Linda Chung Refuses to Dine with Wealthy Businessmen

Linda Chung (鐘嘉欣) is well known for her sweet and good girl image as she does not enjoy partying at all. In 2005, Linda and Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) were reportedly locked up inside a nightclub and forbidden to leave while filming Life in a Circus <人生馬戲團>.  This incident frightened Linda, and after that, she made a rule of not partying nor dining with anyone while filming on location. She would usually return to her hotel room to avoid any potential conflicts.

Adored by Rich businessmen

Linda has been filming in Macau for new TVB drama, Big Wheel <巨輪>. It was reported that quite a few rich businessmen were attracted to her and they had invited her for dinner dates. Staying true to her principles, Linda turned them down and upset other cast members as a few of them had tried to set up dates for her.  They even asked Linda just to show up for a short time to chat with the businessmen without the need to drink any alcohol, but she still refused.

One of the crew members complained, “She is so righteous, and her refusal of the dinner dates upset the sponsors. She made it very difficult for us to handle the situation.”  However, Linda’s costars, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), Louis Yuen (阮兆祥), Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) have no problems mingling with these businessmen in order to establish a good relationship with the sponsors.

It was reported Linda was a loner on the filming set of Big Wheel as the cast members have been giving her cold shoulders. The working relationship turned sour since the incident. With their cold treatment, Linda tries not to stay overnight at Macau and she returns to her home to Hong Kong in between filming.


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  1. I can understand producers ‘ frustration but seriously it’s so hard to find someone like that in the entertainment industry. A rare gem!

    1. Yes, I do find her attitude rare, and outright stupid. Selling herself as a 30-year-old virgin is pathetic and sad, and what’s even more sad is people in HK buying into this crap. Might I remind everyone of the squeaky clean, pure, innocent, naive, and ‘virginal’ Gillian Chung?? HK, there is no such thing as purity. Sex and attraction is just a basic part of human nature. There’s is nothing evil or dirty about it.
      Have dinner with businessmen or not, I really don’t care. But honestly, it’s time to call it quits with this ‘I’m a virgin, I’m pure’ nonsense!

      1. Linda can make the choice what to do! Don’t call other people’s choice stupid!

      2. Wats virginity n pureness got to do with dis!

        It’s all about self-respect n being intimidated by her colleagues mann!

  2. Good for Linda! It’s rare for acting and morals to go hand in hand. Kudos to Linda for staying strong in this dog-eat-dog world.

  3. Can you imagine the scandal if one of these wealthy businessman puts a date rape drug into Linda’s drink? I’m happy that Linda is smart enough to not get herself into trouble.

    1. So agree!!
      She is an ACTRESS!!
      All she do is ACT!!
      Not drink n eat with rich businessman!!

  4. Good job! Her job is to act not to dine w/businessman. If anything bad happens, she will be the one who suffer herself.

  5. Agreed. It is good that Linda is true to her principles but her case is a rarity in the industry where fame and fortune is highly dependent on smoozing with the bigwigs. Luckily, Linda is a highly sought after actress and she is smart to ride it as long and as far as it will take without jeopardizing her character. Since she has a college education in a good discipline, she does not need to work the entertainment industry all her life.

  6. Props to Linda for refusing to give in and abiding by her principles. I’m glad she has continued to stay true to herself.

  7. Yeah, better to be careful since there are many hungry wolves disguised as gentlemen haha. Besides there are plenty of desperate fadans in TVB who will be more than happy to attend business dinners.

    1. Yep, especially when they said they will just drink with ya but who know? the next thing on her lap could be those hands of the businessmen!

      1. yeah and Linda don’t even know wing chun kuen like the other girl who were helpless against the hungry wolves, haha

  8. Good for her. A rarity these days in this industry. I’m glad she ain’t putting up with this stuff, especially hearing about all these stories that go on with these so called business men.

    I hope the part about the discord on set isn’t true … The whole cast seems to be a fun one. And something like this shouldn’t affect it …

  9. Good for Linda Chung. She is the only girl in TVB that sticks to her Christian value. All the rest are fakes.

    1. Her good friend Leanne Li is also a good Christian girl who sticks to her Christian value.

      1. Eliza Sam, Christine Kuo, Grace Wong, Law Lan, Sharon Teng, Do Do Cheng are all Christians and they are all still virgin.

