Lai Lok Yi and Nicole Lee Eat Frugal Meals to Save for Lavish Wedding

Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) and fiancée Nicole Lee (李潔瑩) will be getting married in November. Dating since early 2012, their relationship was initially heavily scrutinized by the media due to their financial disparity. Nicole, whose family owns a beauty corporation, has a family fortune of over $500 million HKD.

Dubbed as the “$500 million Prince Consort”, Lok Yi promised that his wedding with Nicole will be grand and memorable. They plan to have a destination wedding in Bali and a larger banquet in Hong Kong Parkview, a large private housing estate. Lok Yi gave Nicole a 4-carat diamond ring and spent over $100,000 HKD to have an underwater wedding photoshoot.

However, despite having a lavish and luxurious wedding, the couple normally lives a much humbler lifestyle.

On October 2, Lok Yi and Nicole were spotted on a movie date in Kowloon Bay. Extracting money from the ATM, Lok Yi and Nicole walked to a nearby movie theater to purchase tickets. Afterwards, they went to a hot dog shop for dinner. After a few minutes discussing about what to eat, Lok Yi ordered the food while Nicole sat down to play with her phone. After eating, they quickly walked back to the theater for their movie.

It was said that their relationship was initially met with disapproval by Nicole’s parents. Lok Yi, who was still a struggling actor in TVB at the time, was under a lot of stress to appease Nicole’s family. In recent years, Lok Yi’s popularity increased after the successful sitcom Come Home Love <愛.回家> aired.

Nicole denied the reports claiming that her father was unhappy with Lok Yi. She said Lok Yi and her family have become very close. She praised Lok Yi for being financially independent and said her family would not allow her to marry him if he did is not an upright individual.

Source: Ming Pao


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  1. haha, i said “Y-a-w-n Bali again” and my comment is under moderation. Yet those lewd messages slip through lol!

  2. Seriously, having a memorable wedding with millions of dollars is BS. If you love that person and that person love’s you, IMO wedding should be kept simple because that alone is already a memorable. Who gives a shit what others think? Unfortunately, we live in a materialistic world today… people like to show. Wedding nowadays is just for show. I can understand the girl’s parents for wanting their daughter to have a man who has a secure income and responsible, but have they ever thought that what if this guy passed all the tests and down the road starts to abuse their daughter? (**cough** Roy & Yu**cough**) Then all that grand wedding and money means nothing at the end of the day. THINK for crying out loud!

    1. NOT just nowadays, but has been for a long time. Since maybe 20+ years ago, small intimate dinners in Chinese restaurants weren’t good enough. It became hotels.

      Chinese weddings can be a gong show for invites that don’t even matter. Pretty meaningless financial stress for a whole bunch of people you don’t even want there.

      Hotel wedding dinners cost $20K minimum and up in Singapore, and there’s not even counting liquor … plus the whole bridal package, flowers and photographers yet.

      Imagine a struggling young couple getting into financial woes and marital stress post wedding vows … ironically because of the hefty wedding bills facing them!

      1. I have heard of couples who are still paying for their wedding after they divorced. Every bride have a dream wedding, some have a hefty price tag and beyond their means, but hey, they’re only getting once, right? WRONG!!! Like i said, some are still paying for their wedding after they divorced.

  3. Why need to have lavish wedding? Even George Clooney saved on his wedding banquet.

    1. 100% agree.. HK people are all about show… it makes more sense to put down a down payment. They think its a royal wedding or something??.. HK people/celebs are so materialistic…and all about the show.

      1. It’s not just HK people. Off topic, but still wedding related … i’ve been to wedding that was like a mini fashion show.
        The bride had 5 or 6 change of “costume”

      1. It’s a figurative speech…no matter how lavish they can’t beat the hollywood lavishness.

  4. wow – that looks like Chan Bok Keung – maybe he faked his own death and raised a family!

  5. The reporters are also too harsh all the time, once they think they’re on to some angle.

    What were they expecting folks to eat? 3-5 course gourmet meals all the time?

    1. I think the media expect celebs and well do to people to dine at 5 stars restaurants, even if the restaurants serve hot dogs

    2. I believe so. Nicole is a rich girl and dining at a 5 star restaurant is really spare change.

      What I do like about this couple is how humble (at least the media praises them) their lifestyle is.

      Nicole has money but she is not seen going around IFC or shopping all the time.

      Uncle Ray and Karena Ng on the other hand done at Central all the time and head to Japan every quarter of the year. From what I heard, they went to Paris again in August.

      1. This pair shares a similar relationship to Lam and Ng in terms of different backgrounds and social status.

        However, why aren’t LLY and Nicole receiving so much criticism as compared to the other pair? Probably because one side is rich but lives a more low-profile, humble relationship.

  6. This couple is always trying to tell us that Chris is skimping and saving for their wedding, house, 4 carat wedding ring and what not and that he doesn’t use the bride or her family’s money. On his kind of pay from TVB (in spite of his investment from his garage biz so i read) and the fact that he’s only a B-lister at best, seriously how do they expect people to believe that he paid for all these without any help? A 4 carat diamond ring ain’t exactly loose change.

  7. >>he praised Lok Yi for being financially independent and said her family would not allow her to marry him if he did is not an upright individual.<<

    Upright individual = wealthy individual

  8. I know HK are filled with rich people but how can they claimed eating hotdot = saving money indirectly saying their cheap or poor, I dare them to come over the States to bring up that kind of news. lol

  9. A girl that is poor can marry a rich guy without anyone batting an eye. In fact, that’s like the most acceptable norm in the society nowadays.

    But if you are a poor guy, don’t even think about marrying a rich girl because the whole world will be bad mouthing you.

  10. Well, I can’t say much about his own choices. He has to live up to the demands of a lifestyle that may be a standard from his fiance’s family.

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