Leaked Footage Shows Godfrey Gao Struggling to Keep Up Minutes Before Death

Taiwanese Canadian actor Godfrey Gao (高以翔) passed away on November 27, 2019 at the age of 35. His death was reported to be due to cardiac arrest. The actor was filming Chase Me <追我吧>, a Chinese sports reality TV show, in which celebrities have to compete against each other in strenuous races. Godfrey had collapsed mid-filming and was pronounced dead at the hospital after attempting resuscitation for nearly three hours.

It was reported that Godfrey had been filming for 17 hours at the time of his collapse. Before he fell, he allegedly shouted “I can’t do it anymore.”

That day, leaked video footage of Godfrey filming the show circulated online, depicting the actor panting and struggling to keep up as he jogged across a park, just minutes before his death. His limbs looked heavy and he was visibly exhausted. He wasn’t even able to walk up a ramp without holding onto the hand railing. When he saw the camera, he immediately perked up and walked ahead with a straight posture. The footage devastated fans, and many netizens said they couldn’t finish the short clip without shredding tears.

Chase Me is currently faced with intense scrutiny and criticism, with many netizens expressing their doubt on the show’s safety precautions and integrity to its celebrity guests. Rumors say that the crew members did not immediately acknowledge the call for help when Godfrey collapsed, leaving Godfrey unattended for a long time. There were also rumors that cameramen did not immediately stop rolling their cameras when Godfrey collapsed, as they believed that the actor was acting dramatically for entertainment.

Godfrey’s manager has since denied these rumors. “It’s ridiculous to say that the crew did not immediately answer the call to help. Once we saw him (collapse) through the monitor, we ran to him, and that would take time. There was a distance. We all attended to him immediately.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. That is so heartbreaking. It’s hard for me to watch this clip knowing that he collapsed and died hours after that. It would be 10,000 times harder for his family. Some people need to be seriously punished for this. Participants who will join in similar shows in the future need to be smarter to protect themselves. The activities and working hours must be reasonable and demand that medical personnel available on standby in case of emergency. Also everyone needs to learn how to do CPR. You hope you never need to use it, but there is a chance that you can save someone’s life.

  2. His manager should know his health condition. All these reality shows are killing the actors/actress but entertaining the fans. In order to earn a living, Godfrey might be a victim. So sad. My condolences to his family members

  3. It is well know that these type of companies push for profits and not enough care and due diligence is given to the health and wellbeing of the artists and staff.

    There needs to be precendent with taking these type of careless and irresponsible organisations to task as a lesson to others.

    Life is too cheap in their books!

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