Linda Chung Releases Compilation Album “Under the Stars”

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Linda Chung Releases Compilation Album “Under the Stars”

The newlywed Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) is still on her break, but she did not forget to promote her latest album Under the Stars <星空愛情>, which officially releases to stores on Tuesday, April 12. The album, a compilation of Linda’s music from 2006 to 2016, includes nine new songs and seven older songs that were already recorded in her previous albums.

linda chung under the stars cover“My CD album is finally out!” wrote Linda on Weibo. “I hope you will all like it! Remember 4/12/2016!”

Though Linda has yet to officially announce her pregnancy, Linda’s low profile and sudden hiatus are signs that the actress should be at least five months pregnant.

The “Everlasting Heart” <一顆不變的心> singer, who is currently residing in her hometown Vancouver, had her 32nd birthday on April 9. She went on social media to express her gratitude to fans and friends, sharing some pictures she took at her small birthday party.

“From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to all my lovely fans and friends for caring and your birthday blessings. I really had a birthday this year. It feels great to be able to spend it with my family and husband. I only want my beloveds to to be healthy, peaceful, and happy. God bless!”

Linda did not mention a baby in her message, but in her photos, it looks like she was deliberately trying to hide her protruding belly.

“Under the Stars” Album Preview

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  1. happybi says:

    Ahh she looks good. Def. looks pregnant but very blissful looking! Happy for her.

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  2. jcforever says:

    Wonder if she will stay at tvb or leave.found Linda Chung’s younger cousin on instagram @tiffanyhuynhh

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