Kevin Cheng’s Poor Work Attitude Blasted by Lee Ka Ding

Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) has come under fire recently among his TVB colleagues, criticizing his character and poor work attitude. TVB actor, Sin Ho Ying (冼灝英), blasted Kevin Cheng for being self-centered and repeatedly challenging Mr. Sin’s professional opinion during the filming of boxing scenes for Gloves Come Off <拳王>. Another veteran actor, Lee Ka Ding (李家鼎), criticized Kevin for being aloof on set and acting like a mute! Fans blasted that Kevin’s stiff acting was “rubber-like.” Bombarded with criticism from all fronts, Kevin resembled a “punching bag” more than a champion boxer!

In Gloves Come Off, Lee Ka Ding acted as the boxing ring referee. Mr. Lee said, “After he (Kevin Cheng) enters the TVB studio, it is as if he is a mute! He will not greet people. He does not talk much to his colleagues!”

In addition, Kevin’s Muay Thai boxing stances have been criticized as being unrealistic. Muay Thai experts who have watched the drama complained that the boxing gestures were wrong, where a skilled boxer such as Kevin’s character would never have boxed in the manner shown in Gloves Come Off! Actors on set hinted that perhaps Kevin was too careful in protecting his body, failing to put in real effort!

Gregory Lee (李泳豪) and Lee Ka Ding appeared in a recent interview on Green Room <今日 VIP>. Ding Yeh said, “Whether an actor films a horseback riding or boxing scene, they have to put their heart into it. Climbing to the Number #1 Brother spot, there is no need to just put in a half-hearted effort. Do not pretend that you are a big shot; I hate that!” While Ding Yeh did not clearly state who the “big shot” was, his comment has aroused controversy and speculation that he meant Kevin Cheng.

Kevin Cheng Criticized As “Swatting Flies”

When Lee Ka Ding was asked whether the “big shot” referenced in Gregory Lee’s interview was Kevin Cheng, Lee Ka Ding did not deny it. Mr. Lee said, “Nancy Wu (胡定欣) put in all her efforts. It’s okay if the boxing gestures are not professional, as long as you are immersed in it. Unlike the male lead–who was so protective of his body—that his boxing looked as if he were swatting flies! Thinking that he was hurt, he asked to stop the camera to go wash his injury.”

Asked who he considered to have filmed the boxing scenes well, Mr. Lee said, “Raymond Wong (黃浩然) tried his best. Otto Chan (陳志健) was the most immersed, who filmed several scenes for over a dozen hours, boxing until he was exhausted.”

Despite Mr. Sin and Mr. Lee’s criticism of Kevin’s work attitude on set Gloves Come Off, the rest of the cast remained neutral in the escalating war of words.

Raymond Wong said, “I do not know why Sin Sifu said this. However, I had conversations with Kevin!”

Wong Chak Fung (黃澤峰) said, “Kevin has always been a lone tree, with a self-centered personality! It is not surprising that he was criticized in this manner. But I do not have a problem with him!”

Otto Chan said, “Perhaps he (Kevin) and Sin Sifu had different perspectives, resulting in a misunderstanding. People get along differently. Kevin treats me quite well!”

Regarding Muay Thai experts criticizing that Kevin’s boxing stances were inaccurate, producer Marco Law (羅永賢) said that the cast had tried their best. Mr. Law pointed out, “Otto Chan and Raymond Wong have taken Muay Thai lessons before. The other actors were perhaps too busy and did not practice, resulting in the inconsistencies.”

Despite Kevin Cheng coming under fire, Gloves Come Off averaged 29 points in ratings and peaking at 31 points in its first week of broadcast in Hong Kong.

This article was updated on April 27, 2012 at 1:07 PM, to correct that it was Lee Ka Ding–instead of Gregroy Lee–who said that Kevin Cheng did not put in his true efforts in an interview on Green Room.


