Lisa S. and Daniel Wu Share Daughter’s Photo

Lisa S. and Daniel Wu’s (吳彥祖) daughter was born earlier this year on May 30 and ever since then, the pair has been basking in the happiness of being parents. Daniel and Lisa especially created keepsake canisters to share with their media friends. The couple also uploaded photos of little Raven (吳斐然) onto their blogs and Instagram pages, showing off their loving family to fans around the world.

Similar to her name, Raven had thick, black glossy hair and large eyes filled with long lashes. She had a creamy complexion and resembled a cross between her parents.

It has been two months since Raven was born and to commemorate her birth, Lisa and Daniel customized a special baby milk formula canister. Inside the canister was a family photo. The packaging also contains the couple’s initials and a personal heartfelt message from both Lisa and Daniel. It was revealed that Lisa was the mastermind behind the design and used an actual raven as the package’s mascot. Just like baby Raven, the package is full of love and cuteness and will hopefully bring joy to those who purchase the formula.

Lisa S. daughter 3  Lisa S. daughter 2


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    1. I kind of respect this couple a lot more than those HK second tier couples who try to grab attention by showing off their baby bump pics in a so-called artistic way…..I’m still having an awful vision of seeing Timothy Hung and his wife in those stupid and cheap baby-bump photos……..Congrats to Daniel and family…….very adorable.

    2. Very cute babe indeed…

      Still not sure about the name Raven. It makes me think of annoying crows

  1. Now that is a sweet family photo and it is so natural and not pretentious. Congrats and best wishes on a healthy and happy upbringing!

  2. she’s so beautiful!!!!!! look at her eyes adn nose!!!!!

    1. Yes she is so gorgeous. Her button nose is adorable!

  3. I’m sorry but WHY would u wanna call your baby a RAVEN???? lol

      1. hahaha yeah. 😀

        Imagine this scenario: the baby and the dad get lost in the woods. The dad insists that going WEST is the right way but the son insists in going NORTH-WEST. hahaha…..ROFL

        lol then the boy-band ONE DIRECTION comes along and they ALL go “to the left” with Rhianna

    1. I like it better than Quintus. What the heck is that?!

      1. Perhaps its a node to Ancient Rome. Maybe Cecelia and Nicholas or at least one of them were students of history.

        I think Raven is nice. Its unique enough whilst not being a totally whacky name that marks her as a poor celeb child.

        And agree with all the sentiments, that she is one cute bub, although with her genes, it would be hard to stuff up

    2. yeah, she’ll get teased at school as raven the blackbird..

      1. but she’s gonna be so pretty no one would want to tease her

    3. Ditto. Better Raven than Quintus or Torres or Pegella.

      At least Raven comes across as simple and natural … kinda cool actually. Not something pretentious or (uneducatedly) made up.

      Does Lisa S have aboriginal First Nations (ie native Indian) heritage somewhere in her blood? This name would be fairly common in aboriginal culture, they take inspirational names from nature.

      Beautiful baby, with very defined features for a mere 2 mths old.

    4. b/c we live in a world where normal name can’t be used..need to think of a “special name”

  4. The baby is so adorable. The parents will have a hard time worrying in future when the daughter becomes a teenager and going out on dates as she will grow up to be hot and beautiful 🙂

  5. The baby looks like those dolls they sell at the mall. LOL.

  6. A beautiful little girl! Now that’s what you call a good name…Raven

    Such a cute baby gift for their friends!

  7. Aww….she’s so adorable, like a baby doll with a high nose bridge and big round eyes. And look at those lips…Bet Raven will grow up to be a stunning beauty and heart-breaker, heheh.

    1. if they had a son he would look like Daniel Henney

      1. Haha, maybe! Daniel Henney does look a bit like a combination of Daniel Wu and Lisa S.

  8. The baby is so cute and lovely. Happpy for them

  9. Finally able to see their lovely beautiful baby girl….miss Raven wow as little like now with a high bridge nose congrats to them.

  10. very very cute baby!!! She is gorgeous! Plus Daniel and Lisa are a beautiful couple so naturally they will have a gorgeous baby!
    She will grow up to be a gorgeous babe one day for sures!!

  11. Such a beautiful baby!

    I believe she is intelligent too. Look at her eyes, very alert too.

  12. Does jaynestars website advertising contain malware in their ads?some of these ads look suspicious. Isn’t that unethical business practice.

    1. I suspect that Jaynestars subscribes to a company that delivers ads for them, Jaynestars isn’t actually placing up the ads themselves.

      It has happened in the past where people have submitted ads to these companies that contain malware or exploits – but that isn’t an issue with the websites that displayed them, but rather with the ad company that permitted them to be used.

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    2. fbi,
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  13. She looks just like her dad! 🙂 So cute! Congrats to the family!!

  14. I don’t know why all of you acted like you didn’t hear someone named ‘Raven’ before. It completely irritates me as all of you made it as though it was a silly name. I have a friend named Raven who I met when I was in college, and I didn’t find that name to be weird or what when I first heard it. Even in Hollywood there is an artist named Raven-Symoné. Folks, go out and have a look at this world–there are many names that are more weird than Raven.

    1. Raven is not as uncommon as people think, especially in North America. Personally, I’d not name my own child Raven simply because of the negative connotations with the bird (all black bird that eats carrion… usually always have negative connotations or signifies bad luck). But it is better than some names we’ve seen stars name their children.

  15. Their baby girl is beautiful! She got her dad’s nose and eyes.

  16. Raven is perfect for her! Look at all those hair and lovely dark eyes! What a beautiful little girl!!!

    1. I agree the name suits her. Lovely couple with a beautiful daughter. This is a very beautiful picture with their daughter looking ‘intelligent’ i.e. she knows she’s the centre of attention and is looking directly at the camera with that wise look and ‘Mona Lisa’ smile.

  17. Hold on, is Lisa half chinese? Wiki says she’s jewish french ??

      1. Whoa, but Lisa looks mixed…maybe her parents are divorced?! She doesn’t look full blast white if you know what I mean.

  18. Let me rephrase that, she looks like she has some asian in here.

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