Lee Seung Gi Broke Up With His Girlfriend of One Year

In May, Korean stars Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In confirmed they have been dating for one year. As Da In already met Seung Gi’s parents, many speculated that wedding bells would be approaching soon. However,  the couple seems to have hit a rocky patch and may have already broken up. 

Da In’s recent Instagram post hinted that her relationship with Seung Gi may be over. She wrote, “I’m just a woman who’s willing to live each day to the fullest. Because it’s your life, and you only live once. No one else live your life for you. So I will bare all the bitterness, and cherish all the happiness in life.”

When their agents were asked about the breakup rumors, they responded that they “were unaware of the artistes’ personal lives,” fueling speculations things may indeed be over between Seung Gi and Da In.

It is said that after the pair’s relationship was exposed in May by the paparazzi, netizens dug into Da In’s past. The actress’ mother had committed insider trading, and her father committed suicide following stock market losses. Seung Gi’s fans felt that due to Da In’s complicated family background, they were not a good match.

Source: Yahoo

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This guy really cannot hold down a relationship…I hope he will find a suitable girl and commit to one.

      1. Do you know him personally? When people break up, it is between 2 people and at times it is not just one person’s fault. Just like in order to make a marriage or relationship work, it takes work from both sides.

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