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Jayne: Poor Kevin has become a punching bag! I know martial artists get very upset at the students if they do not put in all their best efforts. Perhaps Kevin was not physically able to do all those requirements?

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  1. Didn’t Kevin have some kind of illness/condition in the past? I can’t remember.

    Poor Kevin. He’s learning that once you’re at the top, there’s nowhere else to go but down-down-down.

    Why wasn’t there these complaints about his character in the past? Or has his behaviour changed due to his fame?

    As for the boxing, lord. It looks like boxing to me, I don’t care beyond that. I don’t expect actors to become experts in a field they are only portraying.

    1. i wouldn’t be surprised if his ego was at fault, but i also wouldn’t be surprised if he was tired from filming, promotions, and whatever he does.

    2. Actually his work attitude has always been under fire but he just wasn’t as popular so nobody cared. Also, he is 620’s all time fav so the other artists didn’t want to cause any trouble and didnt say much.

      1. @ Jules

        Your second argument makes no sense. If they were afraid of criticising him before, wouldn’t they be even more now where he has more clout?

      2. If you actually read the article about Sin Ho Yin maybe you’d understand what I’m talking about. He publicly said he was a contract employee when they were filming GCO so he never said anything. Who would be stupid enough to say crap about Kevin when you still work for TVB? ESPECIALLY when 620 loves Kevin? Does that make more sense to you? Or did I step on some Kevin Cheng’s fan’s tail?

      3. @ Jules

        Oh I see. I should “research” your comment first instead of presuming your comment can stand on its own. But thank you so, so, so much for explaining it to dumb ole me.

        And what about Lee Ka Ding? Is he also no longer on TVB contract? Since he dares to spout “crap” about Kevin? And why should I not think Mr. Sin is stupid enough to bite the hand that feeds him? He was stupid enough to smash a glass on Pierre Ngo’s face, was he not? I consider that a tad bit more rude than not greeting people and a tad bit more “daring” than criticising your colleague, but that’s just me.

        Haha, and of course you jump right to the conclusion that I’m a Kevin fangirl. What gave me away? Was it my constant praise of his acting, his music, his good looks?

      4. So it’s my fault that you haven’t heard of other news regarding Kevin? Do you even know what happened with Pierre Ngo? If you know the full story maybe you wouldn’t even of brought it up. Because obviously Pierre Ngo was at fault and it costed him his award last year and semi frozen by tvb. Glad I taught your stupid ass something. If you aren’t a fan of Kevin then maybe you just have nothing better to do. I see like 6 replies from you in this one topic. Bah crazy fan girl

      1. Vivien,
        “Someone should try ask Wong Hei about Kevin ROFL”

        Wah, that would stir up a lot of trouble!

    3. I would be surprised either if Kevin has an ego. When I watch series with Kevin in it, always feel like he’s posing for the camera. To me, it feels like he would put more priority in how he looks in a scene rather than how its acted.

      Once read an article about Kenneth and Kev filming for ‘A fistful of Stances,’ Kenneth said many of his colleagues had warned him about Kevin saying Kevin is troublesome and difficult to work with.

      Anyhoo, Mr. Sin shouldn’t air dirty laundry to the public. Just makes him look unprofessional and annoying.

    4. I’m no boxing expert but even I can tell that Kevin’s not bothered to even try to make his boxing look good. I mean, if you’re going to do a movie on boxing about boxers, you should at least try to make yourself look like an expert.

      1. remind me that Kevin very unconvincing as experienced fireman captain in BF3 but WH did look like one LOL. Kevin also look like a tiny dwarf among all the firemen although he’s the leader ROFL

  2. The third time in just 6 months KC is complained on his working attitude. First is the crew of Red Dust who said that KC dun do anything and the assistants have to do everything for him like a slave. Second is Sin Hao Ying. Third is Lee Ka Ding. Don’t know how true these complaints can be but I blv it’ll affect KC pretty much.

