Li Chen’s Home Gives Clues of New Romance

Netizens notice a pair of toothbrushes in the actor’s bathroom despite him supposedly living alone.

Since being entangled into a tax evasion scandal, Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) saw her career and popularity dip to a new low. On the other hand, her ex-boyfriend, actor Li Chen (李晨), who recently let viewers glimpse his luxury Beijing mansion on Chinese variety program Let Life Look Good <讓生活好看>, seemed to be doing well post-breakup. Li Chen may even have entered a new romance.

Luxury of Space

Fan Bingbing, one of the biggest stars in Chinese entertainment before her downward spiral, had been supportive of Li Chen, leading to him starring in two dramas: The Empress of China <武媚娘傳奇> and Win the World <巴清傳>. After Li Chen broke up with Fan Bingbing, he continued to do well unexpectedly, as glimpses of his gigantic Beijing mansion on the show revealed. His home featured a life-sized Iron Man figurine at the bottom of a stairway and also a motorcycle as unique pieces of home décor.

Besides a huge space with treadmills and equipment for working out, cushion covers and other items from advertising sponsors also caught the attention of viewers. Despite supposedly living alone, Li Chen  has a long dining table with at least seven seats.

Gave Away His New Romance?

Li Chen revealed that he had been living alone for over 20 years, but when host Liu Yan (柳岩) asked whom he was living with when he filmed dramas, Li Chen avoided all mention of his ex-girlfriend Fan Bingbing, while the television screen cut away to a scene of Li Chen’s duplex mansion.

Although the house was very spacious, the furniture items were arranged haphazardly, with a variety of contrasting styles. For example, his television console was an elegant Chinese antique wooden piece, while placed right beside it was a multi-colored striped fabric chair, which made the host gasp in disbelief.

As the program aimed to showcase Li Chen’s lifestyle from morning until evening, sharp viewers had a detailed look at his home essentials. Noticing two toothbrushes in his bathroom, they gathered that the actor might not be living alone, and speculated that he has started a new relationship since breaking up with Fan Bingbing.

A Look Inside Li Chen’s Home

Source: HK01

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