Lee Min Ho Headlines Apple TV+’s “Pachinko”

By on October 20, 2020 in Korean Drama, NEWS

Lee Min Ho Headlines Apple TV+’s “Pachinko”

After Lee Min Ho‘s successful K-drama comeback with Netflix series The King: Eternal Monarch, the Hallyu star is joining hands with another American streaming service. Recently, news broke that he will play the male lead in Pachinko, Apple TV+’s drama adaptation of Korean-American author Min Jin Lee‘s best-selling historical-fiction novel of the same name. The actor will be working closely with the author and Apple TV+ to depict the blood, sweat, and tears of Koreans living in the foreign lands of Japan.

“Pachinko” is internationally recognized for its tale of a Korean family experiencing socially and politically driven racism, stereotypes, and prejudice after immigrating to Japan in the early 1990s. The book was a 2017 finalist for the National Book Award for fiction, and the former US President Barack Obama even publicly praised it as a “captivating book” last May. His social media post immediately sparked a series of discussions, as many took on his recommendation to check out the novel.

According to reports, the TV series will have eight episodes and comprise of a mostly Asian cast. With Korean dramas such as Kingdom and Crash Landing On You gaining immense interest worldwide through Netflix, it is a no-brainer for Apple TV to ride on the Hallyu wave as well. Casting the well-known Min Ho to play a character who comes from an ordinary and lesser-privileged background is also a smart move that would drive greater publicity. Fans across the world will most likely tune in to see him stray from his usual rich and stylish characters.

Source: KoreaStarDaily

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    1. m0m0 says:

      it’s be interesting to see him letting go of his glamour image and go all out for the role.

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    2. anon says:

      Sounds like the experience of just about every immigrant group to Japan unless you’re Black and White. These are called expats.

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