Linda Chung Suspects Husband to Throw Surprise Party for Her 33rd Birthday

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Linda Chung Suspects Husband to Throw Surprise Party for Her 33rd Birthday

Although Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) now permanently resides in Canada, she often returns to Hong Kong for promotional appearances. Recently, Linda appeared at a Moiselle event and while modeling a dress from the designer’s collection. Although this trip is yet another short one, Linda brought her eight-month old daughter, Kelly, along with her this time. Because Linda had to work early, her mother is currently helping her babysit. However, mother and daughter will be returning to Canada soon.

Linda will be turning 33 years old on April 9. She shared that her friends have already given her a birthday cake earlier. Linda said, “Coming back to Hong Kong this time, I’ve already cut three birthday cakes and made three birthday wishes. I’ve left Hong Kong for more than six months already, but my friends are still very thoughtful. I’m so thankful. On my actual birthday, I will be back to Vancouver. I’m especially rushing back to Canada to celebrate with my husband and daughter. This year is my first birthday celebrating with my little family of three. Last year, Kelly wasn’t born yet.”

On whether her husband, Jeremy Leung, has prepared any gifts for her, Linda covertly revealed that he has been discreetly asking for her high school classmates’ contact information. Despite her growing suspicions that he is trying to plan a surprise birthday party for her, Linda will continue pretending that she is not suspecting anything. Hopefully she is not mistaken and will not be disappointed!

Source: Ming Pao

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