Kevin Cheng Admits He is Black-faced

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Kevin Cheng Admits He is Black-faced

Grabbing dinner with his close friends, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) celebrated the successful box office for his new movie, L Storm <L風暴>. Although his wife, Grace Chan (陳凱琳), was absent during the dinner, Kevin still had a great time catching up with Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), Jazz Lam (林子善), and Stephen Wong (黃嘉樂). When asked if Grace was still ill, Kevin said, “She just had work so she wasn’t able to come. Her cold got better in a few days.”

Kevin Cheng on Yutori Kudo

While this year’s Miss Hong Kong Pageant recently wrapped up well in general, contestant Yutori Kudo (工藤佑采) has been headlining the Hong Kong media outlets ever since the competition concluded. At first, it was only clips and photos of Yutori showing a rather stoic and unimpressed expression during the finals. However, memes started surfacing and many dubbed her the “Black-Faced Miss Hong Kong”.

Earlier, when Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) was asked to comment on how she felt about Yutori, Jacqueline was rather disappointed and believed that she should have endured the hardships of the competition. Yutori then fought back on her Instagram, asking Jacqueline to mind her own business and claimed that Jacqueline only brought her up in an interview so she could get mentioned in the media.

Kevin also preferred to not comment too much on Yutori. Kevin laughed, “There’s someone out there whose face is darker than mine? I’m famous for my black-face! There’s someone worse than me? [But you don’t have a dark expression when you’re on camera?] That’s not true! It all depends on my mood – there’s no such thing as maintaining a good camera face. Dark is dark!”

In addition to Yutori’s expressionless face, many flagged her for being unprofessional during the dance on competition night. Kevin said he does not know the full story and will refrain from commenting. Instead, Kevin offered some kind words of advice, “It’s not wrong to be yourself – but it’s important for others to see that it won’t happen overnight. Everything needs time and understanding. Don’t change every other second – don’t look angry and then smile the next. You need to make others see that you’re being real. For example, I’ve been like this for 20 years, and the audience seemed to have accepted me.”

Even though Kevin admitted to having an angry expression all the time in public, he explained that he never shows his angry face to Grace.


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  1. coralie says:

    This girl is on a roll with badmouthing TVB. I’m enjoying all her insults. It’s rare that anyone ever comes out to criticize the company.

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    • diana80 replied:


      Do u mind to share among her worse comments about TVB? Just curious but not really keen to follow much about her news though. Not that she’s a superstar anyway…lol

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      • andylin replied:

        @diana80 she said that if TVB doesn’t want you they will try and blacklist you. And she also said that TVB executives had it out for her because TVB execs didn’t like that she got popular on their BBC app even though there was another contestant who also was very popular on the app also but that contestant was left alone.

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      • diana80 replied:

        @andylin, @coralie

        Thanks for sharing.

        I believe about the ‘blacklisting’ that she mentioned, but these thing doesn’t just happen at TVB company.

        Anyway, it’s good also that there is someone like her who are willing to speak up because when more and more people are willing to reveal…hopefully the company will rectify their mistakes in future.

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      • kmfayb replied:

        @diana80 no one is a superstar, unless you a the big dipper, and so on, lol. I am glad she is lambasting TVB. It is high time someone it. The so called “superstars” were once little minnows like her.

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      • coralie replied:

        @diana80 what andylin said. she has it all on her instagram @yutorikudo

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