Leo Chen and Li Xian Wrap Up “Moonlight Over Spring River” Movie

Produced by the creators behind 2015’s box office hit Monster Hunt <捉妖记>, the period film Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye <春江花月夜>, roughly translated to “Moonlight Over Spring River,” is EDKO Films’ second major blockbuster investment following their 2015 success.

The fantasy film stars Nine Percent member Leo Chen Li-nong (陈立农) as Wang Zijun, a scholar who is traveling to Beijing to take his imperial exams. He befriends the fox spirit Thirteen, portrayed by Li Xian (李现), who descends on Earth to retrieve a treasure. Unfortunately, the treasure is in Zijun’s possession. Zijun’s life would be in grave danger if the treasure is taken away from him.

Directed by Song Haolin (宋灏霖) and produced by Bill Kong (江志強), Moonlight is unique in the sense that it retells a fantasy story by breaking its tropes. In Chinese folklore, fox spirits are usually portrayed as mischievous, seductive women. It is why the term “fox spirit” has become synonymous with the third person, or an illicit lover.

In Moonlight, however, the fox spirit is portrayed to be a man with a strong personality.

Scholars are also traditionally portrayed as pale, weak, and sickly—Leo’s version of the scholar, however, will show a different side of that stereotype.

For their roles, both Leo and Li Xian started training two months in advance. The duo worked with acting coaches, modeling coaches, and action choreographers. Whether it’s in the film, or in real life, both Leo and Li Xian went through life-changing experiences together.

Check out the duo’s new photoshoot below:


Source: mtime

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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