Lai Lok-yi Wants a Second Child, Roxanne Tong Confirms Boyfriend is from the Industry

Nancy Sit (薛家燕), Lai Lok-yi (黎諾懿), and Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) met up with the press while filming TVB’s Brilliant Mother-in-Law <燦爛的外母>, a comedy drama that stars Nancy as a stern mother-in-law.

“Everyone is happy when you get married, but the real drama starts right after,” said Lok-yi with a laugh.

Lok-yi and his wife, Nicole Lee (李潔瑩), welcomed their first child together, a son they nicknamed “Little Spring Chicken”, two months ago. Thanks to his own mother-in-law, who he thinks is truly brilliant, Lok-yi was able to find time to film the TVB show.

“I would be dead without my mother-in-law!” he said. I wouldn’t have accepted the filming offer if it wasn’t for her. Because the baby is only two months old, and it’s my wife’s first child, so she’s not very experienced. My mother-in-law has been around to take care of us. She also helped out with the cooking, and I’ve definitely benefitted from that!”

Unlike in the TVB series, Lok-yi has a very comfortable relationship with his father and mother-in-law. “They’ve been taking care of us really well. With them around, I don’t have anything to worry at all. With a mother-in-law like her, we should have more babies! Haha!” Lok-yi then admitted that he wants to have a daughter, and that he and his wife plan to chase for a second baby in two years. “It’s the year of the pig. My wife is a pig too.”

Lok-yi said his family won’t be organizing a hundred-days banquet for Little Spring Chicken. He said, “He’s still very young. We’ll wait until his first birthday.”

Roxanne Tong Revealed to Be Dating a Fellow Entertainer

Roxanne, who plays Lok-yi’s wife on the show, expressed that she would not mind a “flash marriage” when she comes across the man of her dreams. Asking if she’s hinting that she has already found a special someone, she admitted, “We’re getting to know each other.”

Though Roxanne refused to elaborate on who that special someone may be, Lok-yi blurted out the answer for her. “I’m guessing he’s from the industry. I probably know him too. If his last name is not Chan, then it’s Cheung or Law. You know, those big names.”

Expressing that their relationship is developing well, Roxanne will announce the news when the time is right.

Nancy Sit to Soon Be a Mother-in-Law

Nancy will soon become a mother-in-law herself, as her 31-year-old son will be getting married next year. While excited for her son, Nancy exclaimed that there are many things to consider when planning a wedding. “I don’t want it to come too soon!” she said.

The wedding will be planned for next May or June. The venue, however, has not been decided. Asking if Nancy would invite her ex-husband to the wedding as well, she said, “Still thinking about it. My son and his father are in contact.”

Source: Mingpao

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