Fan Bingbing and Li Chen Announce Breakup

In 2017, Li Chen (李晨) has proposed to Fan Bingbing (范冰冰), but it was alleged that the actress’ tax fraud scandal last year postponed their wedding plans. Then it was reported that they would tie the knot in February 2019, but the news came and went with no signs of wedding bells. Rumors then claimed that Fan Bingbing may be pregnant. Despite the succession of good news, it came as a shock when the couple announced today that their four-year relationship has ended.

Fan Bingbing wrote, “A person may experience many different types of goodbyes in their lifetime. I am thankful for all that you have given me throughout our journey together, including love and support. We are no longer ‘us’, but we are still ‘we’.”

Li Chen followed suit and also expressed via social media, “Going from friends to lovers, and then going back to being friends. The shape of love can change, but the purest feelings between us has not. Our mutual trust and support will be forever. We are no longer ‘us’, but we will always be ‘we’.”

According to an insider, the couple had already broken up for more than several months. The couple came to a consensus and agreed to not go public with their breakup public until after Fan Bingbing’s tax evasion scandal blew over.

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen’s breakup announcement coincided with one of South Korea’s most beloved celebrity couples Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki’s divorce announcement today. Announcing their breakup after the Songs’ divorce, Fan Bingbing and Li Chen hoped to divert the public’s attention.


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  1. I’m more heartbroken by Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki’s split than Fan Bingbing’s breakup. And to think only months ago, the Songs had denied problems in their marriage when the Chinese media zoned in on the pair without their wedding rings on multiple occasions.

      1. @wm2017 Less than 2 years…many speculations about the reason for split. But I think both may have been too ambitious in their careers and often separated due to busy work schedules right after a new marriage.

    1. @jayne I’m not surprised tbqh about Song Song. Song hye Kuo is notorious for falling in love with her Co-star, then quickly fall out of love, too! Isn’t song Joong ki her 3rd Co-star that she fallen in love with?

      1. @littlefish I think so. The first was that older dude who was very famous and married a younger actress. He is bad news the very first one and and SHK was very young back then. Then it was that Secret G costar. This younger one is the 3rd one.

      2. @wm2017 according to this article I just read, she has 4 lol: Kim min Jong, Huyn bin, lee byung hun, then Song Joong Ki. Regardless, she always do this, that’s why when I first heard she got together with SJK, I’m like: imma see how long it last lol. Bingo xD!

      3. @littlefish Kim min Jong? I just goggled.. Really? Gosh…She likes older guys when she was young or what? lol…Yeah, they did the overrated DOTS and suddenly they got married. Did they even get to know each other? haha….From the press con, she sounded like she wanted to have a kid thou so thought they would focus more on a growing family than work. Oh well, the guy is young anyway and like I always say whenever they date older women, sometimes it’s more like infatuation and reality bites and it ended just as quickly. However, I actually thought he looks like a brother but still they look cute together than some other older women/younger bro relationships. Oh well, too bad!! Perhaps it’s time for her to date ppl outside of the entertainment circle since all these seem to be going downhill.

      4. @wm2017 Uhm, I actually didn’t bother checking how old she is vs how old he is lol. About the pregnancy thing, again not sure, as I think it’s more the woman thing, no? Like the reasons I heard for their breakup is due to both being too ambitious and don’t want to stop their career for family. If she wants kid, she can just drop her filming and be with him, and do things to make baby happen lol! Guess same goes with him but in Korea, if he does that, no more face for him lol.

        I think if anything, it’s the whole “your acting mess up with your emotions and make you think you are in love, but when reality hit, you realise you are not”. That’s why any relationship can last 2 yrs, first year of honeymoon period and second year of Uhm, maybe we can keep trying, but after that 1 yr, they know it doesn’t work so they give up. Also if people don’t put in the work, they tend to give up after 2yrs! SHK even said its easier to let go of bad relationships than trying hard to keep it, with that mentality, I don’t think she can settle for long and will give up too fast

    2. @jayne same. Pretty sad about the song song couple divorce. Shocking as wasn’t expected. They seem so in love. There was a lot of rumor but still wasn’t expecting it. At least didn’t expect to know so early in the divorce process. Usually only know after it happen.

  2. Finances are the #1 relationship-problem in most marriages. I would not be surprised if that’s why they didn’t make it. If they managed to get married in spite of each other’s financial status, then nothing would be able to tear them apart.

    I am hella surprised by the Song’s sudden divorce, though. It was such a grand affair when they got married and they looked so in love. It was definitely a talent & looks-match, which is rare in celeb world. Who knew it would burn down in flames so quickly.

    1. @coralie finances? These two stars are not commoners that in poverty lol. They are like rich! Unless you are talking about the disparity of rich between the two of them but you shouldn’t care about it?

      SHK always has big followers when her co-star turns out to be her real life lover! And they are actor and actress, they can be very good at acting, plus marry within the first year or so is like still in the honeymoon period

      1. @littlefish I wouldn’t rule out that li chen was golddigging fbb when they dated. she was filthy rich at that point. not so anymore; she has a ton of debt to pay back and who knows how great her finances are now after zillions are taken from her belongings and properties. li chen was pretty unknown (to me anyways) prior to fbb; I don’t expect him to help much with her finances and she might still have to help him. who knows. point is, with that kind of financial strain, it can’t be easy to stay together. if fbb is in debt, marrying her means marrying her debt. and I don’t care about fbb as I was never a fan. but it is an observational comment. Idk why you care that I commented…?

        and of course I know they’re actors and can fake it. I just think as actors it’s pointless to act as if they’re in love and get married faking they’re in love…they fake it enough in reel life already. to transition that over to real life too, feels really pointless. perhaps they were really in love though, when they got married, so their love was genuine. except it still didn’t last. what a shame

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