Lai Lok Yi Recalls Painful Experience with the Stock Market

TVB actor Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) appeared as a virtual guest for an insurance product launch event to share his investment experiences. When Lai Lok Yi first started investing in the stock market, he lost a large sum of money. Having more experience now, he pays more attention to his investments and is able to share the lessons he had learned.

Recalling his bad history with investments, Lai Lok Yi said, “When I was younger, I was too aggressive and lost millions of dollars (HKD) in the stock market. It was risky and I learned from other people to buy penny stocks and speculative stocks. As long as someone said they have inside information, I would invest.  In the end, I lost millions of dollars (HKD) and it was painful. I could only learn from my failure.”

Having learned his lesson, Lai Lok Yi revealed that 70 percent of his wealth is put towards investing in stable stocks and bonds, while reserving the remaining 30 percent for savings. Describing himself as a “safe investor”, Lai Lok Yi shared that his investment decisions changed after starting his family, “Now that I have a family, my personal investment is more conservative and careful. Every decision is made with my family in mind.”

Saving Funds for His Son?

When Lai Lok Yi was asked if he started a savings fund for his son, he replied, “I only bought a medical insurance plan for him. I didn’t get him things like a savings fund or an education fund. As a father, other than the basic living needs, I will not get him much. I want to train him to be independent. As a boy, he should learn to fight for himself. When he grows up and has things to buy, he should think of ways to earn his own money. In terms of his education, my wife and I agree that we don’t want him to become a trust fund baby.”


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