Linda Chung Remains Pure in a Complex Industry

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) entered the entertainment industry after winning the title of Miss Chinese International in 2004. With her good girl image and warm personality, Linda’s popularity has been unstoppable. She is one of the heavy favorites to win this year TVB Queen award due to the popular drama, Witness Insecurity <護花危情>. In addition, Linda’s singing career is going smoothly with her release of the new album Love Love Love. In a recent magazine interview, Linda candidly shared her thoughts about being the girl next door, the importance of her family, the criteria for a husband, and her new album.

A Lifestyle Choice

Like many little girls, Linda had dreamed of being a princess who dresses in beautiful gowns and is adored by many people. Now the grown up Linda has become the idol of many of fans all over the world. However, in the beginning of Linda’s career, many people thought she was too innocent and straightforward to survive in the entertainment business.

Linda feels that being a good girl is not a problem and she thinks the audience will be affected by her sincerity, hard work and dedication. She has not been negatively influenced by the complexity of the entertainment world. Linda believes he industry is not that intimidating; there are good and bad people just like any other industry. “If depends on what choices each person makes.”

In real life, Linda does not live like a glamorous movie star. She is a homebody, and does not enjoy partying at all. Linda revealed that she loves eating. On one occasion she went out to have a late night snack with Ngo Ka Nin (敖嘉年) and other cast members. They were so shocked to see her finish eating all the food on the table that included congee, buttered toast, sticky rice, sweet green bean soup, and siu mai.

Loving Family

One of Linda’s strongest motivations in working hard is to provide a good life for her family. Linda likes to be featured in car commercials because sometimes she would receive a car or a large discount in purchasing a car as salary. She would give the car to her family knowing they will enjoy driving it. When Linda has some free time out of her hectic schedule, she would buy many gifts for her family in Canada.

Linda mentioned that she will not be working in the entertainment industry forever as she has a passion for working with children. “When the time is right, I want to start a business with my family in Canada, to open a nursery school there.”

Being a family-oriented person, Linda certainly wants her future husband to share similar values. She wants her future husband to be kind, loyal and he must put his family first. Without these qualities, Linda would not continue to pursue the relationship. She does not like men who sweet-talk her as she prefers someone who is honest and direct. Linda wants her special guy to be talented but not necessarily rich. She does not want to stay at home as a housewife, as she finds it to be very boring. Life would have no meaning without doing what she loves to do.

Love Love Love

Linda admitted that she loves to sing. She spoke passionately about her new album, Love Love Love, and wanted to share her feelings of love and romance in the album. The wardrobe and the concept of the album are mostly Linda’s ideas. In order to project a happy feeling, she personally drew a heart for the cover art. Linda revealed that her favorite song in the album is the beautiful ballad, “My Other Half” <你是我的一半>, since the lyrics and the melody compliment each other very well. Putting her heart and soul into every song, Linda hopes her fans will be touched by her new album.


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  1. Linda seems a rarity among all the well known stars in the industry. She has high ideals along with her talents for singing and acting and bubbly nature. She will indeed go far in her career and life.

  2. Linda, keep up the good work. Currently, You are the only actress that i come across with principals. Your features easily accesible at ease with apexpression likewise sad comes along with crying, happy going, sarcastic and etc. have u come across actress Fung Po Po, when u act in the tvb series demi gods u remind me of her, i just can’t recall back the series. Take care and all the best.

  3. Typo error should be expression and not “apexpression”. Sincere apologies

  4. She’s my favourite artiste and role model as well. Everything about her is just….amazing! I wonder why she doesn’t have more admirers chasing after her, hmm…


  6. Frankly speaking, ‘pure’ is such an incongruous adjective in conjunction with entertainment industry.

  7. Linda should consider Kenneth since he fits all her criterias! lol

    1. IMHO… Linda should look outside the media circle for Love.

    2. That what I was thinking! Even though they might not date in real life they should play a couple in a series!

    3. Wonder if Linda can stand KM since KM has a bit of kinky side…. and Linda might be too innocent for him.

  8. It makes me really happy for Linda as she comes from my hometown: Vancouver! To see someone to stay pure and have these principals is just a blessing!

  9. For how long can she continue to sell this “wholesome” image of hers?

    It is getting a bit stale.

