Korean Cutie Lee Je Hoon: Age Gap Not an Issue

Appearing on SBS variety program recently, the five-member Rainbow Taxi crew of Taxi Driver 2 reunited onscreen, and probed the single Lee Je Hoon about his criteria for a date!

Age Gap Not a Problem
Actress and co-star Pyo Ye-jin raised the topic of the actor having firmly rejected the possibility of himself dating someone 9 years his junior when asked by a fan during a previous livestream. Co-star Kim Eui-sung then jokingly played along saying, “So you’re fine with dating someone 10 years younger?”

Responding to the shenanigans, Lee Je Hoon recounted that the debacle happened about 10 years back, to which Pyo Ye-jin questioned if he would accept the age difference now! To everyone’s amusement, the main driver of Taxi Driver answered, “Whether it is (someone) younger or older, I am not picky! Because I’m too lonely now, whoever it is, please approach me! A million pretty please!”
When co-star Jang Hyuk-jin asked if he were openly seeking marriage partners, Lee Je Hoon then got down on his knees, and clasping his palms together, cried out “Please! Whoever it is!” to the raucous laughter of his co-stars.

Back with a Vengeance in “Taxi Driver 2”

Premiering to an impressive 12.1% nationwide rating and 12.8% rating in the metropolitan area, Taxi Driver 2 unites the five members of the Rainbow Taxi team, with Shin Jae Ha making an appearance as the soft-spotted and eager-to-impress On Ha Joon at the end of episode 2.

Mysteries that await revelation include who will be the one to fatally shoot leader of the team Jang Sung Cheol, and who will be the main antagonist driving season 2.

Source: KoreaStarDaily


  1. Maybe he can’t find the RIGHT partner with the right qualifications he’s looking for, but to say he’s lonely…IDK. There’s a huge line of women lined up for him.

  2. It is interesting the things these men will say just to gain female fans, and build on their, (the artists’) popularity. You can be surrounded by people who love you, have all the money, looks and fame in the world and still be lonely. Not saying that Lee Je Hoon is lonely, or maybe he is.
    I just am amazed at how these artists say the darnest things.
    One, when in an interview promoting his BL drama, said he likes his girlfriends younger, his lover/partner is older. He said it was strange kissing a man, especially with the stubble and all. Said he has been kissed offscreen less than a hundred times. He was with his boyfriend for two years before he made the BL drama, and he had kissed men before in various projects. He is gay and his boyfriend carries chin hair. It was just idle chit chat to promote the show and gain more fans.
    Maybe Lee Je Hoon does prefer older women, maybe not. However, one can tell he and his costars were joking around during the interview. From what I heard, he is tentatively seeing someone right now. What he said is not right. He is only sending these already messed-up fans into a deeper delusion, that they stand a chance of having him.

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