    1. Where there is smoke there is often fire.

      I suspect people are just noticing him more because of his recent status change at TVB. Could he have a bit more ego? Possibly… or maybe people are just expecting more out of him now that he’s the “king.”

    2. If it continues, for sure it will affect his reputation but if this is the end of it, it could still blow over.

    3. He has big clout from 620 and EEG. Maybe won’t affect.

    4. Of course, depends on how Txb clear it.

      I don’t know how EEG will treat KC because at this moment, EEG seems do nothing for him as well as other TVB kids in EEG. EEG still cares for their own kids more. KC even dun attend the 70 anniversary press conference of EEG even that he was at HK.

      1. Fox,

        Are u sure Kev was in hk that day? I thought he already went back to mainland filming.

        Gillian missed it cuz I saw her at the Beijing film festival.

  3. this is none sense…seriously greeting someone is that so important! getting the job done is more so. I never hear this crap in American sets. LOL Maybe someone was trying to stay in character, many reasons to it. Plus the two complainers are know to be ppl that whine just a tad much IMHO. The part of assistants, there job is to do your bidding, if you were to do it yourself then why did you hire an assistant. All this news is crap, the Sin guy is not very stable in general. Best thing to do is to not even to respond to this rubbish.

  4. I think the criticisms are unfair.

    When did TVB ever known for accuracy anyway?


    ” aloof on set and acting like a mute”

    That is not poor work ethics. Was he late all the time? Did he make unreasonable demands? Did he say “Don’t look at me” ala Madonna? Did he shout or throw handphones at people? No? No? No? No? Then where is the poor work attitude? Being aloof means he is not friendly, doesn’t mean he is rude. Doesn’t greet people may mean he is impolite but doesn’t mean he is not professional. Being a mute means he just doesn’t have anything to say. They’re colleagues, NOT BFFs. He need only greet the boss, that is the director or producer. Everybody else is optional.

    Maybe Lee Kading should work with Madonna. I read whenever she walks past, her contract states the staff must turn back and face the wall. I feel Kevin’s reputation is intact. All these people blasting him should worry more about their own POOR HUMAN attitude so to speak. To complain on such trivial matters. COME ON! Give us real juicy stuff; like him throwing his mug of hot coffee over the head of Raymond Wong or something. Give us the diva! Everything said is not ego, it is just a man who is not comfortable with being with friendly for being friendly sake.

    1. And there is a reason why you pay an assistant a salary; to do your bidding. In hollywood the stars even hire an umbrella holder. It’s not like the assistant is asked to buy condoms for him. I am sure some are required to do so. What nonsense.

      1. VERY Well said Funn!!! Thumbs up!!!!

        I think those two just want to be noticed or they are just “jealous” maybe everyone else is saying good things about Kevin.

      2. Funn,

        Oh, now THAT would be actually interesting! And the assistant could spill the juicy gossip on which girls those condoms are intended for.

    2. I too find these complaints far-fetched and mostly over very trivial things.

      The reporters seem to be grasping at straws in order to write any story about Kevin.

    3. That Sin chap is trying to get cheap publicity with his criticism and as for Ding, who ask for his opinion?? Ding shd turn his attention to Gregory and ensure he’s not cheated again with the current gf who’s rumoured to be a married woman.

      Kevin has always been a bit of an introvert, don’t say much but does his job. Those who know him well do not have a problem with him. Just because he’s more popular now all his faults suddenly multiply. What crap. As to his boxing performance/action, don’t blame him, blame Sin instead cause he’s the one who did the coordination. Kevin was carrying an injury during this shoot and one would expect that pighead Sin to understand. But alas, a pighead is always a pighead.

    4. I am not a supporter of Kelvin but when I read the article, it didn’t sound to me that he was acting like a “big shot” unless there are some vibes that I am missing, e.g. he sneered at Sin and Ding and Raymond, makes snooty eyes or something.

