Linda Chung Dispels Breakup Rumors with Philip Ng

By on April 14, 2015 in NEWS

Linda Chung Dispels Breakup Rumors with Philip Ng

Recent tabloids claimed that Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) had ended her long-time relationship with boyfriend, Philip Ng (伍允龍). However, Linda dispelled the rumors and revealed that they are still together.

After dating for eight years, it was speculated that Linda became unhappy with Philip’s career progress and shifted her focus to Ruco Chan (陳展鵬). Rumors fueled when Linda and Ruco were seen shopping in New Zealand in matching shirts. Furthermore, Ruco had posted a photo on Instagram earlier in which his hand was intertwined with a mysterious female hand, which was speculated to belong to Linda.

When asked if she mended her relationship with Philip, Linda smiled, “I won’t answer questions about my personal life. It’s impossible [for Ruco and I to be dating]! Ruco and I went to the supermarket with his manager.”

Although Philip was rumored to be appearing in an upcoming TVB series, Linda was confused when prompted about the issue. “I haven’t heard about it but I would give him tips. Of course it wouldn’t [be awkward]. Our relationship is okay.” Without hesitation, Linda revealed that she would not mind playing a couple with Philip, “Okay! We’re so close that it doesn’t matter – we’re both professional.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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3 comments to Linda Chung Dispels Breakup Rumors with Philip Ng

  1. freedalas says:

    Who cares about what’s the latest with Linda Chung. No one is interested in the worst TVB actress. I only care that she would not appear in another drama after the horrendous acting in Tiger Cub 2 and All That Is Bitter Is Sweet earlier.

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    • lml1977 replied:

      @freedalas: Seriously I can’t understand why TVB is still promoting her after seeing/hearing mainly negative reviews of her acting in Tiger Cubs 2 and All that is bitter is sweet. She just has a pretty/sweet face…period. She needs to go back to the basics of acting classes where most pageant queens do not go through…

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  2. skinnymocha says:

    Her acting’s not great, but she showed promise in roles where she played against type (e.g. A Journey Called Life). I always feel that the biggest thing holding her back is her mindset; she seems to be lacking in confidence and ambition. Perhaps she should’ve tried learning a thing or two from Fala.

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