Leehom Wang Afraid to Return Home by Himself?

After two weeks of silence, Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾) updated her social account with a thousand-word post about Leehom Wang (王力宏) barging into their Taipei apartment with three men, demanding her to turn off the CCTV, and frightening the children with loud banging on the door.

After she claimed that she forbade them from entering the house out of fear for her personal safety, the singer then retaliated that her imagination had been “overactive”, and said he was merely listening to the lawyer’s advice not to return home by himself.

Netizens’ Mixed Reactions

The fami-lee that used to be: Lee and Wang continue their online tit-for-tat.

Harping on the topic, Taiwanese media ran reports on the reasons “why Leehom dared not return home by himself”. According to the reports, netizens suspect that Leehom did not return to his Wujiang apartment on his own, as Lee Jinglei’s exposé-style attacks on him has made him lose complete trust in his estranged wife.

Due to the mistrust, he has even opted to change the mobile number he has been using all these years. As for why he chose to turn up to visit the children with three other men, it was because he wanted an external party to be a witness, in the event that Lee makes any unexpected move.

With the hashtag #WhyLeehomWangDaredNotGoHomeAlone rising quickly to first place on Chinese platform Weibo, netizens’ fervent discussions were aroused. Some who spoke up for Leehom commented “Now, really pity Leehom, such a poor thing”, “Anyone who is alone will not dare to enter the home”. However, there were also those who felt that the mandopop singer’s reasoning is near ludicrous, as they commented, “Shouldn’t you rather have the CCTV on if you’re afraid?” and “Anyone alone will not dare to open the door given that you’re barging in with three men,”

Source: HK01


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  1. He is worried thus he ask for CCTV to be switched off? He could easily put a body cam so both are filming the meeting… he is worried so he bring 3 MEN to the house?? He should have just get a Police from the station next door to protect him if he is scared. What a load of Crapp… She is exposing the truth as he is using water armies to destroy her reputation.

    1. Yeah… can’t believe what a real cowardly POS he’s evolving into. He should just let the matter rest fir the sake of the children. Imagine them reading about all these drama about their parents when they are older.

  2. Well, if that isn’t the b8ggest lying excuse of a sinister man, then I don’t know a lie when I hear one.
    @bizzybody very well said.
    Him and his parents and his enablers thought that Jinglei would crumple and go away because he is Wang Leehom, the celebrity. Well, her feisty spirit and smarts continue to impress me. When these famous men marry these women, and behave in an immoral manner, they expect rhe women to crumble and fall. Remember a certain dinosaur whose wife disappeared and had a breakdown instead of fighting? Wonder uf Leehom and his folks expected the same from Jinglei so that they can take the kifs and he can continue his pretentious, hypocrite public persona. At this stage, Wang Leehom is pathetic.

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