      It just read to me that he is a down to earth, introverted man of few words. He doesn’t seem like the sort to cheerfully “hi” and “bye” loudly or dance with everyone at the karaoke. He seemed like the sort to mind his own business, enjoy his own drinks, sing if he wanted to, passionately too, as long as he enjoyed it or leave if he doesn’t. He probably doesn’t care much about the underlings gossip about him.

      Now we are seeing the jealousy that flare up when someone gets popular suddenly. Lots of attacks and flaming balls targetting him.

      As for Gregory’s comments, I have yet to balance my sympathy for him at being dumped and him acting like a mommy’s boy crybaby, so it would be wise for him to be quiet instead of challenging a man’s man like KC 🙂

      1. Gregory should work harder to make his career better instead of spreading gossips about Kevin. Mind your own business and stop being a mama boy

      2. Haha yes, and maybe then girls will stop treating him like a whipping boy. What a chump.

    5. I agree with you. Aloof and not talking does not equate to poor work ethic. He appear to be a quiet person unless among people he’s close with.

    6. Very well said.

      These people just want cheap publicity

  5. Poor Kevin getting attacked from all directions, LOL. Did Ding Jeh bother to greet Kevin first?

    Agree that he should try his best as a professional, however if he is/was injured then who can’t blame him for being careful. It’s simply not worth risking your health for a series let alone one produced by TVB.

    His acting is not bad in this, but maybe his boxing seems like a “scholar trying to capture butterflies with his lover” 🙂 in the eyes of the expert.

    Wonder if 620 will blacklist those klfs for attacking her favorite like some crazy fangirls, LOL.

    Obviously Raymond is better at acting and also in way better shape than Kevin.

    1. @ Exoidus

      I agree that Raymond is in better shape but his acting tics in the show are driving me nuts.

      As for Kevin, I hate his sad puppy face expression, but otherwise, I find his acting up to par.

      1. It’s prolly bc of this character and as the show goes on he will likely be more serious i.e. less irritating in your eyes 🙂

        Thought girls loved his puppy face expression, LOL.

      2. It may very well be because of the character. However, the acting is exaggerated, then the weird facial tics and in addition, I find the character too abrasive. He probably will mellow later – his character is a very typical TVB character.

        Kevin’s puppy face expressions look too fake. It’s one area his acting has not improved.

    2. LKD have and rude mouth are unable to be apart LOL. Be careful 620 are watching you Ding Yeh ROFL

  6. As much as I like Kevin, I still believe he does possess an ‘attitude’. Well, everyone does, just depends on whether we show it or not.However,cut him some slack for we are all just humans, not flawess.

  7. I think this is so stupid seriously.. everyone body in the end of the day will get tired from filing.. cant blame them. I think they’re just jealous since he’s so famous now.. -_____-

  8. Those who are saying he is not at fault and that his work’s ethnic is normal are quite biased. You guys compare with American actors and idols. Kevin cheng always had an attitude problem and you can tell if you notice his action and gestures during interviews. I do agreed his acting is pretty decent for he has charisma. For Chinese people and tradition they are known to be respectful to elders. His attitude towards the cast and workers are rude and Unrespectful. You guys say that the workers are paid so they have to follow his instruction and such. But he should at least give them respect and be kind to them and not be a “mute'”. Signs of mannerisms Kevin has always pop into my mind but I always hated to say anything because I like him as an actor but seeing his biased fan compliment him on his actions and thinking he has done nothing wrong angers me. I know he is human and he has a lot to do so he is tired. But wouldn’t you still try to be nice to your cast whose helping you shine?!

    1. Disagree with you. Kevin has minimal charisma and he seems like an introverted guy. Hence, he does not communicate a lot with other people – this is not disrespectful. Not everyone has a sunny disposition.