  10. Linda’s success and positive personality has a great deal to do with the nuturing and supportive family environment. They provide her the stability and resolve to be what she strives to be. Her ability to be harmonious and even-keel with her entertainment colleagues as well as being able to handle stardom with finesses and humility is a rarity but a breath of fresh air unlike Fala and her diva behavior. Linda is the ultimate professional in my book.

    1. Well, it seems her parents at the same time look toward her for financial support, creating a co-dependency situation.

      1. I do not think as co-dependency versus her way of repaying her family for their emotional and physical support. When Linda first went into the entertainment business, there was no guarantee that she would make it big or be as successful as she is now. I am confident that their entire family and her had a backup plan. After all, she has been to college and had learned some skills along the way to make a career somewhere someplace besides in the entertainment business. She did say she does not plan to be in the industry all her life.

      2. After graduation from Vancouver’s Templeton Secondary School, Linda Chung entered the University of British Columbia for two years in education.
        The above was copied from Wikipedia.

        Linda Chung only finished Year 2 in UBC; she would not have any special skills/designation to pursue her career other than acting and singing.

      3. @ Sandcherry

        Thanks for posting that. And here I was thinking, due to the above poster’s comment that Linda actually had an education unlike most of her peers and was something special in this regard *eyeroll*

      4. Linda Chung competed for Miss Chinese Vancouver at age 19, so she was not able to finish her degree at UBC.

        However, she can hire qualified people to run her business (nursery school) once she is financially sound.

        In fact, quite a few Miss Chinese International and Miss Hong Kong did not finish their degrees once they entered the entertainment (or TVB) industries, such as Myolie Wu, Bernice Liu, etc.

  11. THAT is a scary picture.

    As to remaining pure, it is up to oneself.And how do you define pure?

      1. Maybe purest of the bunch that is purer than the others? Linda is the light gray color of the black colors?

      2. I dont think Linda in real life is really pure and innocent, I bet she swears profanities too haha.

  12. Pure in the industry? This remind me of her long lost sister Chung Ka Lei – real name of Gillian Chung 🙂

    1. Gillian Chung? Ahhh in one interview she said she never wanted to project a pure image, the management decided on that for her. And with that one sentence, she slapped each and every one of her fan. Never liked her since. Never liked her before but certainly not after. Never use brains before forming a sentence.

    2. Why do ppl always bring in Gillian Chung whenever such topic arised? Gillian Chung is history, wake up, mann!

      1. People bring Gillian up because she was also projecting a “pure” image, but then look at what happened??

      2. I’ve never liked Gillian she’s a fake from the very beginning yuk lui or not!

      1. Linda reminds me more of Vivian Chow than Gillian becuz linda’s news so far has not tainted like Gillian and her image as jaded girl etc has been kept well and her popularity is pretty much the same like Vivian remains in one position. Ty cant become like Vivian becuz she’s too outspoken.

  13. Being pure image in Hong Kong is great deal for HK people, hard to say how pure she is, but I enjoyed her performance, that more than enough

    1. We are humans afterall. Why would they expect someone to be “pure.”

  14. oh geez, they make it sound like everyone else in the industry is “impure” while linda is the only one different, um right. i don’t find her any more “pure” than all the other ones around. everybody works hard, everybody has values, not just Linda. Ppl should really get over the idea that only a select ppl are a certain way, talk about utterly stupid worshipping.

  15. I won’t describe Linda Chung as “Pure”, but she is definitely a nice and genuine person.

    1. Agree with u! A person can never be described as pure, Linda has good personality. I watched d All Star World Exam Epi 16, she was so polite addressing d guy abt a certain question but d whole group laughed at her.

  16. Linda gives me a feeling that she is sincere and genuine…as compared to other actresses they have this HK attitude. You either feel it or not…I like Linda she is not pure or perfect but she def’ stands out among the others.

  17. She’s as phony as everyone else in the industry, but she just settled on this particular image.

      1. How can anyone have hardcore evidence as we do not know what happens behind closed doors? However, I don’t think it is wrong of Advo to think that way because as we have seen the image that celebs project are sooo different from what they truly are. The Edison scandal and many other cases have taught us that…

      2. In the edison scandal, only Gillian had a “pure image”, Cecilia was known to be a wild one. Gillian has always given off a fake image, maybe because she tried too hard to be cutesy?
        Linda does not.

