Linda Chung Films Disney Commercial with 16-Month-Old Daughter

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Linda Chung Films Disney Commercial with 16-Month-Old Daughter

In the last two years, other than accepting short jobs such as attending events and shooting commercials, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) has primarily been spending time in Canada to care for her daughter. Her last TVB project was 2016’s K9 Cops <警犬巴打>, which completed filming in 2015. Due to TVB’s current lack of female artistes, the company has been hoping for Linda to return to the small screen. Despite TVB’s persistent urging, Linda only agreed to appear as a guest star in the Anniversary drama, At the Threshold Again <再創世紀>, and only under the condition that her scenes were filmed in Canada.

However, Linda has returned to Hong Kong on multiple occasions for promotional appearances. Linda even brought her 16-year-old daughter, Kelly, to film an ad for Disneyland. The opportunity to earn money and be with Kelly at the same time was a double-dipper that Linda could not turn down.

At the filming site, Kelly often looked at a loss. Linda said, “Actually, Kelly was a little shy when we first started shooting. Maybe because she was surrounded by so many staff members and large shooting equipment, she wasn’t very used to it and needed some time to warm up.” But the resulting footage was endearing, as Kelly fed Linda candy and played bubbles together.



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Linda Chung Films Disney Commercial with 16-Month-Old Daughter

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    1. kirigiri says:

      Saw the heartwarming commercial on her instagram. Definitely a great opportunity for mother and daughter to spend part of the holidays in Disneyland while earning some money on the side!

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