      1. If he had minimal charisma, he wouldn’t have become the TV king -.-“

      2. 620 support him, Law Ba was good and BBJX fans rooted him. So got TV King 😀

      3. By the way, if charisma means compelling attractiveness, then I just don’t see how lacks that. Just ask Selena Li, Kate Tsui, Myolie, Niki, Charmaine and now Qin Lan or many other ladies he worked with or view any of their video clips. The ladies seem to sparkle when appearing with him.

      4. When I said charisma, I meant that he shines when he acts and during interviews. Just because he is an introvert does not mean he doesn’t have charisma. Charisma comes from both introverts and extrovert. True about not everyone having a sunny attitude. But this doesn’t give him a right to disrespect elders/seniors. Disrespect is a manner not a personality. People can convert disrespect into their own person which could be in Kevin’s case. But that is a choice of personality. So what I am trying to say is that fan giving him the excuse of him being an extrovert is incredibly foolish. I don’t mean to criticize you as I am just pointing out my opinion.

      5. I agree with Advo. I am not the biggest fan of Kevin but even if I was, I would not be blind to his faults or anyone.I think people perceive him as being rude or disrespectful are people that don’t know or understand him well. I think it is because of his introverted personality is what makes people think he is that way. I had a classmate/friend like that. She is really introverted and is very selective about who she talks to and who she chooses to become friends with too. At first, she refused to talk to me and even ignored me on many occasions until I think she got to know me after she observed me for at least a term or 2. Then one day, she just approached me and started talking to me and then from that day forward, we became friends. I am guessing that is how Kevin is as well.. He doesn’t seem to open up to everyone that easily…

      6. @HeTieShou

        Yes but your friend is not an actor nor does he or she have a large fanbase. I don’t mean to talk bad about your friend I really don’t. But as an actor or an idol or general someone who is out to set an example, that person must have a good work ethnic. I do concurred the fact that I do not know Kevin well or more like I don’t know him at all. But from what his interview, bts, etc. I can tell he is not just an introvert. He has an aura that said “You are a waste of my time”. I wouldn’t say he meant to make that type of aura but it’s probably who he is. An introvert is a condition that should be made by doctors and family members that knows him well. So who are we to give him an excuse as having a condition that makes him socially inactive. I am glad your friend is now talking to you and that you guys are close. But I must say your friend and Kevin does not have a concrete similarity. Kevin is an actor so he should learn to have a good work ethnic and set good examples for his junior. You guys can say he is only human but as a human sometime there are things we should do and thing we shouldn’t. When he took on the job of being an actor he should understand that it meant he has to be respectful and not show his bad side to the world and that is something I believe to be very hard which is why I don’t wish to be an actor.

    2. I agree with you, greeting people is pretty standard. I don’t think it’s excusable for Madonna and other Hollywood stars to treat others like they are below them either. I’m American-born, I greet people and expect people to greet me back.

      1. In Kevin’s case, I believe the issue is not whether he greet people or not. I’m sure he greet people in everyday interaction whenever possible.

        It’s just that he is closer to some people and thus engage with them more warmly. There are people he treat wearily, and these are just the people who are unhappy and jealous of him, since he has become very succesful. Such character is not really suitable for the entertainment industry, and he mentioned that even Alam Tam advised him against entering the entertainment circle.

    3. Maybe you like to greet all the people in your workplace…. but that is you. Normal people dont do that. Some people need some peace.

      1. I’m sorry but I have to disagree. Normal people do greet people at work. You don’t have to be best friends or have a long conversation with everyone but I think it’s standard to say “hello” when you see people at work. If you work in a large corporation, maybe it’s acceptable to not say hi to people you don’t actually work with but that’s not Kevin’s case. These are people he work with.

      2. Not greeting ppl you see every day at work and who you see in the kitchen or lift, is NOT normal. If they walk pass, smile and say hi rather than have a black face and ignore them.

