Lai Lok Yi Takes Care of Son During School Closure

Lok Yi shared that Little Spring Chicken can be kept entertained for an entire day with just his spray bottle!

With little ones in Hong Kong having a three-month break from school but unable to head outdoors due to the coronavirus, parents are challenged to keep them meaningfully occupied at home. Instead of feeling stressed, Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) has been enjoying his parental duties with his son “Little Spring Chicken”.

The actor has been busy playing games, watching cartoons, singing and reading stories to his son at home. Progressing steadily in his career lately while enjoying familial bliss, the 39-year-old star had earlier showed off his culinary prowess during Lunar New Year by preparing homemade nian gao, a popular festive snack. Having more time at home now has allowed him to master his kitchen skills by cooking up simple yet delicious homemade dishes.

Recently, the actor was spotted at Kowloon with wife Nicole Lee (李潔瑩). The couple drove there and checked out the entire row of stores on the street, and got their hands on plenty of groceries and daily items, seemingly stocking up on foods so they could stay home to spend time with Little Spring Chicken.

Source: Weekend Weekly

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  1. Wow. Still no name for his son? Or maybe he’s got a name but kept it as a secret? Same thing as for Angelababy son too. Chris Lai seems more like a family man than Vincent Wong.

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