Celebrity Weddings: Lisa S. and Daniel Wu’s Wedding in South Africa

Daniel Wu Yiu Cho and model, Lisa S. got married in South Africa on April 6, 2010. Daniel posted photos of the wedding ceremony on his blog on April 18th.  The couple held a simple wedding ceremony in the woods in South Africa.

Daniel and Lisa shared a love for natural surroundings and even purchased a house in South Africa. When the couple needed to relax in the past, they would go to South Africa. Thus, the pair decided to hold their wedding ceremony in the woods located near their house, a place where the couple shared many lovely memories.

Under the witness and blessings of their closest friends, family, and the local village tribe, Daniel and Lisa exchanged marriage vows. The guests sat on hay bales, while Daniel and Lisa sat on a Sesotho blanket. Women from the village sang songs to bless the newlyweds.

Daniel and Lisa’s adopted daughter, Poulee, was also present at the ceremony. Poulee was the baby Daniel held in his arms in the ending of The Heavenly Kings <四大天王>. He adopted her after filming the movie. Daniel and Lisa ate with Poulee’s family before heading back to the party with their own family.

Prior to getting married, Daniel and Lisa dated for eight years. The handsome Daniel often came across as a quiet man to reporters. But Lisa spoke of her husband, “Daniel shows a romantic gesture on a daily basis. He makes me laugh everyday. Even when he turns seventy years-old, when he is no longer handsome, he will retain his humor. He will be a funny, old man.  He is like a lamb. He is very gentle and will even cook for me.”

The media speculated that since the couple announced their recent marriage so quickly, Lisa may be carrying a baby. At the beginning of 2009, Lisa had said to the media, “Daniel and I regard each other like an old, married couple. Thus, we do not have immediate wedding plans. Perhaps we will wait until after I get pregnant.” Afterwards, both Daniel and Lisa expressed on several occasions that when they decide to have a child together, then they will get married.

Since Daniel will be filming for the next several months, the formal wedding banquet in Hong Kong will be held in July or August.

Source: Compiled from hnce.com.cn, Daniel Wu’s Official Blog, Tom.com

Jayne: Congratulations to Daniel and Lisa! The wedding ceremony was indeed very simple, but sounds like a meaningful place for the couple. Looking forward to their big wedding bash in Hong Kong! By the way, I do believe Lisa may be pregnant.

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  1. They are a beautiful, beautiful couple.

    The ceremony does look pretty simple, but it looks like it was intimate and the pictures make it seem quite lovely.

  2. Daniel is a big hunk…they seem to have a very well balanced relationship. For a long time, many fans did not consider Lisa pretty enough to be dating Daniel though. But they dealt with the pressure well and continue to attend many public functions together.

  3. I love the simple intimate wedding! Not like the usual big budget Hong Kong weddings – 5 dress changes for the bride, continuous music videos of the couple, dancing and singing by the groom etc. Love it!!

  4. I think Lisa very attractive too ^^ congratulations to both of them ^^

  5. Paid extra for the weddings lol.
    they will not last. is the marriage legal in hk?
    who cares about them

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