Leehom Wang: “I Am Currently in Love…”

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Leehom Wang appeared on Taiwanese talk show, < SS小燕之夜> and said that he preferred women with a natural style who do  not give him pressure. He did not like women who wear a lot of gold or silver jewelry. The program host, Chang Hsiao Yen, noted that Leehom appears to prefer mature women. Leehom  thought for a moment and said, “From my past love relationships, that seems to be true.”

Leehom’s statement re-directed fans’ attention towards his past rumored girlfriends, Amei Chang Hui Mei (who is four years older than Leehom) and Shu Qi (who is one month older). Due to his preference for older women, Leehom is able to share his life experiences with a partner [who is of equal maturity].

In Leehom’s directorial debut, Love in Disguise <恋爱通告>, the media pointed out that he took a gamble in casting young actress, Crystal Liu Yifei. Leehom smiled, “I quite admire Crystal . She has a unique style. Although she is only 22 years old, but her acting possesses a certain strength.” Leehom did not deny the fact that when Crystal was selected as the female lead in Love in Disguise, the film company owners and investors were doubtful and gave him pressure.
Love in Disguise dominated the box office and his album, The 18 Martial Arts <十八般武艺> was the number one selling album since its August 13th release. After he became a film director, Leehom has become livelier. Earlier at a premiere party, Leehom got slightly drunk and participated in Chen Handian’s dirty jokes, displaying his saucy side.
In addition, during the promotion of Love in Disguise, Leehom openly admitted that he is currently in a relationship, but did not disclose his girlfriend’s identity. To find out what type of woman he preferred, Leehom asked fans to watch Love in Disguise.

Source: Sohu.com

Jayne: Leehom is a big teaser; how can he admit that he is seeing someone and refused to provide more details? In recent interviews, he hints at romantic currents with Crystal Liu. Or perhaps he is just a master at marketing? Love in Disguise is performing very well for a directorial debut film.

7 comments to Leehom Wang: “I Am Currently in Love…”

  1. Funn Lim says:

    So now that he is older he prefers a younger girl? Not that I am complaining. Crystal Liu is a masterstroke of a choice and if it is true, and I hope it is true, congrats to his good taste. Not Shu Qi, please…

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  2. Jayne says:

    Leehom is a true musician at heart and seems to need to express his feelings if he is in love. In the past, he wrote songs about his past loves….

    Somehow I don’t believe in his rumors with Shu Qi. If “Love in Disguise” is indeed a reflection of what he is currently looking for in a woman, then that means a more innocent and simpler love, sort of a “pure” love from our high school/ college days. If he is in a relationship, all this gushing about admiring Crystal Liu and how she fits his image of the ideal girlfriend would be offensive to his current girlfriend, unless it turns out to be Crystal herself.

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  3. Aly says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Crystal. Although she is young, only 22 years old, she displays great maturity and femininity. Not a typical 22-year old girl. As Leehom mentioned, she is quite unique. And she is very beautiful, way prettier than Ah-Mei and Shu Qi. They are a great match. On the other hand, this could also be a marketing tactic and promotion for his new movie so that viewers will be curious to watch it.

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  4. HeTieShou says:

    I am glad that Leehom openly admitted that he is in a relationship unlike many others who deny even when they are caught. Of course, he is not required to disclose her identity since he needs his privacy. But when the time is right, I really hope that he does share his good news with his fans and everyone. I also would not be surprised if it is indeed Crystal. If so, congrats to them and hopefully they can openly admit it when the time is right. Wishing them the best!

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  5. Masaharu says:

    I think Lee Hom is more fitting as a musician than in the movie industry, but I have yet to see his directorial piece so i’ll judge later. He’s indeed a true musician. Whoever he chose its up to him.

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  6. Yuria says:

    Shu and Wang would make a cute couple. But theu are both very hardworking and focused on their careers.

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  7. yy says:

    you guys got it all wrong he did not ever say that in the show. should watch it yourselves

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