Lai Lok Yi and Nicole Lee Live a Simple Life After Marriage  

Although TVB actor Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) has endured numerous negative gossip since marrying Nicole Lee (李潔瑩), he maintained that he will not rely on his wife’s rich family and make his own living instead. Although raised in a privileged household, Nicole chose to share Lok Yi’s simple lifestyle.

An insider revealed, “Actually, Lok Yi and Nicole’s family have a pretty good relationship. His father-in-law had suggested that the couple move into one of his properties, but Lok Yi insisted that to live at his current home and only changed some furniture after getting married. He said it is closer to get to work at TVB.”

Dating four years before their marriage, Nicole has already adapted to Lok Yi’s simple lifestyle. She will regularly does her own grocery shopping and cooks dinner. “Nicole understands what kind of person Lok Yi is. Since she decided to spend her life with him, then she will not worry about her previous lifestyle as a privileged heiress. Before, she wouldn’t even wash her own cups. But now, she would cook for her husband and doesn’t mind living in a small village house.”

After failing to place in the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 2007, Nicole worked briefly at TVB before helping her father manage nearly 18 of the family’s beauty clinics. In addition, the Lee family also owns many properties and private companies. The family’s net worth is valued at approximately $500 million HKD.


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  1. I understand that they seek for a simple life after getting married – which is great! But you have to admit, Lok Yi knows that money will no longer be an issue because he will always have financial help when things don’t go their way. Either way, still happy for them!

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