Li Qin Shows How to Chase a Man in “Thousand Years For You”

Starring Li Qin (李沁) and Allen Ren Jialun (任嘉倫), Republican fantasy romance Thousand Years For You <請君> ended its broadcast in October. The drama enraptured with the visuals and mysterious plot, while Li Qin’s outrageous pursuit of Jialun and flirting skills can serve as a handbook for women who want to chase men!

Thousand Years For You tells a romantic comedy following the bold and righteous leader of the Qingquan Village Yu Dengdeng (Li Qin) and the cold and emotionless general Lu Yan (Ren Jialun). While Dengdeng looks eerily the same as Lu Yan’s past lover, he quickly realizes she is not his reincarnated lover. Despite his indifference, he always looks out for her and protects her whenever she is in danger. Meanwhile, Dengdeng has her eyes set on Lu Yan,  as she seeks to seduce him with her wits and beauty.

Since her debut, Li Qin has often played the passive role in relationships. Portraying a domineering woman who is unafraid to express herself, particularly love for a man, certainly caught viewers by surprise. Many admire her character’s courage and passion.

For instance, Li Qin’s character would brazenly flirt with Lu Yan, “I will be responsible for supporting the family while you can be in charge of looking beautiful. As long as you are happy then it’s all good;” “Let me tell you, I will be holding your hands for sure!” and “Since we are already at the door, why don’t we have a kiss.”

The difference in behavior between a hot woman and cold man amused viewers who thoroughly enjoyed watching Li Qin’s masculine energy in her seduction tactics. Fans praised Li Qin on her improved acting skills, noting that she successfully mirrored what men would usually say when pursuing women.

“Thousand Years for You” Trailer

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  1. I saw review clips that netizens criticize her acting in this and RJL’s lines delivery (not his first). So which is which? Or is it the situation where only her fans compliment her acting but the others do not agree?

    1. I only saw 2 episodes, so it could have gotten better. But her character was greasy and his was stiff. I fell asleep so I didn’t continue the series.

      1. @PotatoChip I didn’t watch it after viewing the trailers. Doesn’t look interesting. Did you watch Strange Tales of Tang dynasty? Heard good reviews so thinking of catching it when I have more time.

      2. @BearBear I heard good things about Strange Tales but I am a bit wary because of the ML’s behind the scenes scandal. I have a few fluff dramas I may finish, and if I still think it may be interesting despite that bad stuff, I may watch it.

  2. It’s a snorefest. The plot was inconsistent. Li Qin’s acting is fine, but her chemistry with Ren Jialun is nonexistent. Some of the things she says to him are pretty cringe and don’t get me started on RJL’s stiff acting and monotonous voice. I think I might just have to skip his shows from now on.

    1. @Coralie have never managed to sit through a single drama of RJL but heard good things about his acting and criticism of his lines delivery. Curious – does he do anything beyond frowning in dramas? All those times I tried to watch his dramas, he just frowns.

      1. When I started watching Under the Power I didn’t find Allen particularly endearing with his perpetual sourface (as if someone poked something up his ass) compared to bright, bubbly Seven Tan. However, after few episodes he started to grow on me.
        I watched this drama because of him. He looks handsome and Li Qin is beautiful here but second couple seems more interesting to watch especially second female lead though she has limited screen time.

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