Leehom Wang Impresses with Rapping Performance in “The Treasured Voice”

He raps 228 characters within a short 25 seconds.

Collaborating with singer Della Ding (丁噹), Leehom Wang (王力宏) achieved the first “gold melody” title given out since the airing of the first eight episodes of reality show The Treasured Voice <天賜的聲音>. Matched on the program with Xinjiang rapper Lil ‘Em (那吾克熱) last week, he again won the gold melody title with their rapping feat – with Leehom rapping 228 characters within 25 seconds, winning over the celebrity guests on set and praise from netizens.

Shows off Rapping Talent

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the program is now using a cloud-based recording method.  As “music partners” in the competition, Leehom, Angela Zhang (張韶涵), Alec Su (蘇有朋) and Tiger Hu (胡彥斌) will enter a matching segment seeking the most compatible singer from “production partners” after the latter each performs a song.

Seemingly addicted to rapping, Leehom, along with rapper Lil ‘Em, did a refreshed rap cover of 2018 hit “Stranger In the North” <飄向北方>, including both Chinese and English lyrics as well as cleverly incorporating the show’s title The Treasured Voice into the lyrics. The song, originally a rap/hip-hop collaboration between Leehom and Malaysian singer Namewee (黃明志), talks about the disillusionment of migrant workers.

Showing off high-pitched singing, rap and even electronic music elements in their duet, the rendition impressed judges Angela and Tiger. After the show, Leehom posted on social media, “Now we’re cooking! You feeling the burn?! Now I know the judges’ taste (second win in a row!) Time to go suck on an ice cube, cause my tongue is on fire….” The episode set a new viewership ratings record, while the key phrase “Leehom Rap” (王力宏rap) also surpassed the one billion readership mark on Weibo, and was the fourth most popular search term on TikTok.

Angela Zhang Touched by Song on Friendship

Hearing a refreshed cover of Wakin Chau’s (周華健) hit tune “Friends” <朋友2020> performed by singers Hu Haiquan  (胡海泉) and AG (高進), Angela could not stop her tears from falling, and expressed how there are many types of friends – ‘some who are keen to see how high you can soar, while true friends will care about whether you get tired as you work your way up’. Listening to the song evoked her emotions, she shared, leading to her friend and music producer Wu Tsing-Fong (吳青峰) exclaiming in surprise, “I hardly see you like that!”

Source: HK01

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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