Leehom Wang and Li Yundi Unfollow Each Other

It all started out as a fun “brokeback” rumor. Leehom Wang (王力宏) and classical pianist, Li Yundi (李雲迪), became good friends after meeting up in January 2012 for a New Year gala performance. The friends were then seen out together on movie dates, Thanksgiving dinners, and grand opening banquets. For an entire year, the alleged “Homdi” couple continually fed their supporters with fake love proposals and documented skin-shipping.

Originally treated as a fun topic for gossip, the shipping quickly went out of hand, and more and more fans were beginning to believe that Homdi was truly happening. In January 2013, Leehom and Yundi finally stepped up to deny that they were not a couple – just a pair of great friends who shared much in common.

Lu Chen Fuels Brokeback Controversy

The Homdi wave slowed down for the next couple of weeks, but it was once again put back into the force by Taiwanese magician, Lu Chen (劉謙), at the CCTV Live Spring Festival Gala two weeks ago.

Lu Chen and Yundi’s performance, a disappearing act that involved Lu Chen vanishing Yundi out of thin air while he played the piano, was briefly interrupted by Lu Chen exclaiming, “You want Leehom?” to Yundi. After the performance, a netizen claimed that he witnessed Leehom attacking Lu Chen for his words backstage, but this allegation was later debunked by Leehom and Lu Chen.

That night, CCTV representatives released a statement, stating, “Lu Chen’s teasing on Li Yundi and Leehom Wang was not created by the directors. It is an improvisation by Lu Chen, and solely by him. Reruns of the show will delete this segment.”

Lu Chen commented on CCTV’s statement an hour later on his Weibo, writing, “Every single word I said on stage was properly communicated [with Yundi’s team]. It happened because both of [our teams] were satisfied with it. Come on! Be honest.”

On February 16, Lu Chen’s manager stated that Lu Chen’s “Leehom line” was actually suggested by Yundi and his team.

Li Yundi’s Response

Leehom stayed quiet on the matter, but yesterday, Yundi posted his response to the incident on his Weibo, stating, “Recently, I have been busy preparing for my Europe tour and the Lantern Festival soirée. It has been a while since the Spring Festival, and I have heard too many untrue reports and claims. Here, I just want to say one thing – I never proposed nor suggested any change to the script. I trust [my fans’] judgments. I just want to be able to give everyone more good classical piano music.”

Leehom and Yundi Unfollow Each Other

Yesterday, both Leehom and Yundi unfollowed each other on Weibo. Leehom however, is still following Lu Chen.

Sharp-eyed fans noticed that right before Leehom unfollowed Yundi, the singer had posted a status on his Weibo, writing, “Today, I watched the Oscar-nominated Silver Linings Playbook. The director’s script is just like a machine gun; every spoken word is as sharp as a bullet. It reminds me of the film Ang Lee recommended me,Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966) Both films are great and sunny productions, but the actors and director’s performances alone are brilliant enough to watch. [I] recommend you guys watch these two films!”

Some fans believed that Leehom’s post was meant to be directed to those who fueled the Homdi rumors. Nonetheless, many fans were disappointed that a simple brokeback rumor would result in the demise of their friendship.

So who is telling the truth?

Source: Yahoo.com, Sina.com 

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. “For an entire year, the alleged “Homdi” couple continually fed their supporters with fake love proposals and documented skin-shipping.”

    Wait, I don’t get this part. Both Leehom and Yundi started this rumor by feeding their fans with fake love proposals? What is documented skin-shipping?

  2. Lee Hom needs to admit or shut up. It is an open secret that he is gay.

    1. It’s nobody’s business whether he’s gay or not. It’s more important that Leehom continues doing good music instead of being sidetracked by needless gossip and speculation about his personal life.