      3. I do admit I greet people everyday at least once or twice. I do not know weather I enjoy to greet them or it became a habit. Normal people you say? Why…please describe me what a normal person is? How are they like? Everyone has a thing or two where they are not normal. Kevin Cheng may not “like” to greet people but at least show his co-worker and cast mate that he is thankful or a bit appreciated for their work. As an actor, it is a must that you have to be appreciative for what you have and what you have must be given credit to your cast mate and people who helped you a long the way. In China, mannerism and courtesy is a must for elder. And that include greeting them whenever you see them at least once. So please if you have the time, please tell me what a normal person is?

  9. I thought he was shy, maybe when he did talk, people were shocked that he has an opinion. Its not like he’s a professional boxer or anything, they should just chill. As long as he gets the acting done, its all for entertainment. If he voiced his opinion on a certain scene, that means that he cares about it, no big deal. Its a drama series, not a sporting event.

  10. one of the greatest things when fans see an artist become really big is the amount of information we get from a variety of people that the artist has worked with. only when the artist become really big that we get to know who he/she really is. all the dirt and past (history) come into the foreground and the acting is pushed back.

  11. I think Kevin is a serious person who just wants to get his work done a professional like how Louis koo is and I love both of them

    That’s just their personality either u get along well or not with them u cant please everyone then u just become fake as hell

    1. There is “Adaption” :). Keep your own personality but at the same time, have to learn how to adapt with others, or your life will be very hard to live.

  12. I find Otto Chan is more serious and did really good with boxing in the series. I do find Kevin a little unrealistic with the boxing skill. Haven’t watch up to where Nancy yet n is looking forward to see her because i know she been practising and work really hard on her boxing skill.

    1. Well obviously, Kevin is “a lover, not a fighter”. 🙂
      But look at his face, who can blame him for trying to protect himself?

      And why are these supposedly tough men acting like such ‘8 por’? They sound more like the one w/ the ego problem.

  13. poor kevin.. take care of his own body n health more yet ppl are scolding him for not being proffesional and complaint him.. if he does not take care of himself then who is going to take care of him.. ding yeh? sifu sin?? and before complaning about him y no ppl talk about the director who wants kevin cheng 2 b in part of the drama since they already know that he is injured.. so sad… i think it is true that when ppl get fame then all the trouble n problem will get in their way..

  14. Ding Yeh and Sin sifu might not know Kevin well and don’t understand his aloof and quiet personality.

    1. Watch BBJX promotional events videos and talk.shows and Kevin is extremely friendly to his BBJX costars and he don’t look anywhere near aloof or not greeting people. Maybe he just don’t get along with difficult people such as Sin sifu, Ding Yeh and wong He

      1. maybe Mainland is out of his comfort zone. In order to survive, gotta change his tactics.

        Back at TVB, his got his 620s and so his king there. But outside, he isn’t king.

      2. If you are out of your comfort zone, wouldn’t you be more reserved and quiet??? Why would you be friendly and all??It also depends on the person too. Especially with Kevin’s introverted personality, I think he would have been more reserved about unfamiliar people. But I think he has gotten to know the BBJX cast better and is of course on good terms with them.

    2. I agree and I think that is what the problem is. They don’t know each other well and thus don’t understand each other. Therefore, they have so many problems.That happens all the time in normal daily life at work or when you are places with people that you don’t know well..

  15. Lee Ka Ding shall blasted his kelefe son Gregory Lee first before blasted other ,remember you are old kelefe with you useless son take over ,your son not even famous and poor acting skill ,why you blast other ,remember Kevin is sui sang and only other TVB siu sang and fadan have right to blast him ,i don’t mind if Raymond and Edwin blast him ,but how can a kelefe father and son give the right to Critic kevin?old kelefe , Sin Ho Ying also shall shoot up.
    come on give the right for siu sang to critic him ,not kelefe,who care about kelefe opinion ,why Jayne care about kelefe opinion.

    1. Agree on that note. Also, the Lee’s were blasting Shirley every day during the filming. Perhaps Kevin wasn’t too sympathetic and did not offer words of sympathy, and that’s why they have grouses against Kevin.

