Lai Lok Yi Buys 4-Carat Engagement Ring

Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) has been dating wealthy girlfriend Nicole Lee (李潔瑩) since 2011. The couple has been busily preparing for their upcoming wedding at the end of the year, and purchased a $9 million HKD newly constructed home in Yuen Long several months ago.

Nicole joined the 2007 Miss Hong Kong pageant and worked at TVB briefly before returning to manage her family beauty business, which spans 18 beauty and skincare clinics.The Lee family’s fortune is estimated to be valued at $500 million HKD. Although Lok Yi often suffers negative press due to the wide gap in their socioeconomic statuses, Lok Yi repeatedly stated that he is not interested in her wealth.

In June, Nicole has already started choosing the wedding venue, bridal gown, and invitations. Recently, Lok Yi was seen purchasing an engagement ring at a local jewelry store. Lok Yi ordered a 4-carat diamond ring earlier, and returned to pick it up. He had to pay by check because the price of the ring surpassed his credit card limit.  

Stopped outside the shop by reporters, Lok Yi was asked the price tag of the engagement ring. He smiled and responded, “It’s a secret.”

The Come Home Love <愛·回家> star declared earlier that the couple will not be using any sponsors for the wedding, choosing to work with vendors to suit their personal preferences instead. The couple will hold a destination wedding overseas, followed by a banquet in Hong Kong. Lok Yi has many friends in the entertainment industry and Nicole’s family has numerous business friends, so the two separate celebrations are necessary to accommodate all their guests.

Working hard to save up for the big day, Lok Yi has been busy with commercial shoots and taking part in shows to earn more money.

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  1. Personally know Nicole. She is a down to earth girl who takes good care of her friends. Wishing Lok Yi and Nicole the best as they are both awesome people.

  2. No kidding, Chris is making that much money? And he’s not even A-list?

      1. The was an article on here awhile back that said Lok Yi was poor and needs to make money elsewhere. Now he is suddenly rich.

      2. Hi Mike,
        I thought so too. Haven’t we read many times what a scrooge TVB is? His money obviously doesn’t come from his TVB job. Even factoring in jobs from appearances, it just doesn’t add up. Even A-listers don’t make so much money to be able to afford to buy a property, they rent the places they stay in.

  3. It’s nice that he chooses not to spend her money. That’s good, true man should be like that.

    Happy for them.

  4. i really like come home love. it is a damn good feel-good series. make me happy for a few hours till real world issues creep back in to my mind….

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