Li Xian’s Popularity Soars After “Go Go Squid!” Broadcast

The actor rises up search rankings with his eye-catching performance in idol drama “Go Go Squid!”.

Starring Li Xian (李現), Andy Yang (楊紫) and Hu Yitian (胡一天) , currently airing Chinese drama Go Go Squid! <蜜汁燉魷魚> has been hotly discussed. Aired by both Zhejiang Television and Dragon Television, both stations are going all out to win viewership, with the former replacing their own logo display image with a photo of the drama leads kissing and the latter keeping up the competition with a moving GIF of an onscreen bed scene.

Finally rising in popularity after eight years in the industry is male lead Li Xian, who has been nicknamed “July Boyfriend” after his character. The drama tells the sweet romance between Han Shangyan (Li Xian), an impressive e-sports enthusiast with a cold facade, who is pursued by the female lead, studious girl Dong Nian (Andy Yang) who falls in love with him at first sight.

Adapted from the book by Chinese author Mo Bao (墨寶) titled Go Go Squid! <蜜汁燉魷魚>, the novel has a wide readership, with the real-life drama adaptation highly anticipated by readers. The vivid screen enactment of the male and female characters played by the two fitting leads have been well-received.

27-year-old Li Xian graduated from Beijing Film Academy and started out with the film Feng Shui <萬箭穿心> in 2001. In 2017, he played the male lead “Guo De You” in the award-winning web drama Tientsin Mystic <河神>. Catching the attention of viewers with his performance in Go Go Squid!, Li Xian’s name has been hotly searched online.

Blessed with charming single-eye lids, thick eyebrows and sharp nose bridge, his masculine good looks are a good fit for the male character Han Shangyan. The character is seemingly a cold man of few words who is in fact is a gentle soul, showing his tender side to the female lead played by 26-year-old actress Andy Yang.

Recent developments in the drama see the two dating officially, with a sweet first kiss coming up. Excited drama fans have been warmly awaiting the unfolding of the plot, with Weibo accounts of Zhejiang Television official as well as many drama bloggers putting out many of the drama’s teasers to win over fans. Many netizens have even commented, “Whoever puts out videos of the entire (drama) bed scene wins!”

“Go Go Squid!” Trailer

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  1. I hardly watched Cdramas but it is good. hahaa LOL… Aside from the horrendous fashion style of the female lead, most of the casts are so great to see. I didn’t even know esports exist until this series. It was really stupidly but entertainingly funny and super sweet towards the end. I think I remember the lead’s face in another cop/medical drama but he was not the lead. He did do a good job portraying a cold 30 yo guy who was being pursued by a brainiac 19 year old. lol It was so LYAO funny at times.

    1. @wm2017

      Yes. Her clothings were not attractive & repeated. I only like some of the color choices. Also she kept wearing those ugly gray socks/stockings. In real life he is 27 & she is 26 years old.

      1. @dramas4me I know, the utube comments majority love the show cuz it is FUNNY and refreshing plot but kill the stylist. hahah WTH were they thinking? She literally did not have a single nice set of clothes. lol…Yeah, oddly the age difference is cute in the show even thou in real life they are closer in age.

      2. @wm2017

        Yep. I agree with you. Those outfits made her look chubby also. Out of all her dramas – i like it best how they dressed her in “Ashes of Love”. They fitted her well & she was thinner also.

  2. I really like Li Xian and his acting in go go squid. He has a good chemistry with Yang Zi, they look good together as a couple. Looking forward seeing them again in a new drama.

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