Linda Chung Already Gave Birth? Friends Deny

There’s been a rumor circulating around that Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), who married chiropractor Jeremy Leung in Vancouver earlier this year, has already given birth to a baby girl. Linda was already rumored to be three months pregnant when she held her wedding banquet in February. Linda confirmed the pregnancy three months later.

Eliza Sam (岑麗香), who recently visited Linda in Vancouver, denied the rumor, saying, “I am in Hong Kong right now. It’s true that I went to Vancouver, but the baby isn’t born yet. I only went to see Linda.”

Linda’s other close friend Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) responded with a “I don’t know” when she was prompted with the question.

TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) also denied the rumors, saying, “I just had a chat with her on the phone this morning. She said she’s planning to go on a vacation with her husband.“ (Is that because she’s already given birth?) “No way. I’ll be visiting her in Vancouver at the end of the month.” (Does Linda know the sex of her baby?) “She doesn’t want to know yet either. Don’t say anything.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Sometimes you never know what to believe about these celebrities. If Linda had the baby, congrats to her and her husband on their bundle of joy. If not, the press needs to lay off. If she, her friends and her handlers are lying with a straight face, then it will not be the first or last time these celebrities and their handlers do such. They even threaten big lawsuits to those who write the truth about them, claiming the articles are slanderous lies. Well, as @Hetieshou will say, time will tell.

    1. @bubbletea if she wants privacy, then reporters should back off. not every celebrity parent wants to allow the world to see their little one.

  2. She is enjoying life with her hubby and her growing family. Reporters need to give them some space.

  3. You really think the reporters will leave her alone just b/c she’s in Canada? I mean, she’s still not entirely retired from showbiz after that flashy marriage. Come on, she’s still great news for the HK press and you know how crazy they can get. Well, if she did have a baby, why not admit it now? Is it b/c she might be pregnant before getting married? I am confused as to why she won’t admit it if she already gave birth.

    1. @kiki until now, nobody knows when she got married. but it was pretty clear she was pregnant during her wedding celebration because she kept repeating it is not advisable to talk about ‘it’.
      when she announced her pregnancy on mothers’ day, it was also confusing how pregnant she was then.

      1. @janet72
        oh yes, everyone knows that and she’s basically stating she is pregos – don’t want to JINX JINX IT…LOL…she probably thinks Hkers are stupid and couldn’t understand. hahaa… laughable. So I was right, in a way she is afraid to announce it so soon b/c of the speculation of getting pregnant before marriage? Sigh….. I am not surprised of the flash marriage but just surprised the age of the groom or it’s just one of those cases where some just ages super fast b/c that does not look like a groom at mid 40’s. When I saw that face, looks like a father’s age seriously. Oh well… I never like her acting or singing anything anyway so either way wouldn’t really miss her on screen.

  4. Reporters will always be interested in here unless she announces her retirement, offend the press by saying something offensive and leave entertainment world totally and be irrelevant.

    If she’s given birth she will announce. She doesn’t announce or reporters snooping around maybe because reporters trying to calculate when she got pregnant.

    She will make an announcement soon enough. But if reporters don’t ask, they aren’t doing their job.

  5. linda chung can consider herself retired if her husband wants several kids. how in the world is she going to act when her other half has an established business in Canada and there are kids demanding her attention?

    her acting has never improved while her singing is equally bad.

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