months. That is why every mother and child have such a special connection that men will never experience.” Although biologically impossible, Kenneth would love to experience pregnancy because it is such a sacred journey.

“Plan ‘B’” is Doing Better than “Murder Diary”

Although Plan “B” is a small budget drama, its local Hong Kong viewership ratings have been higher than crime thriller Murder Diary <刑偵日記>, which some find the plot to be too complicated and caused the latter’s weekly ratings to plunge to only 15.5 points.

Given the different genres between the dramas, Kenneth does not think comparisons are necessary. “The culture of watching dramas is so different now, because we can access them online. It is hard to base the quality of a drama on viewership ratings alone.” 

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. This dude Kenneth is slow, hurry up n marry Roxanne before she dump ur ass, take some time off, n marry her tommrow dumb ass.

    1. No need to be rude… Marriage takes 2 people so you cannot blame Kenneth. What if he wants to get married but Roxanne is not ready yet? But I do agree that they should get married soon.

      1. On a recent interview, Roxanne mentioned something like it was embarrassing when reporters asked her when she was getting married, as it isn’t her decision alone; as a girl, she would expect a proposal first. So sounds like she isn’t opposed to the idea. On the next show, it was Kenneth’s turn to be interviewed and when pressed if he saw Roxanne as a potential marriage partner, he replied “each time I date, the end goal is marriage”… so I kinda agree. iI he wants to get married before having a baby, then he should stop dragging his feet and get a move on.

  2. He is a traditional guy…it is not surprising at all. Wish both of them Well!

  3. In my country you will get into legal trouble related to your child if your child is born without wedding haha.

    Also Plan B sucks towards the end. Everything felt rushed in the last few episodes with few plot line left unanswered, like the silly restaurant owner trying to court Fei Foon. Yauyau’s mom suddenly passing away after surviving the surgery was the most idiotic thing to happen. Why even bother writing her surviving the surgery if she gonna die the next minute into the story anyway, really ridiculous.

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