      On master Sin’s acusation, Kevin has already pointed out that ther was a Thai boxing coach in the set in which he was more inclined to take advice from. Master Sin is not a Thai boxing specialist.

      Right now Kevin is really hot in China, with many diehard fans visiting everyday him while filming. The question now is not whether TVB is dismayed by his ‘apparent bad publicity;, but whether he wants to leave TVB – he might move north permanently or induced by Ricky Wong to join CTI.

      1. I think Kevin will move North. It’s only april this year and he already involved in many mainland drama and movie productions with big pays.

      2. Kevin can join Huayi Brothers who managed Feng Shao Feng. Huayi brothers managed to get Feng great projects since he get popular with Gong

      3. As a favor to ms. Lok, Kevin will probably stay and film at least 1 tvb series per yr. I would be so sad if he left permanently.

  16. i don’t think Kevin has a poor working attitude.. because in the past every artist was known to get along with Kevin really well. i think its just certain people that are jealous of the level he is at these day. every time Kevin wins best actor he gets heavily criticized for his acting or something else.. and come on Gregory Lee and his father criticizing kevin when those 2 are a nobody in the entertainment circle

  17. Oh who gives a rat’s a$$? We all know Kevin is favoured by TVS*** no matter what, he pretty has the power to act whatever he chooses.

  18. It’s the rule of the universe that the amount of effort is directly proportional with money paid. =P .. This is my opinion on his attitude..

  19. Kelvin will only put his effort on mainland drama series not on TVB. He is just passing up homework to TVB.

    Cant blamed him much cox mainland paid him more than TVB.

    Materialistic world.

  20. My cousin works in the industry in M’sia and has had opportunities in working with a lot of TVB artistes when they come over. His (neutral) comment about Kevin : Very nice, down to earth guy. Not overly friendly but definitely approachable and always polite.

    1. That was what I heard about Kevin through many years of following his news and stuff. Never have I heard anything really bad about him until he got popular lately. All I heard before was Linda’s father blasting him in the past(and now too) about not being successful. But I did not hear anything bad about his character or personality at all.

  21. Gregory Lee, this guy is acting like he knows how to “act”. I’m sorry, but if you were the one being judged and criticized, your feedbacks will be much worse than Kevin.

    I absolutely cannot stand people (like Gregory Lee) saying things like he knows everything. Please, move aside.

  22. Fame comes with bad news, that’s how it works. Since readers tend to favour scandals over good news, cant blame the reporters. Best wishes to Kevin.

  23. I tend to agree with Funn who has pointed out quite clearly that there is no problem whatsoever relating to Kevin’s “poor work attitude”. To me he is always very well-mannered, a gentleman, so to say. He responded very well when he was accused of being a person with no prospects by his former girl friend, Linda Wong’s father.He restrained from picking up a quarrel with Mr. Sin Ho Ying and I am sure he will do the same with Mr. Lee Ka Ting. As to his acting even Mr. Sin Ho Ying made a remark that Kevin was a “good actor” only that he had problems with his “poor attitude”. I’m glad Kevin is away in Xiamen now, away from all this unpleasantness. Surely the saying, “uneasy lies the crown”…….is true.

  24. Fans blasted that Kevin’s stiff acting was “rubber-like.”

    I think this ‘rubber-like’ comment might not come from his performance in ‘Glove Come Off’. Kevin has a nickname in Golden Forum which is ‘Rubber Wing’. This nickname was already being used when I first visited there which was way before GCO. I think this nickname derive from his name. In chinese ‘Rubber Wing’ is ‘jeung gau wing’ which is similar in sound to Kevin’s chinese name ‘Cheng Ka Wing’.

  25. Hi there, do anyone know the title of the English song in chapter 15 -where Kevin was riding the motorcyle with the heroine driving her car? It was a lovely English song.

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