Linda Chung is Pregnant with Second Baby

After winning the Miss Chinese International in 2004, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) enjoyed a relatively successful and smooth-sailing career. The 33-year-old artiste not only found success filming on the small screen, but also successfully broke into the music industry. Despite so, Linda never shied away from admitting that her life’s goal was to get married and start a family. During an interview in 2014, she expressed her desire to have four children!

After getting married with chiropractor Jeremy Leung and welcoming the couple’s first child, Kelly, in 2015, many were curious whether Linda would resume her career or focus on growing her family. Although Linda took a temporary hiatus after giving birth to Kelly, the hardworking mother began traveling between Hong Kong and Canada frequently for work when Kelly grew older and was more independent. Fans were hopeful that Linda will slowly transition back into acting.

Linda, however, stated that she enjoys a lively household and will consider trying for another child when Kelly is around two years old. It seems that Linda has kept true to her word, as Linda is currently pregnant with the couple’s second child!

Due to Chinese superstition, Linda reportedly has not passed her first trimester yet and is hesitant to announce the news. Perhaps overly excited about the news, Jeremy allegedly could not contain his happiness and shared the news with his neighbors. Linda’s pregnancy is an open secret among the Chinese community in Canada.


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  1. yah just saw her Instagram post. so happy for her!

    p.s i dont like Jeremy’s hairdo lol

  2. Congrats to Linda and JEREMY on the announcement of their second pregnancy. Little Kelly just might get a brother this time.

  3. Such great news! Happy for her and her family! Being how she is still in first trimester, hope all will go well! Congratulations!

  4. with first pregnancy, she was very secretive…yet with 2nd one, the news was announced before first trimester is over.
    is jeremy mixed blood?

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