Kevin Cheng and Raymond Wong’s “Gloves Come Off” to Air on April 16th

New TVB boxing drama, Gloves Come Off  拳王 (formerly known as The King Boxer), will air on April 16th in Hong Kong. Gloves Come Off stars two of TVB’s most popular actors, triple-award winning TV King, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), as well as Bottled Passion’s <我的如意狼君> Raymond Wong (黃浩然). In the new drama, Kevin and Raymond will portray boxers whose passion for the sport will bring them together first as friends and then foes.

Kevin’s character was obsessed with Muay Thai boxing. Along with his si hing Kenny Wong (黃德斌), the pair started boxing in Thailand’s black market due to a moment of greed. As a result, Kevin committed an error that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

Returning to Hong Kong, Kevin was eager to forget his boxing past. He found a job in the security department of a sporting goods company, hoping to live a plain life outside of the boxing ring. Kevin attracted the romantic interest of his superior, Selena Li (李詩韻).

Resolving an initial misunderstanding with Kevin, Raymond Wong, who worked as an office assistant at the sporting goods company, discovered that they shared a mutual passion for Muay Thai boxing. Kevin returned to boxing association, Dragon Fist Hall, to nurture the talent of Raymond Wong and mute boxer, Nancy Wu (胡定欣). Acting as the duo’s mentor, Kevin worked towards his singular passion for boxing once again, while freeing himself from painful past memories.

Unfortunately, Kenny Wong’s jealousy towards Kevin’s success morphed into hate. Kenny plotted to undermine the trust between Kevin and Raymond. Will the duo’s former friendship and current rivalry be ultimately settled inside the boxing ring?

The 25-episode Gloves Come Off is produced by Law Wing Ying (羅永賢). Other cast members include  Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), and Power Chan (陳國邦). Gloves Come Off will mark the airing of Kevin’s first TVB drama following his sleeper hit, Ghetto Justice <(怒火街頭>, which took Hong Kong by storm last June.


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Jayne: Kevin Cheng, Raymond Wong, and Kenny Wong will probably be seen topless in many scenes in Gloves Come Off. The plot does sound a bit typical though. I suspect Kevin may have killed another boxer in his black market boxing days in Thailand. 

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  1. This one looks really promising at least in terms of cast.

    So glad to see Natalie and Selena in this one. Natalie is prolly one of the most underrated actress in TVB and Selena is not bad either.

    Finally a break from TVB’s overused fadans 🙂

    1. There is more to a series than just the cast. But yea, I agree that is a break from the same old fadans.

      1. This one will be the first TVB series based solely on the boxing theme?

        Kevin will be Rocky Balboa, LOL

      2. Boxing is a means to the theme which is love, jealousy and revenge, which is almost always the case.

      3. It’s always about love, money, revenge, jealousy and a little friendship 🙂

    2. can’t wait to see a combination of this two hot men..

  2. Looking forward to see Selena and Nancy as female leads.

  3. I’m all for the topless <3_<3. Take it all off baby!

  4. I’ve been waiting for this to be onscreen!Can’t wait only 2 weeks to go. Awesome casts!

  5. I can’t think of another TVB series with a main plotline associated with boxing, so at least this subject matter will be new.

    I wonder though, if TVB scriptwriters have a huge dartboard in their office with professions and hobbies written on it. When it comes time to brainstorm, they just throw a dart and see what word they land on. I personally can’t wait for the day when an exciting new series about the romance and drama from the world of spearfishing appears on my screen. 🙂

    1. hehe agree with that ^^

      however, I think both kevin and RW already have good body with abs in real:)

    2. yeh poster photoshopped hehe but i doubt they can fake it in the series. HOT BODY TOPLESS MEN yumyummmmmm…

    3. actually raymond wong already has a nice body, but probably not as intense as the pictures..same with kevin. gonna be a bit awkward if they’re topless but have nothing to show, hope they worked out a bit at least! or netizens and seelais are probably complain.

      1. Who bother to look at topless men on a poster without photoshop? Ok kidding :P.

  6. I hope TVB fired their old designer because these newer posters are looking better.

  7. Kevin in topless scenes = heavenly!!! Hahahaha!!!

  8. Nice poster, photoshopped but nonetheless nice. Storyline sounds interesting but Kevin as angtsy is not going to work. And I like the original title better than Gloves Come Off which can be a good title for a porn film.