      2. Eliza Sam, Christine Kuo, Grace Wong, Law Lan, Sharon Teng, Do Do Cheng are all Christians and they are all still virgin.
        How would you know? No one can say it except themselves. I doubt it very much, especially the mature ones.

      3. “Eliza Sam, Christine Kuo, Grace Wong, Law Lan, Sharon Teng, Do Do Cheng are all Christians and they are all still virgin.”

        Thank you for the laughs!!! This was really funny!!

  10. i think its not so a big deal to socialize with the sponsor? she is not alone but with the other cast members so why is she afraid of? he doesnt rape her i think? she is in the entertaining industry so this is a part of it. she isnt prof enough i think.

    1. Hello?? You serious?? Feel sorry for your future daughters. Doesn’t matter if lots of people around. Even the co-workers can sexually assault u just like Benny and Joe Ma! These business men are rich and think they can do anything. Just get a good lawyer. So linda is very smart to avoid. Have nothing to do if she is no pro or not. She is always pro in her work.

      1. not every businessman is sex-addicted or a bad guy. i think he just want to socialize and have some happy time with the stars.

      2. @ shu

        The businessmen don’t have ‘I’m a sex addicted’ tattooed on their forehead. How to know which one is sex addict and which one is not? Better be safe than sorry.

      3. Yep shu, its better to avoid than to be sorry like what Kidd said. Some of these businessmen will find a way to get you drugged and bring u to the hotelroom, even with colleagues etc around. Linda is a smart girl.

    2. Don’t be do trusting when it comes to strangers. You don’t know them and their intentions good or bad. Knowing how shady et world is, it’s better to avoid gossips and rumors. She’s smart. It will come back to bite you, gold digger and stuff. Better to reduce the possibility that one might be a bad apple.

      1. not every meeting with a businessmen comes to an bad end. there are are cases that can be a happy ending like michelle lee,or chu lin lin,gigi lai, they are all happy now.

    3. there have been stories about intermediaries like other entertainers setting up a date rape situation in the 1980s.

      1. you mean carina lau? yes she was… but not by a businessmen but by the triads.

      2. Look at Carina dressing she is so inviting the men to rape her as though…

      3. To sophia u sound like carina fans but to me she just a classy chick… only.

    4. At Shu how can you guarantee that they are not sex addict…you wouldn’t care less since if something happen you are not the one get it but Linda. So shut up you jerk!!!!

    5. Shu, it is part of her profession to be acquainted with people and promote her series. Date rape doesn’t only occur with businessmen. How many dramas do we come across where even a homeless person or someone poor rapes a decent girl? Dinner does not equal rape either. It’s understandable if dinner was alone in a hotel room with just two people or if the dinner was at a restaurant inside a hotel. But it’s really Linda’s choice to be antisocial and keeping a distance from businessmen and netizens are really digging this image of hers. Angelic and pure and different from others makes her stand out a lot. Look at all the people at Jaynestars that are supporting Linda. She actually reminds me of Vicki Zhao’s character from Romance in the Rain. A singer but refuses to sing a different genre of music and refuses to have a drink with the audience.

  11. WOW. Good job Linda. Those dinner dates from “rich” business men usually leads to other things after the dinner. Good job. This is the dark side of the entertainment industry…

  12. I don’t like her acting but I’m really starting to like her real personality maybe cause we’re both similar in personalities and the fact we are from Canada. Her personality, maturity and awareness is attracting. I think she’s more suited for a simple life, much happier than a complicated et world full of lies, deception, and hypocrites. Like any industry, lotsa ppl are like that, it’s the ppl who stay true to their principles are the ones who are truly respected.

    1. With Linda’s personality, it is very hard for her to “shine” in the entertainment industry. If she does not get sponsors to air ads in her drama series, TVB will never promote her highly.

      I guess it is very hard to have a simple life in the entertainment industry. Either you take it or leave it.

  13. She’s doing society a favor by not giving into pressure to feed the egos of rude chauvinists who are probably LECHS!

  14. can you imagine some lunatic with money fantasizing and genuinely believing that someone he sees on the idiot box is his for the taking??

  15. Wow I really applaud Linda for what she did and sticking to her values. It’s just so easy to go with the flow and buckle under peer pressure, but it takes a very special kind of person with a special character to do what Linda did. I highly respect this girl now. Hong Kong entertainment is pretty dark as we all have heard, I hope she can One day move behind
    the scenes and be a producer or director or
    something so she doesn’t have to be in the meat market anymore.

