Kevin Cheng Admits He Has Road Rage

Appearing in the upcoming G Storm<G風暴>, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) has been focusing on filming movies in recent years and hopes to have a representative piece of work. The 52-year-old chats about his filming ambitions, how fatherhood has changed him, and surprisingly admits that his temper can be easily triggered.

Another goal of his is to take on challenging characters and film a biopic, where he can act out a character’s entire life. In order to have no regrets when he retires, he is open to continuously trying new things. However, if he has to choose between his career and family, he would always choose his family.

Due to the pandemic, Kevin has not been able to work in China for the last two years but found it to be the happiest time of his life. “The cost of having to quarantine for 21 days is too high. If I’m gone for too long, then my children will ignore me. I won’t regret making less money, but I will regret missing out on my children’s childhood.”

With Kevin’s new movie G Storm opening on December 31, he is not sad to bid goodbye to the franchise as the movie is the fifth and final installment. A part of the franchise since the third installment, he said, “It is a perfect ending, and we need an ending in order to embark on new beginnings.”

He shared his most memorable scene in the movie, “Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and I were being chased by men with knives. At that time, there was no pandemic and many foreigners at the bar were curious about filming and wanted to be on camera. At first, we asked them politely to leave but as you know when you drink, it’s hard to control your attitude and many were rude. I couldn’t hold back my temper, and ended up arguing with them. In the end, the martial arts choreographer had to hold me back. If not, I would have added a few more action scenes!”

Admits He Has a Temper

Kevin reflected on the situation, and realized there were some areas where he was in the wrong. If he were to encounter the same situation again, he would choose to step aside and let the crew handle the situation.

When asked if he is someone who easily loses his temper, Kevin shared that he has changed a lot in the past 10 years. “In recent years, there has been less paparazzi so I’m less triggered. However, if they affect my children then I will still get angry, as the children are innocent. Protecting them is my responsibility as a parent.”

As his family is now his top priority, Kevin is extra careful with everything now that he is a father. “I sometimes have road rage. I remember driving to pick up my son from school and there was a car that suddenly cut in front of me. I yelled ‘Signal!’ and my son immediately repeated after me. Luckily I didn’t add in any swear words!”


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