Linda Chung Offers to Be Myolie Wu’s “Baby Consultant”

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Linda Chung Offers to Be Myolie Wu’s “Baby Consultant”

The winter holidays are usually the busiest times of the year for entertainers, and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) is no exception. At a recent event, the former TVB actress shared with reporters that her work schedule is fully booked for the rest of the month. “Baby-making” plans would have to be pushed back to next year.

But despite having to fly back and forth for work, Myolie made sure to save the date for her first wedding anniversary. The 37-year-old will be taking time off on December 28 to celebrate her first anniversary with husband Philip Lee (李乘德). The venue which they wed in had invited them back for an anniversary day treat.

Asking if she has prepared an anniversary gift for Philip, Myolie said, “I gave him a watch, and he gave me a Christmas tree. I’m decorating it with my mother.” (How long will you be resting?) “I actually have to fly back to Xi’an tonight for a drama. I’m not even sure if I’ll get Christmas Day off, but I’ll definitely come back for our anniversary.”

Myolie, who wants to have kids, said she won’t be able to get to the task until March of next year, when her drama completes principal photography. Reporters then asked Myolie if new mother Linda Chung (鐘嘉欣), whom Myolie recently visited, has offered her any baby tips. Myolie said, “I don’t need to ask her. She’s already telling me everything! It’s difficult to be a mother, but there’s also an indescribable happiness. She said she’s ready to be my consultant.” (Did she give you any baby-making advice?) “She only has baby-rearing advice.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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9 comments to Linda Chung Offers to Be Myolie Wu’s “Baby Consultant”

  1. creditor says:

    What?! Linda Chung – you got to be kidding me. You messed up your life getting pregnant with Philip Ng’s baby and had to rush into a quick-fix hideaway marriage to Jeremy and now you’re offering advice? This girl has no shame whatsoever.

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    • lyu310 replied:

      @creditor Of course you would comment on any post about Linda. She had a baby with HER husband even if it was a quick marriage. That baby looks just like the dad, but if you think otherwise, I advise you get your eyes checked. Who’s the one with no shame hiding behind his/her computer talking trash about a celebrity here? She doesn’t give a crap about you, so you can chill out.

      I don’t even know what you’re so bitter about. If you don’t like her, let it go. There’s many celebrities I don’t give a crap about, and I never post on articles about them.

      Plus, they’re friends. They’re allowed to talk to each other. Who doesn’t share stories with their friends about being a first-time mom? Get a grip. It’s not like Linda’s broadcasting her advice to the media or the public.

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  2. janet72 says:

    which man needs advice to make babies? seriously her baby is only a few months old…how qualified is she to give advice on looking after babies?

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  3. happybi says:

    Actually making baby is all about timing. So advice is not bad for people who is struggling to get pregnant. Having sex daily doesn’t mean one will get pregnant if it’s not around “her” time.

    Yes, Linda is a new mom but it doesn’t mean she can’t offer tips. She look like someone who is very hands on and she probably read up on it. So really don’t see why it as being a problem that she offered tips to a friend.

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  4. iciel says:

    There are so many trolls on this website lately. Whenever anyone is pregnant I would see awful comments about Linda. Leave the poor girl alone! 🙁

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    • lyu310 replied:

      @iciel Exactly. Among a circle of friends, the ones without kids who are trying to conceive would naturally ask the one(s) who is/are mother(s) for advice, even if that person is only a first-time/new mom. I don’t see what the big fuss is. It’s not like Linda’s writing a book on how to raise your child! She’s just talking to Myolie as a friend, and Myolie happened to tell reporters that she spoke with Linda. I don’t know what she has done to piss so many people off. So what if you don’t like how she dealt with her marriage and birth? That’s her business. She can choose what she wants to share, and people should not feel like they HAVE to give their approval. I swear, the internet has created a lot of inflated egos. We’re entitled to our opinions, but I get the sense that some people think they’re doing celebrities a favor by telling them how to live their lives. Reminds me of those nosy neighbors who are always trying to chime in. Move along.

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  5. tiffany says:

    Linda is just sharing her experience as a new mother to her friend (Myolie). Why the hate? lol

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  6. diana80 says:

    I also don’t understand why the hate of Linda… She seems to be a nice person. Although her acting may not be that fantastic to many…but i find it tolerable and she was indeed good in crying scenes…that’s her skill/plus point.

    We should not call her a cry baby because she’s good in crying. I won’t want to watch a sad crying scene where the actress looks like she is smiling/laughing more than crying (e.g. Fala in TITS2). So Linda’s acting in sad scenes are pretty convincing.

    By the way, talking about Fala…i hope her acting has improved after she attended the acting course and would like to see her filming for TVB again in future.

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    • orchid123 replied:

      @diana80 I would say Myolie Wu was more so in crying than smiling in her drama series. I always couldn’t tell if she was smiling or crying in her drama series.

      Fala may not be that good in cry scenes, but she showed her happy face when she smiled, but not Myolie Wu. She was sad even when she smiled.

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