Pregnant Koni Lui Shows Off 44-inch Waist

Not only does Koni Lui (呂慧儀) have 44-inch legs, she also has a 44-inch waist.

With their baby due next month, Koni and her husband Dickson Wong (黃文迪) are growing more and more excited by the day. Yesterday, the mother-to-be shared some of her pregnancy photos on Weibo, expressing that she must leave some photos for memories. One of her photos showed a humorous-looking Dickson talking to Koni’s belly.

“Who knew that besides your legs, you could also use ’44-inch’ to describe your waist? Having rested for a few months, with good food and good company, I have unknowingly developed a 44-inch waist to match my [long] ‘crab’ legs. It’s hard to come by! I must cherish this memory so I took photos of my round body. Thank you Mr. Crab for taking time off to be by my side! The father and son have been chatting a lot!”

Koni earned her nickname ‘Long Leg Crab’ after her role in 2008’s Catch Me Now <原來愛上賊>. Koni and Dickson, a 2008 Mr. Hong Kong participant, dated for 10 years before they finally tied the knot in December 2011. Since getting married, the couple has wished to become parents. Koni confirmed her pregnancy in April 2014.

Koni’s last TVB production before her hiatus was Lady Sour <醋娘子>, which completed filming in January 2014.


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  1. People are pretty weird these days. It is quite okay to take this kind of photo as some kind of good memory of being pregnant. However, is it really necessary to post them on public forums?

  2. Man, she’s like only a 2nd tier or even 3rd tier “entertainer”, so really doubt anyone would care or want to see her pregnant pics………..why do these low-end tvb people keep doing such egotistical things?

    1. I see my friends posting it on facebook too. Does it matter which tier they’re at?

      1. yea, I agree with you, Ginale. Must an important person or famous one ONLY having rights or qualify to do so?

        people are happy with what happens to their life & wish to share it with everyone…dun tell me that’s a crime…

  3. I actually like her and is happy to read about this news. Congratulation Koni and Dickson! Safe delivery and get as much rest as you can now!

  4. Koni Lui commented, “I have unknowingly developed a 44-inch waist to match my [long] ‘crab’ legs.”

    At 1.77m according to Wiki, she is not very tall.

    My 2 tallest British female classmates stand 1.88m and 1.91m (6′ 3″) barefooted and they do not boast about their never-ending, long legs.


    1. It’s because the media keeps introducing her as the ‘crab legs’. I swear you check out every interview video or random awards video, they’d always introduce her leg first even before her name.

      That’s like her title.

    2. tall people doesn’t mean they have long legs…having long legs doesn’t mean they have a nice legs…

      u did mentioned….”British”…not Asian…

      1. In this case my 2 British female friends have super long legs, not long body.

        There’s upper legs and lower legs with lower legs being below knee cap. Theirs are longer below knee cap and nicely proportioned. They look great in pant suits or skirts. 🙂

  5. I think pregnancy is beautiful…But sexy? That’s kinda weird wording for me.

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