    1. Funn,

      Would that be regular porn or gay porn?
      Every time I see Kevin w/ a good-looking male costar, I immediately think bromance. 😀

      1. Ten Brothers is the only direct translations from the Chinese title I can think of.

    2. Yeah, should’ve kept their original titles such as The great eunuch, Prominent family, King Boxer.

      1. This is TVB. They never use their English titles as direct translations from the Chinese one. They only do if they run out of ideas lol

  9. Oh i like it~! Supporting the cast. I haven’t been so updated recently about the casts. Is Kate Tsui in this series or not? She hasn’t been mentioned on this article but I’ve heard she was going to star in this series or am i just reading the wrong things? Haha thanks guys 😀

    1. Kate Tsui will have a cameo role as Kevin’s wife. That’s what I read.

      1. Oh no, is she gonna pout her lips at him? So tired of that act. Thank goodness it’s only a cameo and selena is paired w/ him instead.

      2. lol kate tsui puts her lips on every male co-star she works with.

        speaking of kate tsui, she was in Sydney as a guest at Raymond’s concert. She was thirsty, but instead of getting her own bottle of water, she grabs Raymond’s water which was sitting on stage, and then asks the audience: “i hope you don’t mind me drinking his drink right? (drink his saliva bits)” and then she drinks and everyone’s like screaming ARGHHH…..

      3. Maybe they are in a hidden crush :P. I like that =)).

      4. Oh sounds interesting 🙂
        Thank you guys for the notice. Hopefully Kate may appear?

  10. yes another good drama to watch!
    i have to say that this years dramas are way better than last.

    got so disappointed last years series 🙁

  11. Oh Yay! I am so looking forward to this series! I really have not been happy with the recent happy series and prefer some darker material like “Gloves Come Off!”

    Plus Kevin, Kenny and Raymond will be showing off their muscles :p

  12. ROFL look like this series will display lots of muscles and show dark version KC!

  13. Intriguing if only because TVB never does these types of series. The poster reminds me of Ong-Baak.

    Casting also sounds interesting (er, minus Kevin Cheng from that statement). Raymond Wong has proven himself to be a competent actor and I haven’t seen Selena Li for awhile. Nancy Wu I think will be convincing in her role. Kenny Wong is a snooze-fest though.

    1. I thought girls didn’t even bother to look at Kenny Wong’s face but focus solely on his abs, LOL

      1. Sorry, TVB/HK actors don’t do it for me if we’re talking about body. Korea’s where it’s at!

      2. Im not familiar with Korean dramas, however Rain was pretty impressive in Ninja Assassin.

      3. We aren’t watching World Bodybuilding & Physique Championships :P.

      4. Bridget, you serious? Most of the Korean male actors looks like masculine girls 🙂 and most of them have not quite right nose jobs :). Don’t get mad me but that’s what I see.

      5. Lol, what have you been watching? Every k pop or k-dramas nowadays all I can see is abs abs and more abs to the point I am sorta bored with abs. They have beautiful body. Don’t look at the face, look at the body. And where got girls looking like so hot shirtless? WHERE GOT?! Korean actors, the young ones the days or rather not quite young are tall and buffed. It is like they take measurements to make sure they’re of certain height and body before they’re allowed to sing. ACTORS however can be a bit lax on the body but even they are buffing up. Even the short ones have abs. Abs abs abs.

      6. Yes, Lol, I am dead serious. Maybe you’re mixing up the Koreans with the Japanese? Now the Japanese ones really do look like masculine girls.

        +1 on Funn’s comment. I now find it creepy how Funn can basically take the words right out of my mouth!

  14. Nancy Wu is going to play a boxer? Oh wow… She’s good at playing these tough chick roles though. Is this technically her first leading role? Selena shared lead with Myolie in Wish and Switch.

    1. Nope Life and times of a Sentinel was Selena’s first lead role

    2. Not just any boxer but a mute boxer. So she doesn’t need to speak, just grunt a lot I suppose.

  15. i think he killed someone too (or at least caused their death). tvb is sooooo predictable.

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