Linda Chung Talks Raising Kids: “It’s Like Being Superwoman”

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Linda Chung Talks Raising Kids: “It’s Like Being Superwoman”

After giving birth to her eldest Kelly back in August 2016, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) resumed work relatively quickly. She attended events, participated in the promotions for the TVB drama Brother’s Keeper II <巨輪II>, and filmed the TVB drama Another Era <再創世紀> while residing in Vancouver. At the time of filming, she was pregnant with her second child, Jared.

Now that Jared’s five months old, Linda has decided that it’s time to make a comeback—but she’s taking it slow. “My time is now completely split between them, so I won’t be making a complete comeback. Only bits at a time,” she said. Linda flew back to Hong Kong right before the Lunar New Year to film a commercial.

When speaking about her son, the 34-year-old said, “He is so obedient! The elders like to say that we shouldn’t praise the kids too much because we don’t want to spoil them, but he deserves my praises. He doesn’t cry often. He eats well, sleeps well, and is very easy to take care of. He’s a happy baby and always smiling. He’s now five months and already 20 lbs.”

As for when she would return to acting, Linda said, “The first four years of a child’s life is very important. I was pregnant for a total of 20 months in the past three years, and in 24 of those months, I was breastfeeding. I used to think that it’s important to balance both family and career, but it isn’t easy. Right now, my family comes first. When I have time to think about my career, I will come back.”

Will Linda and her husband, Jeremy Leung, consider having another baby? She admitted, “Not at the moment. We’ll consider it in six to seven years. We are very blessed to have both a daughter and a son. Let’s not get too greedy!”

Having to raise two toddlers is already too much for Linda to bear. She admitted, “I have no time for myself at all. It’s really to the point where I’d be cooking with two hands while using my foot to rock my son’s cradle at the same time. In the past, I was like a little girl. I didn’t know how to cook nor how to manage my finances, and had to rely on others to put my schedule together. Now I have to do all of that with my two hands, and while it’s hard work, it has made me stronger. It forces me to multitask. It feels like I’m becoming Superwoman.”


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  1. janet72 says:

    husband can’t afford a maid?

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  2. 1piscesish says:

    I remember from an interview she did at her wedding, she said that she plans to have at least 4 kids? If she wants to have kids again in 6-7 years, she will be in her early 40s.
    There might be some changes to the roles she can take on now that she’s a mother.

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