Kevin Cheng Asks Ex-Girlfriend, Linda Wong, to Play Matchmaker

Although Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Linda Wong (王馨平) broke up for more than a decade, they are still friends and stay in touch. Despite dating rumors between Kevin and several women in Mainland China, Linda confirmed that Kevin is still single and even asked her to play matchmaker.

Linda has slowly retired from the entertainment industry since her marriage to financial guru Stephen Lee (李家輝). Appearing recently on a variety talk show, Linda recalls her strict upbringing by her father Wang Yu (王羽) and discussed the details of her breakup with Kevin during the 1990s.

While her parents’ divorce did not affect her views on love, Linda’s father was a very strict parent who forbade her to date anyone in the entertainment industry. When Linda and Kevin dated, they were regarded by the public as a golden couple. However, under her father’s constant disproving glower, Linda and Kevin’s relationship died fairly quickly. Years have passed since her relationship with Kevin, but Linda says they still see each other occasionally to catch up.

Linda expressed, “At that time, my father didn’t support us. He made me promise to not date anyone in the entertainment circle. But love is not something a person can control and Daddy can’t control whom I wanted to date.”

Linda also slipped that Kevin is still single. “A lot of people ask me if he’s dating or not, but I rarely ask questions about others’ love life. However, last time when we had dinner, he told me he wasn’t dating and asked me to introduce some girls to him.”


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  1. if she really looks like in the picture now then time really made her beauty disappeared w/o a trace….

    1. lol, do you know that she’s almost 50 right? she looks GREAT for her age.

      1. She was born in 1968 if I remember correctly so she is not exactly near 50. At least she is aging naturally so I think she looks great for her age too.

    2. thats normal nobody can stay as a beauty queen forever,some getting old faster than other,i rather see her natural face than ppl who fencing their face with full of make up.

  2. I don’t know her so I cant saything about about her look? haha..Kevin is in his 40’s so above woman should be too right? Certainly not like wow but I guess still OK for 40’s something woman? haha..LOL..I mean look at Maggie Siu and That nine woman w/Wayne Lai, they looked like they are hitting up there too even if they don’t have kids? :0/

  3. she was very beautiful in her prime with a hint of angelic qualities. I still think she’s aging gracefully though.

    I sense Kevin Cheng is still having a hard time finding his Miss Right.

    1. She was Kevin’s first love (probably THE ONE), it was a tough breakup back then but both have different lives to live now. I guess he had never really let go even though he always say ‘everything is in the past’ but pychologically the thought of “….if only..” will pop up. But to be able to remain friends and stay in touch with the occasional meetings is comforting. I know that feeling very well.

      He worked hard all these years and unlike some others, have never gotten himself into trouble (financially or otherwise)…that’s a good thing. And now he’s financially secured, he should give himself another chance. I wish him well cause he deserves it.

  4. Is she what I think she was supposed to be? She doesn’t look the person I thought she would be.

  5. I thought Kevin always said to let love come naturally, in its course, but looks like it doesn’t work and someone else has to help him out!

  6. For a woman in her 40s, Linda still looks ok. At this age, skin texture changes and no longer as taut like before. Maggie Shiu aged.
    Kevin cheng has been busy making money but now realized he is lonely?

  7. They were really the golden couple back then. Both are equally attractive. Though they never admitted dating until after Linda married. Well I guess her father could see through a guy. What type of men would offer stability and is a good marriage partner.

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