Kevin Cheng Promises He Won’t Cheat

Actor Kevin Cheng‘s (鄭嘉穎) role as Eighth Prince in 2011 Qing dynasty palace drama Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心> saw his popularity levels spike. Previously romantically linked to actress Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), he later dated Miss Hong Kong-turned-actress Grace Chan (陳凱琳) who is 22 years his junior, in a talk-of-the-town romance. Happily married in 2018, the couple is now blessed with two boys.

Kevin: ‘Zero’ Likelihood of Extra-marital Affair

Reel life: Kevin and Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) play a married couple with a son.

In upcoming film Burning <焚身>, the 52-year-old portrays a man who is hotly pursued by an attractive third party (played by actress Chen Jing 陳靜), and later succumbs to cheating on his wife and family. When interviewed by the press, Kevin actively takes the chance to express the impossibility of the same trajectory happening in real life, as he “treasures his family very much”, and besides, his wife knows “everything about him”!


Known to be a loving husband who dotes on his sons, the actor was asked how he would handle being romantically chased…? He then replied that he would try his utmost to “not let (it) happen”. Kevin said, “I can’t bear the consequences, plus I really love my family, and dislike drinking,”

Keeps No Secrets from Grace

22 years apart: The two’s age gap is no barrier to a strong relationship.

Adding that his wife Grace also knows everyone in his friends circle, he said, “(She) even have their contact information, my wife knows everything there is to know about me,” Concluding that the likelihood of the fictional story happening to (him) is zero, he said that he “almost never heads out, and stays home everyday” besides going for tennis games and meals with friends, hence making it impossible that he would ever cheat!




“Burning” trailer:

Source: WorldJournal

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