Lisa S. Has Never Cut Her Daughter’s Hair

Lisa S., wife of Daniel Wu (吳彥祖), recently made an appearance as a judge for a modeling contest. The supermodel said she and her three-year-old daughter Raven just came back from lunch with model Ana R., and her daughter, Maya.

“[Maya is] the younger version of Ana,” shared Lisa. “She’s a very happy baby. I’ve known Ana since we were very much younger. We weren’t married then, but now, 16 years later, everything has changed.”

Lisa and Daniel’s daughter, Raven, will be turning three years old next month. The reporters commented that Raven extremely resembles her. “Everybody says that!” said Lisa. (You want to keep her long hair?) “I’ve never cut her hair. Not once. It’s been three years and I’ve never cut her hair. It’s so long her hair now goes down to her bum bum. I don’t want to cut it. But I’m sure one day she’s going to ask me when I’m going to cut it.”

Asking Lisa why she doesn’t want to, she said, “I don’t know. I feel like for girls, hair is very important to us. It doesn’t matter for guys, but for women it seems like such a personal thing. I want [Raven] to make the decision. I want her to want to cut her hair. But it’s ridiculous anyways. She’s so young I don’t know when she’ll know how to make that decision.”

What if Raven said she wants to have a boy cut or be bald? “That’s completely fine. I did that when I was 19. As long as she’s happy.”

The reporters then jokingly asked if Daniel already has a receding hairline. Lisa said with a laugh, “He’s had it for a while. Good thing he has a good-looking head so even if he goes completely bald, he’ll still look handsome.”

Lisa said Daniel, who speaks three languages fluently, has been teaching Raven how to speak Mandarin, while Lisa would speak to her in English. “He has told me my Mandarin was terrible. As for Cantonese, I only know how to use it when I need to yell at someone.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Raven is so adorable. Good looking gene from both parents! lucky girl!! Start them young in speaking another language is good as it’s harder to learn when they get older!

    1. @isay you think so? I always find her to look older than her age. So think she look about the same. Her face is actually very handaome I think. She look softer when she smiles.

  2. “As for Cantonese, I only know how to use it when I need to yell at someone.”

    My sentiment exactly. It is the best language for cursing given its detailed descriptiveness. LOL!

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