  16. Well done Linda! Stick to ur dignity n blast 巨輪 entire cast! Of all ppl they should know better being in d entertaining industry for ages, u know probably “wolves in sheep’s clothing” Take care n smile!!!!!!

  17. Although Linda did not win any tvb award this round but certainly she has won your admiration and many more including the decent rich & powerful. They are many good people from all walks of life but she ought to be cautious with people she is not familiar with. I don’t think her colleagues are able to protect her should anything unpleasant happen.

  18. Good Linda she is saving her “V” for her underground boyfriend Philips…

  19. So suprise… Well. We respect u. Eventhough ur acting not in high level as Tavia or Myolie but ur attitude touch our heart. Gudluck Linda

  20. I love u more after read this article. No wonder kate’s got the award instead of her for my fave female because tvb knew dat if they put Linda in the list, she will surely win.

  21. She has no power or ‘cable’ to push her to top 10 fave female character… Lost last year, not in top 10 this year… Now I understand why her journey not so smooth…

    1. She’s not in top 5 because her acting is mediocre. Not because she failed to socialize with businessmen.

      1. Haha. Its for fave female lorrr. She’s in top 5 for best actress every year.

  22. It’s really hard to find actresses like her in the entertainmnet industry nowadays.
    Now I need to reconsider whether I should turn myself into a chungforlife fan from now on…

  23. Don’t have to suck up to the sponsors after all the consumers are paying her salary, bottom line. The businessman are there to leach, capitalizing on their popularity to market their product.
    If Linda thinks it is not worth it, just tell them to feRk off.

  24. Okay. Linda is my inspiration. She has always been my favourite actress. And she has the best personality ever. The cast of Big Wheel are really mean cause I thought Linda did the best thing anyone could do :’) she’s really wise, cause she’s so pretty and naive it’s so easy to take advantage of her BUT she prevented it from happening. It’s not easy to stick to values at times and I really salute her. Even though she has gotten some “hate” from people, she didn’t change and still remained her good self 🙂 good job Linda! I respect you and love you!!

  25. Stupid producers and cast . It’s her choice if she wants to mingle or hang out with those people, in tvb you can’t find these type of artists anymore , just respect her that she likes to live free of these people .if the cast gives her cold shoulders , so what , as long as she stays true to herself , her parents and her company . she isn’t doing anything wrong.

  26. I am so happy to see how Linda Chung is sticking up to her values in life. As long she knows what she’s doing, she won’t do anything extremely wrong. It is also very rare to see an actress turn down wealthy businessman.

  27. Dinner means dinner, then why not? When she opens her own production house she will need to mingle around to get funding. But if dinner means other things, then she is absolutely right to do what she did. Why boycott her when acting is a job and not a means to sell one’s body?

  28. It already said the men “are ATTRACTED” to her so dinner is not just dinner. They want to get to know her and probably want more if interested in her. Who wouldn’t be attracted to her!!! She’s damn beautiful and a good person. So best to avoid if u know have guys wanting to get close to u.

  29. Kinda disappointed with her new series – Missing You yesterday. But at least there’s a positive post about her here today.

    1. ya…the 1st episode is already boring. don’t think i’ll watch. she can’t really act. the roles she played were very similar. extremely boring.

  30. yeah, better save that sorry, linda, you wouldn’t be happy being a single mom, what do the producers and the cast know? you have to protect yourself, just work and earn for your family and go back to canada, many bad ppl out there hoping to see you fall

  31. thats so now her coworkers wont even talk to her and such cause shes not mingling with “sponsers” and risking her life ?
    my god, thats just STUPID.
    you never know what these “sponsers” are….their dirty hands will just start grabbing whatever once the drinking starts.
    very happy that linda chung refused! atleast shes being truthful to herself and not like other artists who would literally be the first in line to take her place to mingle with the “sponsers”

    1. I agree. I’m actually disappointed that Ruco, Kristal are among those kind of people who not only mingles with perverted businessmen but also chiding Linda for sticking to her moral values since they look like decent individuals.

  32. I’m not liking Linda’s acting but this news made me start to like her personality. I’m disappointed at her costars however, I can’t believe Ruco, Kristal and the producer has the heart the isolate such a nice lady. It’s ok Linda, stick to your principles there are more true friends out there. This filming is only for a few months so just endure it.