      3. Everyone who tries to give off a “pure” image screams fake to me. You’re in the entertainment industry for crying out loud! Only the silly, dumb teenager girls buys the “whole-some” crap. If people in the entertainment industries don’t ALL have very sharp albues, then it’s because they have someone powerful to back them. As we clearly saw in the case of Charlene vs. Gillian. Also interesting, how Charlene survived having been married and divorced without a single dent in her image, while Gillian is still suffering from her dalliances with Edison.

        And while I have all the respect in the world for people who are kind to their family, I find it gross and tacky as hell to broadcast such things to the public.

      4. @advo: Because Ah Sa got married with Ronald, not that “don’t dare to say about sex but actually lost virginity long ago” like Ah Gil. A marriage is not too bad. And Ah Sa’s incident happened after Ah Gil, so ppl who disappointed with Twins, disappointed and who are not, stay still.

    1. I do agree with you some points. I love her since Forensic heroes I. However, her images always show a cute, sweet, and lovely girl which gave me a fake feeling. I support her but i still don’t believe her. 🙂

    2. Everyone in the industry has some kind of mask on in front of the camera but the fact that I have never read any negative articles about Linda is good enough for me.

      Not everyone can settle on such a ‘pure’ image, and maintain it for so many years.

      1. Can’t they? If Edison’s laptop hadn’t been hacked, Gillian would still be the girl who cried over being seen in her bra!

      2. Yeah, Gillian’s image got destroyed, but nothing has happened to Linda so far. Let’s wait for the day the paparazzi manage to get any bad press about Linda first.

      3. @ nemesis

        You missed my entire point. The papz did not dig out any news about Gillian either. Edison’s computer was illegally hacked.

      4. I got your point. I should have said “Let’s wait till there is any evidence to destroy Linda’s image.”

  18. hmm wonder when linda will leave the industry. she does seem like shes set on it unlike others who wont leave after they see success. im guessing she might leave after she gets married or win tv queen.

  19. Shes my favourite artist and i hope she cobtinues to be like this and not turn into other artist who like drinking and partyung all night long….

  20. who cares! that’s her personal life. i like Linda in series, but please stop singing…she sounds like a starving cat.

  21. I really feel sorry for Philip Ng. He happily admitted that he is dating Linda, but to Linda, maybe Philip Ng is playing a sole game.

  22. What I dont get is, what’s the problem with a girl who likes to party? Just cause you like to party and have fun – it doesn’t make you a bad and not pure person. I’m a big fan on Linda but I’m just so over the hk culture on how girls should stay at home , not drink alcohol etc. for God sakes we are in the 21st century. God forbid – I went to a bar and had a few drinks – I’m suddenly not wife material?!?!

    1. A girl who likes to party is somebody lots of parents wouldn’t want as a bride for their beloved sons, even if the son is a wild wild one himself. The parents rather want a bride who is going to turn her husband into a great heir. But if you look around, this isn’t happening that much. In most cases, boy and girl meet at a party or bar and take off together no matter what both parents are saying. And that’s reality. But if you are in the entertainment circle, image is of great value, of course more for a woman than a man. As soon the woman hase been caught with a rather improper act, the tabloids are going to beat her up for good and the same incident is going to come around and around to crack up the image again and again.

      In my opinion, a pure image probably is fake. As long you are human, you can’t stay pure all your life or you are lying to others or yourself. Or you died young and become a legend as the whitest sheep of the whole herd.

  23. What’s the definition of pure? Someone who doesn’t do drugs? Breaking laws? Losing virginity? Don’t watch porn or think about sex? Pure is so broad.

  24. I love this girl, she’s kinda like me and I can easily relate to her.
    To me purity is not singularly about virginity or drugs or those stuff…it’s about the mindset. Because being in an industry where one has to project a certain image and wear a mask and entertain people…it’s easy to get carried away and lose one’s sense of self.

    Being pure does not necessarily mean being naive. And to me Linda is a very smart girl. And a filial one. It may be an image, but I buy it and believe the image to be a reflection of the real her.

    1. Agree with your comments.

      Linda Chung seems to be a genuine person and a filial daughter. As for her love life, she may want to keep it privately until she gets engaged or married, or due to company’s pressure. It is quite okay with her fans.

      Some artistes want to use rumours to get popular, but some want to impress her audience with her acting/singing. Linda has worked very hard to improve her acting by portraying different types of roles, not just those pretty and innocent ones.

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