Linda Chung Shares Labor Experience When Daughter Was Born

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Linda Chung Shares Labor Experience When Daughter Was Born

Since Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) married chiropractor Jeremy Leung and gave birth to their daughter, she has significantly reduced her workload and spent the majority of her time in Canada. Despite making frequent short trips to Hong Kong for work, the 33-year-old actress will not resume filming dramas any time soon. Embracing motherhood, Linda also shared dietary secrets on maintaining her own wellness so she can take good care of daughter Kelly .

The first-time mother recounted her labor experiences. “I was in labor for 15 to 16 hours and was pushing for an hour and a half. Kelly came out head first, then shoulders, and when her fingers were out, she used her pinky finger to grip on to the doctor’s finger. The doctor said that in the years he has been delivering babies, this has never happened to him before. He said that when the baby grows up, she’ll definitely be a special baby!”

When Linda first shared photos of Kelly as a newborn, many fans complimented that Kelly had a head full of hair and is very cute. Upon hearing the comment, Linda gushed, “She’s really cute, isn’t she? So much hair! At the time, I wondered why all her facial features were so pronounced already. The doctor explained that it’s because the baby got enough nutrients. I planned on breastfeeding Kelly until she is one year old, so I had to take really good care of my body after giving birth. As long as my blood levels are good, I can produce enough milk to breastfeed the baby.”

Although born and raised overseas in Canada, Linda followed the Chinese tradition of postpartum confinement. Motherhood seems to agree with Linda, as the actress glowed with an air of youthfulness. Linda shared that her dietary secret is concentrated chicken essence, which contains an abundance of nutrients. “Concentrated chicken essence has a small amount of high quality protein and a lot of other necessary nutrients. It increases metabolism. Increasing protein intake is very important to postpartum women. During pregnancy, chicken essence can also help increase the weight of the baby, but not the mother. After giving birth, it’ll help increase the rate of recovery and prevent you from ballooning too!”

Despite embracing the joys of motherhood, Linda has not forgotten about her fans. She revealed, “Some fans asked when I’ll return to Hong Kong. I’ll be back in Hong Kong early next month for work. There will be free samples of chicken essence for tasting at the event. Hopefully I can see everyone then!”


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    1. bubbletea says:

      Motherhood does agree with Linda, she is absolutely glowing. Kelly is lucky to have such a caring and nuturing mom

      @happibi. I guess here we go again. Hehehe.

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      • happybi replied:

        @bubbletea She does look good. Especially the photo on the left. As for the other thing… just going to ignore! ahhahah waste of breathe lor!

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    2. coralie says:

      “During pregnancy, chicken essence can also help increase the weight of the baby, but not the mother. After giving birth… prevent you from ballooning too.”

      Wut? This whole part doesn’t make sense. I know she’s spokesperson, but ppl gotta stop spewing promotional info that isn’t true.

      In other news, motherhood suits Linda :). She looks glowy and full and healthy.

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    3. m0m0 says:

      it’s difficult to see if she’s really glowing under all that heavy make-up. i think her face changed after having baby.

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    4. janet72 says:

      i breastfed my daughter until she was 9 months old. pure chicken essence is perfect for postpartum women. for those who want to have more breast milk, threadfin fish can do that…the breast milk is very thick and creamy after drinking soup made with threadfin fish.

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    5. creditor says:

      It’s routine nowadays for the father of the child to be with the mother during delivery. In fact, doctors always advise the father to be present as it gives both mental strength and emotional support to the mother for a shorter and smooth birth.

      Unfortunately in Linda’s case, the real father of the child, namely, Philip Ng, was not there for obvious reasons to provide the support and love to Linda to help ease the labor. Neither was Jeremy present, though I can understand why he doesn’t want to be there – I mean who would want to see the child of another man being born by your wife. So poor Linda had to go through it alone resulting in such a protracted and painful labor.

      And this was what the doctor meant when he said in his years of delivering babies, this has never happened before. In other words, he had never delivered a baby without the father being present in the ward with the mother.

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      • rucofan1100 replied:

        @creditor yo maybe you should tell your boy philip to man up and start acting like the father then; a real man would be there for his child.

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    6. bubbletea says:

      Please everyone, ignore parasitrs who talk out of their rear end cause such foul air does not merit a tesponse. We are above such a waste of place. Linda Chung, her husband and her child are above this wretched blob of human excrete.

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    7. cutie777 says:

      Lol. I remember someone who always blast about Wong cho lam being too short for his wife and now this person been blast about Linda baby so I wonder if it’s the same person?

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      • happybi replied:

        @cutie777 yes. A few of us believe its the same person. Writing style is tbe same and same craziness.

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