  33. Linda, hold on to your principle. Salute. There is nothing wrong to say NO when you feel uncomfortable about it. I would love my future daughter to be like you. This is why I feel family value plays a critical role since the kid’s childhood.

    In addition, I must say that your acting skill has improved over the years. Keep on improving.

    Never do things against your principle. Support you all the way!

  34. Her new drama looks boring because of the script and story itself. More boring when jason lead the series.even Vincent Wong or Edwin Siu can do better than him. I hope Linda’s new seriess with Ruco can save her performance for 2013. I care no more for Missing U as I found it quite boring. But anyway I admire Linda for her stand.

  35. Truly respect her. She’s so firm. Keep up Linda. Your fans will support you all the way. We love you the way you are…

  36. I have nothing to say… But I will surely adore u more. Soft girl with principle. Love you Linda.

  37. What I don’t understand is why did her co-stars got upset over this? What was it to them that she didn’t want to socialize with the financiers?

  38. Why is it the cast’s responsiblility to socialise with the sponsors in the first place? Because tvb failed at pleasing them so they pushed that job to the cast?

  39. You lost 4 the award but you win your fans’s heart. It must be hard for her to get through her life as artist with her surrounding. So bad to know Ruco’s that kind of man. Linda, Missing You may sound and looks boring. But to support you, I’ll watch it till the end. Hope you will get better drama next time.

  40. Linda what you dose was right, don’t worry what the another think.

  41. No doubt these people are frustrated by Linda because they aren’t getting a “finders fee” for setting up the dates.

    Keep strong Linda, don’t let anyone push you around!

    1. that’s right, and those rich men are probably gambling and betting who can get to her first

  42. That’s right! Linda Chung need to protect herself. The things that shouldn’t do and things that are right is acting in her career to earn money.

  43. People are really adoring her for this stand but my problem is that she refused to have dinner with anybody, including the members of her cast or crew. She isn’t only frightened to be molested by hungry wolves but didn’t want to share any time with her coworkers. That I can’t applaud to.

  44. frankly, I want to laugh when I read all the comments here. It’s not just in the entertainment industry, but in many professions, you will be required to dine with your business associates, try telling your boss you won’t go due to your principles, and see what will happen. LOL
    If there’s other crew members there, I don’t see a problem.

    1. Nicole:
      This is my very first time that I agree with you.

      We need to socialize with our clients, bosses, and colleagues in the work society no matter we are artistes, professionals or business people. This is part of life. We can choose our own friends, but should not isolate ourselves in the work force.

      1. No one is asking for your agreement. And I’m the one who doesn’t agree with you, not the other way around.

      2. Nicole:
        You are such a funny person with fighting spirits. You always like to argue with people. It was just my funny joke; it did not mean anything. Anyway, ignore my post please.

      3. Nah, I just do not agree with your opinions 99% of the time, and doesn’t care for you agreeing with me.

      4. I thought it would be 110+%. As soon as you see my name, you will disagree with my post and fight back.

      5. Nicole
        You are someone that really deserves my ignorance.

        I have seen many similar incidents that happened between you and other people.

      6. Do learn how to use “ignorance” in the right manner.
        In your own words, you just told me you lack knowledge.
        The word you are looking for is “being ignored”. (Being aware, but choosing not to take notice).

      7. “Many similar incidents”, you mean advo and I? who else?

        Funny, someone just said you sound snobby and insulting.

      8. Nicole:
        You are such a weird and rude person. You get every single chance to attack other people. Good luck, and keep up your fighting spirits. You will get it back one day from someone who is worse than you.

      9. Nah, I only argue with those people with “ignorance” like you. 🙂

      10. I am so glad that I have never come across a person like you in real life. You are just a pain here.

      11. I’m a pain to you? Hahaha, you really allocate so much importance to me in your life.

      12. What kind of person are you? You get your enjoyment by attacking other people. Well, there are all sorts of people on earth. Therefore, I am not surprised to come across such an “ugly” netizen, but I am very glad that I never have to meet you.

      13. Nicole, please don’t use my words to attack someone else. I have a problem with the words – not necessarily the person.

  45. Is Rose Chan’s case a laughing matter? It was such a highlighted issue!

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