Leon Lai Shares a Picture of Baby Daughter

As a promise to his fans, the extremely private Leon Lai (黎明) decided to open the door to his home so the fans can get a glimpse of his family life.

Feeling fresh and inspired after his concert in Dongguan, Leon decided to share a portrait of his infant daughter today on social media, surprising the fans. “My daughter…” wrote Leon. “So fat! [Being] ordinary is her fortune. Sharing this with my family and friends who have grown up with me.”

In April of this year, news media revealed that the 51-year-old Heavenly King has welcomed a daughter into his family. Her mother is his assistant Wing Chan (陳泳儀), who is 19 years his junior. According to reports, his daughter was born premature, at only 5 pounds. Now four months old, Leon and Wing’s daughter have grown into a healthy infant baby.

Leon’s daughter is chubby, cute, and is a carbon copy mix of both of her parents. This is the first time that Leon has so willingly opened up about his family life to his fans. At his sold-out Dongguan concert, many fans openly congratulated Leon on the birth of his daughter, holding up signs that read “Leon Papa.” Leon beamed at the fanart, saying, “Yes, I know. Thank you! I’m Papa! If there’s a chance I will share [my daughter’s picture] with you guys!”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I don’t remember what’s Leon’s girlfriend looks like…but this little chubby cutie does have her daddy’s features.

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