Lai Lok Yi Denies Rift With Millionaire In-Laws

Marrying rich heiress Nicole Lee (李潔瑩), Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) has to deal with the pressure of having millionaire in-laws. The TVB actor denied recent gossip that he is not getting along with Nicole’s parents, “I’ve already clarified this at my wedding. It’s not true.”

Last November, 34-year-old Lai Lok Yi married longtime girlfriend and former Miss Hong Kong contestant Nicole Lee (李潔瑩), daughter of businessman Lee Chi Keung (李志強). The Lees own skincare clinics throughout Hong Kong, with the family fortune valued at $500 million HKD.

Due to vast differences in their financial backgrounds, Lok Yi and Nicole’s relationship was initially met with public scrutiny. There were rumors claiming that Nicole’s parents did not want her to marry Lok Yi, as they were worried that Lok Yi would not be financially capable to take care of her. The rumors persisted four months after their marriage.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve read reports like this,” said Lok Yi. “These reports came up when I got married, and I already clarified then that we get along really well.”

Although Nicole helps manage the family’s beauty business, Lok Yi said he will not be following his wife’s footsteps and help out at the business. “Her brother is managing the business well. After marriage, we all have our own developments, and I have my own career.” Lok Yi added Nicole and her family are very supportive of his entertainment career. “We just had brunch yesterday, and we would read these gossip reports together and laugh about them.”

Lok Yi also denied accepting his father-in-law’s gifts of a villa and new car, “I’ve always been driving my own cars and living in my own house. Just because I got married it doesn’t mean I have to take anything from anyone. I am capable to do everything on my own.”

Asked if he has recently sold one of his properties, Lok Yi said he purchased the unit two years ago with his wife. “It was for an investment. My wife handles all of that.” In regards to Lok Yi’s nickname “$500 million Crown Prince”, he said, “Marriage is between my wife and I. Her family’s background will not change anything between us. Our families are getting along well and we cannot use money to measure everything.”


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  1. You know ok maybe he won’t be able to afford her…he can’t be financially capable of taking care of her BUT look at it positively, he is far cheaper to maintain and she can certainly afford to take care of him financially!

  2. Pressure is evitable when you are married into a rich family. We heard a lot from a girl’s POV, but from a who married a rich heiress is new, well I guess men or women, the problem still persists as the lifestyles are different to begin with.

  3. He sounds like a down to earth guy. I believe he’s not in it for the money like Fala and her ex.

  4. I think it’s weird how the parent’s didn’t think Lai Lok Yi would be able to financially support their daughter. Yeah they’re rich…but is she one of those rich spoil brat that buys new bags every other day or switch cars and buys expensive earrings and necklace whenever she wants?

    From the past articles I’ve heard about her, she seems like a humble person and definitely doesn’t mind if her husband isn’t a millionaire. Which is funny ’cause Lai Lok Yi isn’t poor either.

    Just because someone’s rich doesn’t mean that they can’t be with someone that’s not as rich as them. (Esp since he’s a financially stable guy who owns his own place, car and has a career) — some of you are def thinking too much.

  5. These articles are so sexist. The wife is clearly capable of taking care of herself financially. She doesn’t need to dependent on him financially just because they’re married. Women work too you know.

  6. The media is ridiculous. Lots of people marry rich partners. Just because Lai Lok Yi is a celebrity then they come to scrutinize him and his financial capability. What about Frankie Lam when he married Kenix Kwok?

    1. In HK, if you’re a guy making less or poorer than your woman, they call you Soft Rice King. LLY isn’t the first to get this controversy, remember Joel Chan?

      1. It’s not like he went eating soft rice, right? Of course LLY isn’t the first one but what I’m saying here is because of his celebrity status, they come after him. If he’s nobody, who would ever care?

  7. I don’t blame on the media bc this is part of their job but I think some of you are thinking too much here.

  8. I feel the stress. When you’re marrying yr wife and her family is rich this is always the problem. General public will assume or have the thought that you’ll live on your wife. But it’s not necessarily true. By reading that Lai Lok Yi is someone with “kuat hei” he doesnt want to use his wife’s money. This man’s quality should be admirable.

  9. Millionaire is NOTHING.. he ‘ll have to be afraid if they are billionaires.

    1. the NEW thing now is billionaire, not millionaire.
      lok yi has been with his wife for a long time before getting married…i’m sure mrs lai loves her husband for what he is.

  10. “This isn’t the first time I’ve read reports like this,” said Lok Yi. “These reports came up when I got married, and I already clarified then that we get along really well.”

    As soon as he say a word, if there’s any truth to what he said it will be twisted by the media. LOL 😀

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