Lai Lok Yi Refuses to Rely on Rich Girlfriend

Like his character John Ma in the popular sitcom Come Home Love <愛·回家>, Chris Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) is a filial son who is devoted to his loved ones and works hard to achieve career success. After his father passed away from cancer, Lok Yi and his two brothers were raised single-handedly by their mother who kept the family afloat by working as a janitor. Growing up in a deprived environment taught Lok Yi the importance of financial security and molded him into a responsible adult. Despite having a millionaire girlfriend, Lok Yi vows to provide for her with his own money and promises to give her a comfortable life.

Lok Yi and girlfriend Nicole Lee (李潔瑩) publicly admitted to their relationship last year. Nicole, a 2007 Miss Hong Kong pageant contestant, is set to inherit her family’s beauty business worth $500 million HKD. Some speculated that Lok Yi had eyes on Nicole’s multi-millionaire fortune, and accused him of living off of his girlfriend. Lok Yi ignored the criticisms and the two showed off their rock-solid relationship, making frequent public appearances together.

Recently, Come Home Love was extended to 500 episodes, guaranteeing work and a steady stream of income for 32-year-old Lok Yi. He announced that he plans to marry Nicole after filming ends and is working hard to save up for the wedding. Even though their future together is guaranteed, Lok Yi continues to treat Nicole with utmost respect and kindness, earning praises from Nicole and acceptance from her parents.

Earlier this year, Lok Yi brought Nicole home to meet his family and spent time together with his young nephew, hoping to win Nicole over with his love for children. On Mother’s Day, Lok Yi paid a visit to Nicole’s parents and personally cooked a meal for them, winning points from his future in-laws.

Last week, Nicole attended an event organized by Wai Yin Association, the charity organization established and managed by former Miss Hong Kong pageant contestants. When asked to evaluate Lok Yi, Nicole said sweetly that he is worth 99 points. Reporters also asked if Nicole would financially assist Lok Yi in purchasing a new home, Nicole stated, “I won’t have to because he is a really smart guy. He also likes to be manly and hates relying on others!”

Source: Apple Daily

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  1. Glad he’s getting the recognition. I do not think he’s a versatile actor but his personality fits the character in CHL very well.

    He’s got the physical appearance and with some brushing up, he can be a siu sang.

    1. Growin’ up with only the mum or dad don’t mean one has been deprived!
      愛·回家 just isn’t the cup of tea for eveyone.

      1. Unless his mom works as a janitor and raising several kids trying to make ends meet will give him the right to be deprived as compared to other families or more well-off kids his age. As for your cup of tea, you are in the minority as this series has been extended twice by positive viewer responses.

      2. The min. wage right now is around 30HKD/hour.
        30 years ago it might have been closer to 8-12HKD, which is next to nothing, which is the amount a janitor would make.
        70 hours a week at around 10HKD, OK?

        That’s deprived as hell.

      3. I may have overshot the numbers actually. I’d say 2-5 dollars an hour for janitorial work in the 70s.

      4. Depends on what you mean by deprived. If deprived means too poor for education, yes that’s deprived. If deprive means not having mcdonald’s every month, that isn’t deprived.

        I suppose it is easier to measure deprivation by materialism. As for love and affection, very difficult to measure. No kids are truly deprived unless they’re either

        1. dirt poor – more on materialism
        2. filthy rich – more on affection

        Or it could be mixed around.

      5. Growing up without love/care from his father would definitely mean being deprived. Furthermore, his mom did not make a lot of money as a janitor yet had three mouths to feed. Imagine the food and necessities he might have lacked as a child.

  2. enjoy watching him in CHL and can tell he isn’t a gold digger like Joel Chan because he didn’t quit acting even dating a rich girl. Good for him.

    1. Agree SY! He stayed grounded and work harder after meeting a rich girl, good for him!

  3. Cooking and being filial wouldn’t make him a better son-in-law if he’s not savvy in profit making esp in business since his gf will inherit business from the parents and definitely will hope their daughter will find someone who can help her in expanding her business not an actor who only knows how to cook to win points. Sorry, not an anti-Lai here but was just speaking facts and reality.

    1. I guess those are the first few steps in order to win the in laws over.

    2. Times have changed, and thus so have gender roles.
      Women are (also) breadwinners now.

      1. Yes, it is not the old days anymore. In many cases, it is the women whom are the breadwinners, not the guys.

    3. if I am a parent I would prefer the child to be able to take care of him or herself instead of relying on their partner. if the woman is ok in managing and expanding her business she can choose whom she wants to be with.

      an actor is not only an actor
      a businessman is als not only a business man.

      1. Me too and I would want my kids to be able to be independent so they can choose who they want to love, not based on how much money the guy/girl has.

  4. Not sure about how he is in real. But his acting is pretty good in chl.

  5. He should have given Joel Chan a few pointers.

  6. I am happy for him. It shows grit doesn’t it? Anyway he is improving a lot but sorry to say never on the A lister league BUT he is doing very well in an ensemble cast.

    As for Joel Chan who may fail where Lai succeeds in terms of impressing daddy in law, Joel however trumps Lai in the acting dept. Joel Chan should learn there is no free meal and just go back to TVB and work hard. He can be a better actor than he is at eating soft rice.

    1. On the same token, there are also no free meals for women who want to marry a well off guy so that they can leech off of them as well. Women should work hard as well and not hope to get a free meal ticket for life. It is no longer the old days where the guy is the provider and breadwinner.

  7. He sort of resembles the late Danny Chan but not when he was a young man but towards his late 30s. The resemblance isn’t always there but I can see why somebody remarked on this before.

  8. I’m proud of him! It took him a lot of years to get where he is today!

  9. Respect. Hope he gets more work opportunities,

  10. Omg is it just me or does it seem like there is a lot of rich girl in China or Hong Kong dating underrated/”second level” actors

  11. I find it strange how gold digging men are criticized more harshly than women? Is it because of the traditional view that men are supposed to be the providers??

    1. I don’t think so, I think both of them are equally bad and criticize about the same

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