  3. It was only Li Yundi trying to take advantage of Leehom . He was the one always posting pictures which could make people misunderstand about their relationship. He even agreed to have an exclusive interview about Homdi rumor and gave kind of confused and weird answers . That interview is just before he had a grand concert in Beijing and released his album . Leehom lately started to understand how good his friend was , that why he decided to make a clarification on Weibo and now he unfollows Li Yundi . No matter what Leehom is gay or not , this rumor was pushed up by Li Yundi ‘s team and the victim is Leehom

    1. All the most commented and followed posts on Li Yundi’s weibo was related to Leehom . He even mentioned Leehom on his weibo when he got sick @__@ In 2012 most of news about Li Yundi is related to Leehom also. He gained from 700000 fans to more than 2.6 millions fans after pushed up Homdi rumor. Leehom gain nothing , he has lost more than 100000 followers and was attacked by netizens after denying Homdi rumor.

      1. SOrry gay is a gay. And i cannot accept my son is a gay. I will slap him gaw gaw if he dares hold hand and hug a guy. F!!!!!

      2. @ Raymond

        Why did you fear gay so much that you have to become violent over it?

      3. @raymond: your reply has nothing to do with my comments . I don’t bother Leehom’s sexual orientation at all and don’t bother what you think about gay also. The way you treat people only reflect yourself. I just siad that there were no romance relationship between them . Li Yundi may or may not compete Lang Lang ‘s piano skill but his is nowhere to compare to Lang Lang’s personality. The desire of frame drove him on a wrong way, he sold out his dignity just for it . Poor Leehom for having a friend like that and fortunately he finally realized.

      4. I don’t blame Raymond for his opinion, more so if only 1 son. Acceptance takes time. He could have expressed it better. I confess; I too will be shocked if my son or daughter says they’re gay. Because it is not a norm and I wouldn’t say those who thinks so are wrong. Aren’t we as prejudiced as these people are then? Like I said acceptance takes time.

      5. If it’s the nature of a human, why bother? A gay or lesbian or straight, can’t change and as long as they do well in their works, nothing to strangers to “Accept”.

        I think the ppl with different sexual oriental often have more creations in works than straight ppl.

      6. @ Funn

        I didn’t label Raymond as right or wrong. I just asked why he would react so violent towards this issue and what is his fear.

  4. I think it will be even more ridiculous if they UNFRIEND or UNFOLLOW each other just b/c of what the public is saying. If they dont believe you, so be it. I mean since he is still single, what else are they gonna dig up but just play around w/his sexuality? Just be yourself….

  5. Damn. he is still a singer himself. Being a gay wont do any good to him. And he is always a loser to Jay chou.

      1. LOL. i dissapointed he is a gay. And i were just saying the truth. He is really a loser to Jay chow also ma. In this world either has winner or loser and aint no in between.
        If raymond lam is a gay, i guess more people would dissapointed and cry but luckily he is as normal and great as me. hehehe..

  6. “Yesterday, both Leehom and Yundi unfollowed each other on Weibo. Leehom however, is still following Lu Chen.”

    I find this statement funny? 😛

    So what really happen inside? Lu Chen was the one who supposed to have restarted this controversy. But, Leehom still followed Lu Chen but unfollowed Yundi.

    1. Leehom agent forwarded Lu Chen’s agent ‘s statement said that the line was prososed by Li Yundi and his team . However she deleted it as leehom’ fans comment that they didn’t wish their idol fulled in the game of words . Leehom’ agent act and Leehom’s act showed that they have a clue to believe what Lu Chen said was true. Leehom unfollowed right after Li Yundi stated on his weibo that he was innocent .

    2. Before Li Yundi ‘s weibo was posted , his agent’s also posted a statement on her weibo to claim that Li Yundi team was innocent and the incident was cause by Lu Chen. There was very interesting line in that statement : “Li Yundi would never do anything harmful to his brother Leehom Wang” . Leehom only unfollowed Li Yundi when Li said so HIMSELF on weibo. Leehom must be very disappointed of his “good brother”

    3. Li yundi ‘ s agent even posted a statement in which had a line ” li yundi would never do anything harmful for his buddy leehom wang . This line and Li Yundi weibo made Leehom and his team frustrated. They somehow knew who intended to cause all this chao to get publicity

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