Lee Jinglei Hopes for Closure in Divorce Spat with Leehom Wang

Embroiled by a public divorce scandal, Leehom Wang (王力宏) has relented by issuing a public apology and announcing a temporary withdraw from the entertainment industry. In response, the singer’s ex-wife Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾) also gives her final response and signals her desire to move on from the turmoil.

Addresses the Public Mud-slinging

Jinglei opens her letter by explaining why she feels compelled to air her grievances and ruthlessly criticize the father of her three children.  She explained, “If there was another way, no one would be willing to choose this method. I have tried everything, and to this day, I have not received a true apology privately or publicly.”

While Jinglei had reached the point of no return, she reiterated that an apology is absolutely necessary, “If a person does not admit their mistake and keeps blaming the mistakes on others, they won’t repent or change. I do not have the slightest resentment; only blessing.

Have Children’s Best Interest

Jinglei touches upon how her actions were made to improve her children’s upbringing, “Everything I did was to ensure my children have a physically and mentally healthy father. Please do not use my children to emotionally or morally blackmail me. Children do not need perfect parents. If parents pretend to be perfect, they will think that their imperfections are flaws. Many children still have a close relationship with their parents even when they know their parents are not perfect.”

She continued, “I will not tolerate constant bullying and slander from him, his family and his friends. Children will hear and see things and this will cause them the greatest harm. Under this environment, there will only be two outcomes for the children: 1 – Believe the slanders; 2 -Empathize what the mother had endured and confront their fathers, family and friends. I don’t like these outcomes. I don’t want my weakness to become what my children have to face or pretend to live in a ‘harmonious’ family.”

Denies Fighting for Financial Gains

Jinglei also responds to allegations that she is motivated by money, “My main goal was to ensure that I, my children and the society would have a different future. I will not accept the house as a ‘gift’, so you can stop misinterpreting my intention.  From the beginning to the end, it was never about money or revenge. I believe in justice so I trust the legal system for providing my children and I a fair distribution of the assets.”

Apologizes to Impacted Individuals

Jinglei also issues her own public apologies, “I am sorry to the innocent individuals. For the people who are involved, regardless of who they are, they have already paid a big price. I hope that from today forward, we can all return to a peaceful life and not be bothered by any online abuse or bullying. The media and netizens have worked hard and I am sorry to disturb your life. I hope that this matter will now come to an end and I hope we can soothe the pain in our hearts. Please enjoy the peaceful times and be the change that we want to see.”

Source: HK On CC

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. *applause! This is one classy lady, showing she has a strong head on a firm shoulder! Yup, ppl keeps arguing one should not expose the celebrity daddy/mommy to the public as it will harm the children. But nothing worse than the first lesson to teach your children is to fake it to make it. Yes, she faked it before, but she also has learnt. Ppl allows to change and learn from their mistakes. I’m glad she also slap that “gift” back to WLH’s face. And once again confirm he’s still a coward and has not given her the apology she deserves!

  2. Lee JingLei, only a man who genuinely cares about you will apologize and change. Even as a person, Leehom is not there in his mid 40s, so I am not sure he will ever there as a man/partner even in his 60s. You cut loss and I hope you heal. Him not apologizing doesn’t mean your pain didn’t happen; it simply means he lacks character.

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