Kim Yong Ji’s 10 Looks in “Tale of the Nine-Tailed”

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Kim Yong Ji’s 10 Looks in “Tale of the Nine-Tailed”

Rising South Korean actress Kim Yong Ji is making heads turn with her cute and sexy charms. All of her outfits in the fantasy-romance drama Tale of the Nine-Tailed are mesmerizing viewers and taking attention away from the storyline, but it can’t be helped!

Here are 10 of her most glamorous get-ups:

All-Black Funeral

Yong Ji made her first appearance at a funeral in an all-black outfit. Although she attempted to be low-key, she still stole the show with her bold chain-style gold earrings and flashy long silver necklace.

Lazy but Sensual

In the drama, she donned different colored and patterned long-sleeve blouses. To play a relaxed and tempting fox, she would often leave a few buttons unbuttoned or show off her shoulders.

Bewitching and Mysterious Dark Purple Dress

In one scene, Yong Ji confidently showed up in a dark purple dress with her hair put up in a bun. She looked chillingly beautiful when she effortlessly pulls out the hairpin holding her hair together and stabs Lee Rang, played by Kim Bum.

Cute and Bubbly Princess

Dressed in a two-piece green checkered vest and skirt over a clean white dress shirt, she reminded viewers of a sweet and lovely little princess. She also added a mustard yellow color headband and large gold hoop earrings for another pop of color.

Rich Second-Generation

Most of Yong Ji’s outfits involve bold and bright colors to illustrate her confident and self-assured personality. One of her looks comprised of a yellow and white striped dress blazer. On top of giving a sense of professionalism, it also highlights her vivid energy.

Pure Chic Chaebol

In a pure white suit, Yong Ji looks chic, classy, and expensive. With her hair in a middle part and neatly tied back, she gave off a powerful and exclusive aura while rocking gold and pearl accessories.

Beautiful Vintage

The actress stunned the audience once again with her black puff sleeve dress that showcased her collarbones and long, slim legs. She wore this while fighting in one scene, which made her look charismatically cool. The celebrity also wore gold accessories to draw attention to her face and medieval princess-like half updo.

Royal Blue

Although she wore this outfit briefly for a short scene, it still left a deep impression on viewers. She paired a royal blue dress with the same color gemstone earrings to present a dreamy and hypnotizing look. The striking color also matched her blue-grey colored contact lenses, which made everything look very cohesive.

Trendy Fashion

Wearing a white top under a dark gray suit may look simple and plain, but Yong Ji elevated the look with silver chain-style earrings and necklaces. Her wavy hairstyle also framed her face nicely, and this ties in neatly with her punk-like outfit.

Sweet Darling

Aside from her glamorous looks in Tale of the Nine-Tailed, Yong Ji also looked stylish and adorable in her promotional videos. In one video, she wore a burgundy leather jacket over a beige color turtleneck, and in another, she wore a white blazer along with a black butterfly headpiece. Both emphasized her cuteness, which made many viewers hope to see these outfits in the drama as well.

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